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  1. I wouldn't say only people who are wrong as that seems a bit of a fanboyish statement. He is a genuinely decent guy who prefers to get on with people but sometimes offends because he has a busted filter on occasion. Whether that is him or just people being a bit thin skinned is up to individual interpretation. Correct he has always previously worked outside of airsoft teching but not sure if Negative has gone full time for him now as it has taken off very well. He is generous as you put it because he doesn't try to rip people off, he charges a fair hourly rate and only does what is required rather than adding unnecessary sparkly bits to take advantage of customers. I will always say that while he is a decent tech his best tool is that fact he actually gives a shit about the customer not just the money.
  2. Because he is a marmite person and the way he is can get under certain peoples skin. Most people with a big personality have as many haters as fans, price of not being totally bland. One doesn't have to be exclusive from the other but they are rare as most airsoft "techs" are dim witted monkeys who try to earn a living from their hobby as they can't make it in a real job.
  3. It is always the way everybody says they want it then when it comes time to actually commit they fanny around. You did your best and it is a shame no one could step up and take over but not surprising that no one had the fibre to make the effort themselves.
  4. Behave I am a real engineer and far superior to some monkey with a screwdriver. Only fucking around he is a bloody good airsoft tech and really good guy and friend so I will let you off.
  5. Yeah putting bullets in it will be your first issue
  6. Why doesn't one of you just take over the organising? Surely someone can put a bit of effort in?
  7. Organising these things is always a bit of a bastard, feel for you.
  8. Looks like it might possibly be worth a trip for my first game after an extended hiatus.
  9. Pre-firing while moving round a corner where you know someone is camping is a valid way to play but this is bullshit. This is a shit player who makes up for his lack of ability by trigger spamming. Any CQB sites should kick players for doing this as it is almost as bad as blindfiring.
  10. Just buy a Skan and forget all about the cheap chronographs, even the much lauded xcortech chronographs vary wildly.
  11. I have lots of experience making bespoke one off airsoft pieces and if you wanted something doing I can do or arrange it all for you. Rates for design and machining are between £75 and £150 per hour plus costs. Also there is always a ghost rate I call twat tax and in your case even if you are a multimillionaire you can't afford it as you are such a humongous cockwomble of a twatwaffle the tax would be like the covid debt.
  12. Player marshals can be a good thing but finding good ones isn't easy. They can't just be a mate they have to an employee and held to the standard of marshal first. A strict set of rules regarding how to deal with things to prevent people trying to abuse the role and the understanding you are in game to help propel things and keep them fair for others not for yourself is a must.
  13. Reading through the thread I can't see anywhere you have been like that and I am an expert on being offensive and confrontational. So if anyone is offended then fuck them and their precious souls.
  14. Standard 144a is okay but can be too weak on a gun that is binding somewhere and can cause issues with the slide. Maintenance is full of lube and is not really designed for actual firing. Nuprol 2.0 would be fine and is ok in all but the really old tm pistols. Most times people claim that standard green gas knackered their guns they leave out the half a dozen times they dropped it which weakened something in the first place.
  15. Actually most airsofters and even techs will offer advice and more, I have done hundreds of hours of free work to help people out because that is the way the community is for the most part. The general camaraderie in the community is second to none. Most techs will inwardly groan and back away once they hear the issue is because you messed with it without having a clue and fucked it up though. Generosity only goes so far and while helping the unfortunate is good for karma helping those who brought in on themselves is another form of karma. Don't use maintenance gas for anything other than maintenance and dry firing is fine.
  16. I wouldn't worry about looking for it during a game as mild pre-engagment will slowly chew at your pick up gears and if running a full plastic pinion you probably won't know until your gun fails. If severe or using metal teeth it normally kills the gun very fast and makes a horrible noise as it does. If your guns stock then pre engagement is not generally a massive issue if you use the correct battery.
  17. Pre engagement on any high ROF aeg is almost impossible to 100% prevent ever occurring. The only gearbox I have ever seen that it is guaranteed is a custom one with lots of electronics including a home sensor on the piston and uses inline bearings rather than the traditional piston guide rails. Everything on it is one of a kind and that makes it impossible to maintain without access to the ability to manufacture the parts required. The cost of building it was so ridiculous that it could never really be a realistic thing for the airsoft community. Better and easier to just go hpa. Works well and is a very distinctive sounding gun though.
  18. From a question about a gun to questions about physics that involved some good answers and some half informed ones that just turned into a slagging match then all the way to self help kumbaya bollocks. Only on a fucking airsoft airsoft forum smh But Got to respect the end result
  19. Have we met? Get that forehead down to the floor and start your worship then young pup 😜
  20. Most posts on this thread show a poor understanding of physics and no understanding of fluid dynamics, reads like an I read it on Facebook instruction manual. What is with the hatred about age? Did your girlfriend leave you for an older guy who knows how to do shit right? A handsy uncle growing up? Or just another person who thinks they are so woke but is really asleep and dreaming. Maybe none of the above but you are coming across as very insecure about something. Remember every older person was once young and thought experience counted for nothing but then they got that experience and actually learnt something not just assumed it through arrogance.
  21. No need as you are partly right in barrel length affects accuracy and the sweet spot on a correctly set up and volumed AEG is 220mm to 370mm. There are a whole host of reasons behind this and while hop and muzzle velocity are the main factors they are not all there is. Air flow within the barrel and how the air is affecting the stability inside and how the air around the barrel exit behaves as it leaves all add up. To the OP JG Sig is ok but the ICS is better, if you can find a reasonable priced second hand one it is worth a look.
  22. Yeah I struggled getting shoes on for a few weeks and had to slash my workboots. But lesson learned, don't carry on playing and then go to the pub when you have fractured your foot in seven places 😁
  23. Yeah the Malls stairs were great falling down and are responsible for my worst airsoft injury. Slowed me down for the rest of the day a bit.
  24. I have had a few, fractured my foot in seven places, broke my little finger and fractured my wrist.
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