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  1. Start a wanted thread, I did and I got 5 ASG's for about £20
  2. Berto


    Just got a new job as a lift engineer, start in 2 weeks.
  3. I really like this idea, I'm happy to give lifts, just need to take the child seats out the back and I can take 3 people. Might be worth mentioning the make and colour of the car so people know what to look out for when getting picked up, like taxi firms do.
  4. Wait, I'm confused. So you'd rather lose out on all your money than just the postage costs by keeping a knackered gun missing loads of bits instead of returning it? Also you've read reviews stating similar things have happened before and you're asking if this has happened to anyone before? Why did you start this thread when you've already answered your questions
  5. Unless it already have some suitable trousers then the extra cost would be £0. I wear work wear trousers, already have slots for knee pads, very hard wearing and loads of pockets. They are black but I couldn't give a rats ass what colour they are, they are comfy and very suited to the task. People can think what they like about me being a noob due to my black trousers, I'll have my fun and they are probably the type of person I wouldn't get on with much anyway if they judge people on their clothes.
  6. Where about are you playing mate? I'm in Northumberland so not too far. Welcome to the forum
  7. *Berto sits down with his popcorn and eagerly awaits Triggers reply
  8. What's the best way to discharge them, just shoot the gun?
  9. Try and join a squad before going into the dark zone, with 3 other people backing you up you'll fly through the levels and less people will try and steal your stash of goodies
  10. I think it's a good thing, to actively seperate airsoft from air rifles etc, can mean seperate legislation that is less one size fits all and more tailored for the sport.
  11. I find the red dot goes fuzzy if I close one eye, I naturally use both eyes and focus on the target, then move the gun in line. I use iron sights or a rifle scope with just one eye tho
  12. Oh, why didn't you say, that makes it all alright then. *This post was brought to you today by sarcasm
  13. No idea what I was thinking of then, sorry for the wrong info, my bad
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