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  1. Well is a clone of the utg, utg is a clone of the tokio marui. Utg is a good gun as far as I've heard.
  2. Thank god I didn't buy from justbbguns haha
  3. Just call it "That place you get your hair cut, amongst other stuff"
  4. Replace homophobic with anti-gay and heterophobic with anti-straight
  5. If I called someone straight, would that be heterophopic? Or would it be heterophobic to take that as an insult? The on the other side, isn't it more homophobic to perceive gay as an insult, and therefore be insulted by it, than to call someone gay?
  6. Have a cafe in the back, and call it admiral snackbar
  7. If the key is in the door, the smash the door, put their arm through then unlock it, saves them climbing through broken glass. However yeah, other than that, if someone's locked out and try to get in, maybe they cant unlock it from the other side because a key is already in the way
  8. I got a guy in the back of the neck, elevation was adjusted for a different range, left a massive blood blister. He didn't freak out, just came shook my hand and said good shot, but next time shoot someone else . I have massive respect for him, most others would freak and not be a good sport or calm stall. Absolute legend
  9. I had to draw a diagram to get you... But yeah, I hate that
  10. I personally think they are a good thing, as you get many younger people running in with orange sniper rifles, expecting to quickscope, and for some reason win against m4 and m16 full auto. Its funny to watch, and its a good feeling to get them with my rifle, hidden in the bushes atop a hill covered in ghillie
  11. Long and short, it isn't safe, don't use a car battery
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