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  1. Walk of the valkyries, obviously.
  2. Normal sunday shoot mate. Dunno if you're aware but theres no prebooking at pit just rock up and put ya name down, also sandpit has gone up to £35 for the day but they haven't updated their website just trust me its now 35 quid and make sure you take your own food and drink if you go.
  3. Sandpit and apocalypse are my locals. both awesome sites offering different things.
  4. Esoterick Knows the score Its airsoft in small areas with small teams and terrible marshalling. its my opinion that its shite, and the general forum consensus is that its shite, and no matter how many times this subject pops up on this forum it will aways be shite.
  5. Prowin G&G have been good to me, I've had problems with other brands, never had a single fault with G&G. experiences and opinions on airsoft brands vary massively.
  6. The barrel may have twisted in the hop slightly, or the nub maybe being pushed down slightly off centre by the hop arm. take the barrel and nub out, reinstall and test.
  7. Wouldn't really make sense if you could just spray your two tone. There'd be no record of anyone providing a defence for purchasing an if. So your defence would be it was a two tone at some point.
  8. maybe its changed then, who knows.
  9. Mosfets protect your trigger contacts from electrical arcing when using high power batteries. Putting a 11.1v lipo in your rifle and pulling the trigger could be all it takes to fudge up your weapon.
  10. if you buy a two tone it must stay that way. even if you have a ukara defence, you cannot alter a two tone. As trigger said, get your ukara and get that cbr
  11. Im subed to 3 mags which the contents of each month is freely available online. Pointless really.
  12. Trigger im begining to think youre on some kind of commission haha
  13. Buying a two tone and swapping out the painted parts is a no-no, ukara defence or not.
  14. Not to mention youll look like a massive wanker rocking up to your first skirmish with set of sas wings on ya
  15. New to airsoft but youve got your call sign sorted already, nice. obviously discriminating patches are a no-no and most patches that have to be earned (eg some military ones) are frowned upon but other than that you'll be alright.
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