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  1. Hi, I want to buy a good helmet. I did my research in order to understand what types (XP,Maritime,PJ,BJ,CP) exist and the manufactures in stock in UK. Since you get what you pay usually, I made a list with the most expensive airsoft helmets in UK based sellers (none of them were crazy expensive, the price range is £55-67) and I would like to have your opinion on any of these brands based on your experience. Comments on the quality of the plastic, how comfortable they are, pros and cons in general. Emerson WE/NP Viper Nhelmet RedStar FMA thanks in advance
  2. What did you ended up using? I am looking for helmet pouch with velcro myself which will fit an external battery. Something like this guy is using on youtube.
  3. csp

    Rail Covers

    Big Dragon Rail Panel RIS Cover Set 4pcs - Black
  4. csp

    Rail Covers

    I got not the most expensive but also not the cheapest from patrol base and I regretted it. They look cheap plastic, they are bend also the metallic part which locks the cover on the rail scratched a bit of paint out of the rail. I am returning them.
  5. It's not RTI but I guess I can live with that.
  6. airsoftgi and gitactical are out of stock on my M9 with rail, thanks for the rest.
  7. Recently I got the G&G TR4-18 and I have to say, it's AMAZING! Very accurate, even in full auto. Its heavy (2908g) because of its full metal which for me in good, but you have to consider that because you maybe get tired after a while of you don't have strong arms or a sling to rest them. In that case TM is the best if you have not problem with polymer.
  8. I have a TM M9A1. The only website that has this holster is http://www.tacticalholsters.com/product/XST/XST-RTI.html but the shipping will cost $50 and there are not much other gear that you can order from them to make it worth.
  9. That's also my question. I did my research yesterday and I want the G-Code XST RTI Kydex Holster for Beretta M-9 A1 ​but I can't find it in UK. I can still order it from US but the shipping will cost almost as much as the product.
  10. When can i find G-Code holster for beretta? Apparently it's really hard to find that brand in UK based stores, not that I know all of them but I checked many. I could get from US but I will have to pay +50 for post.
  11. csp

    Fix ACOG

    fixed, it was actually very easy, the ring above the glass with the crosshair has two gaps that can be used to rotate it and that also rotates the glass.
  12. Hi, I am probably overthinking it but I would like opinions on rail covers. I found all the available stock in UK for the style of rail cover I want. They are very similar and only the brand and price seems deferent from web. I am wondering if there is some deference in quality or something between them. Classic Army RIS Handguard Rail Cover x4 £29 G&P Rail Cover x4 £28 King Arms Rail Cover x1 £8 Golden Eagle Rail Panel RIS Cover x4 £5.99 Big Dragon Rail Panel RIS cover x4 £7.99
  13. csp

    Fix ACOG

    Yes it is a 4x32 and the elevatio and wind age are working. I guess you are right about not worthing to pay someone to fix it. But it seemed so simple thing to fix it just to rotate a bit the glass with the crosshair.
  14. csp

    Fix ACOG

    All the the parts there look glued together, they will not be removed easily and I am afraid that it will break if I am gonna push it. Is there any place in London that can fix anything like that ?
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