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  1. Fuck me wokeness has come to a thread on hpa 🙄 Hpa is no different to any other platform as all can be abused if someone chooses to be a dick/twat/unspecified gender sexual appendage procreation organ. Biggest twats I have come across have been middle aged take it too seriously types and the best were a bunch of young lads who dressed like emo elfs running brightly coloured hose pipe guns. So goes to show you can never judge by prejudice but only by experience. As for offending someone who really cares as in the current world it is almost a fashion statement to get offended by something that really means fuck all. Give them a reason to jump on a soapbox or wave a banner and you are making some delusional fuckwit with no real purpose in life's day.
  2. This sort of holster is pretty good if yours doesn't work out. Retention but able to pull very quickly when needed. https://ukmcpro.co.uk/products/imi-defense-polymer-retention-paddle-holster-level-2
  3. But people are less likely to sell an airsoft gun improperly if there is a paper trail of ownership. Most guns used in crimes won't be legally obtained.
  4. Of course restrictions on ownership would help as if ownership requires registration then people can't sell them through the free ads and if they did and it was used in a crime it would traceable. Comparing our gun control issues to to america doesn't quite work as guns over here are still relatively rare compared to the USA. Of course people could still modify a real one to look fake but that would be rare as they want them to look real as intimidation is 90% of what they have them for. Nothing would stop the issues completely but if shit like this keeps happening then anything to lessen it is a step forward. The only ones to disagree are those so wrapped up in the toy soldier fantasy that the real world comes a distant second.
  5. Maybe and that would suck but there is no way I can put a Sunday afternoon hobby ahead of the safety of the police. Maybe the fact I have a brother in the force makes me look at things differently but there it is. Maybe a registration and traceability scheme is really the way forward.
  6. To be honest if people are using airsoft replicas to commit crimes and threatening police officers in the street and that leads to more legislation the so be it. Is peoples enjoyment more important than a firearms officers safety? He shouldn't have to decide whether the threat is credible and waste time and jeopardise his safety and that of others. If someone points a weapon at a police officer then bollocks to niceties he has just forfeited his life. I would rather play with a two tone or even a gun that bears no resemblance to a real gun than have one officer die because he hesitated on whether the gun was real.
  7. As a taxpayer I wish they had just shot the pratt, a bullet and a funeral are cheaper than keeping these idiots in jail. It's not like morons are a protected species. More seriously though while the police did a good job descalating part of me as someone who has a brother on the job wonders should we really expect them to put themselves in harms way to do so. A police officer should expect to go home uninjured and alive and we the public should be behind that a 100% even if that means taking a harder line on those who are ultimately in the wrong. At the point someone threatens the life of an officer or member of the public with a weapon then as far as I am concerned their human rights go out the window. As for the American police I agree that better training would benefit but none of us can understand what it is like doing that job over there. The levels of violence towards the police over there in some areas is huge so you have to wonder after the crap they go through is it any wonder some lose respect for the job and the people they deal with. Not that that makes the actions of some right but maybe the actions of some more understandable. I would hope very few actually start the job without hoping to make a difference and just want to be bullies but if that is the case then they definitely need better screening.
  8. It is best to go by yourself and just worry about yourself as teams rarely work. Try to keep to yourself in the safezone too as some airsofters can be fucking weird. I found a pair of headphones and a fuck off face are the most important bits of kit you need.
  9. Agreed I think Bora Bora and beach side bar would first thing. Sundays would be taken up with flying lessons, scuba diving, skydiving and taking the yacht somewhere nice to jetski. With a £109m airsoft wouldn't even hit my radar.
  10. It's pretty clear airsoft is not covered and really after spending most of year in lockdown who really cares about waiting a few more weeks. I can think of so many things more important to do first when I get freedom than an airsoft game because real world priorities and all that.
  11. Should just let it roll as this shit is what always made this forum better than the over moderated ones. Just wish I had seen it when jumping in would of still been fun.
  12. This is who I always used for bulk buys but not sure on their current prices. www.justpaintball.co.uk
  13. It's a cod map for airsoft and would never work. Every single player would need a some sort of recognition tag and I guarantee most wouldn't want it or be willing to pay for it. A huge part of airsoft is being a sneaky bastard as it is all short range stuff and tracking ruins the game and is pretty pointless. As for strapping your smart phone to your arm I can imagine the strops when peoples phones get shot out would be fun to watch.
  14. I check in occasionally to see if there is anything remotely interesting and once I see the answer is no off I fuck again
  15. With that witches chin she should swap the shotgun for a broomstick
  16. Think I am probably done with airsoft as not missed playing for a long time. But thanks for the invite
  17. I honestly don't think he comes from a bad place and doesn't understand the consequences of his mouth. I think he is just desperate for affirmation and trying to find his place. Just a really insecure person who tries but gets it all wrong. Don't get me wrong though after telling malicious lies about me a face to face wouldn't result in a friendly handshake as that really pissed me off.
  18. It is fair to question but better to never assume. The site had lots of potential but also a hugely expensive lease. Airsoft was not really viable but the owners were lied to regarding the revenue airsoft brings. If the building owners would take a less silly price on the lease it could be viable. The way retail is dropping there will be plenty of large warehouses available all over the place soon so something similar could happen in another building. Yeah @MrWilson does seem to have his head screwed on more so hopefully there will be two more decent sites but I stick by my staffing opinion. Staff make a site work more than anything else.
  19. Yeah I was putting things together in the background. On top of sorting the marshal side I was sorting the speedsoft/tactical event he wanted. I had someone set up to come in and professionally film it. Then I started to get the info that the financial situation was all wrong and the site couldn't be covered. While I was trying to find out about this Seth carried on with his mouth telling people he could put on events involving rappelling and simulated explosive entry. It was just more lies and after I did my best to squash it and he carried on and wouldn't stop I walked away as not burning any connections I have because of his bullshit. He then lied to someone saying he got rid of me lol. @clumpyedge saw the whatsapp conversations and can vouch for the truth.
  20. I bitched about Seth and guess what I was right he couldn't run a site. Redhill was bust before it started. He ran the first game with no insurance, risk assessments or first aid on site. He only got the use of the site because he lied. He lied about the income potential in a big way he lied about having contacts he didn't have. Everything was based on bullshit. The games you played were ran better but not by Seth but because he had a head marshal doing all the work. A head marshal who was there because I set it up. You had insurance because I pushed the same head marshal into starting the paperwork and setting it up because Seth was dithering and trying to claim the site covered, another lie. Those last couple of games had nothing to do with Seth so I was right. Why do you think the two guys I know walked away? Why do you think Pilgrim walked away? Why do you think Seth disappeared. That whole endeavor was created by Seth because in his words he wanted to show people on here he wasn't full of shit. So he lied to everyone and just proved the doubters right. Anyone can find a site if they are willing to bullshit owners.
  21. How many sites have I ever bitched about? You do not know me we have never met or conversed in any real way so wind your neck in.
  22. A site is a place, a map is a drawing of a place. Mall was special but it was the people who made it more than the building. After a while you kind of forgot it was shops and it just became rooms and corridors and anywhere decent sized can do that. If they have the right staff then they will get the right regular players and it will cqb goodness. If wrong staff it will be just another place to be bitched about on the internet.
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