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  1. What is the best pistol to get? Gas Blowback or non blowback?
  2. yes, i am going to rent equipment for a few times but all this is for when i decide to buy my own.... and is this a good choice (like will it stop a BB?) i will obviously try get them cheaper somewhere... http://www.uktactical.com/p-10773-bolle-x1000-low-profile-ballistic-goggles-clear-lens-sand-frame.aspx
  3. So mesh and glasses would be a good idea if it was comfortable?
  4. could you wear glasses underneath them? like safety glasses? or would they not fit?
  5. dont the bbs shatter and go through the holes?
  6. Might be abit of a noob question but how do you know that a pair of glasses/goggles will stop a BB?
  7. If my step dad got a ukara, gifted me a rif...I have the rif! I go to an airsoft game, get stopped...I say "just going to an airsoft game" and let him examine it in a discrete area. And I am best off going for a few games with rentals to see how it is and to see what other people have... Also, what mask/headgear should I get?
  8. Guys, thank you!!! I'm now airsofted out! I now need to try convince my mum to go along with it and fund me my step dad is on board!! Really, everyone who has helped me...thank you
  9. How would I get caught? I wouldn't get caught would I if I got a lift to the site and back?
  10. Could I not just get the gun RIF and gifted to me off an adult
  11. Thanks, that's it, I'm going to go and play a few games! Then I will decide if I want to get a gun, if I do get a gun I will probably just get a 2 tone because it's the safest option?
  12. Please can someone answer this... I'm stuck"Wait, If a relative with a ukara bought a RIF for me, can I use it if I don't have a ukara?"
  13. Yeh that's what I will get, is the 8.4 battery best for it? And can you buy any foregrip and slide it on?
  14. Wait, If a relative with a ukara bought a RIF for me, can I use it if I don't have a ukara?
  15. And I don't really know why the 8.4 just got told by someone it's the best option
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