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  1. Hi all, not been on in a while because I bought a house so everything's been up in the air these last few months. Need to fix my plastic death chucker and get my pew pew on but this isn't the point of my post. The other day during a delivery I casually slipped airsoft into passing the time conversation, I like the toy soldier comments, but to my suprise the store man was also an air softer and so was his co worker. This never happened in 10 years of paintball. We had some pew pew chat and I went on my merry way but wondering how many other softers are around without me having a clue? I'm not saying if your an air softer say hello because this is an air soft forum but have you also had a random softer encounter.
  2. Just spent xmas cash on a condor chest rig, hydro pack and bib for this lot. Wanna slim it down take bits off. Played strikeforce with just vipee belt a few weeks ago. I'd post a pic but my phone is being difficult
  3. I have a Viper one and it too has a hole on either side where you can attach the drop leg directly to the belt not the molle. Not skirmished with it yet but got the mil tec suspenders which clip nicely onto the loops.
  4. My Ashbury is finally working with .43 rockets but is with my brother for a paint job atm. If I remember when it comes back then I shall upload some pewpew porn
  5. So far their all a bit on the small size but i'll have another look at Zero one. Just found there's an airgun shop in Swindon so might pop down there and have a look as well.
  6. I want to get a scope for my Ashbury sniper but being airsoft I want it to look good but low magnification. Unlike airsoft I dont want to spend a lot of money. I've seen a few on ebay around the £20-£30 mark but they dont seem to look very long or chunky. Suggestions?
  7. Same situation but been airsofting 6 months now, came from Sup Air, No Limit Bridgend, into softing because my knees cant take being driven into the floor anymore. Thought I can strip and rebuild an ego right down to the gasket on the regulators how hard can an airsoft gat be. Ummm. 2 hours to strip a G&G M16 5 hours to get it back together and working via youtube. It gets easier but a bit hairy at times. 3 site visits in over 2 months for UKARA then you don't have to get something that's coloured like a paintball gat. Plus you get to see what everyone else uses and get some hands on time if your friendly Transfer kit all I still use are my knee pads, sold everything else except for a mask. On field I use balistic glasses and a mesh face guard for close quarter stuff. Lets you breathe and see while being comfortable, games are longer than Sup air. 3 mins vs at least 30 mins upto 2 hours at some sites or 48 hour milsim if you fancy. Load out wise get it as you like. Plenty of army surplus all over the UK. I use an osprey load carrier for my pouches, sling for my M16 and holster for the glock. If I can ever get the Sniper working right then I ditch the vest. Cqb i use a £30 spring shotgun and thats it.
  8. I just got a Double Eagle Springer trishot for £40 all plastic, similar but with stock. It's EPIC for CQB. People were getting nervous to be around it and the fps was only 280. I had 2 kills with 1 shot at one point = massive cheesy grin. Build quality is terrible though. It lasted all day but took it out to clean it when I got home and the stock fell off then the pistol grip came loose. Done some threadlock and a bit of tightening so see how it lasts next time out. Even with these failings for £40 well worth it.
  9. It's in bits again. SO got to 1st skirmish, worked for crono, worked to zero, 1st game 3rd shot jammed. Kept jamming after that. This was 2 months ago so only now had time to dismantle again. What do I find, a BB proper stuck in the barrel which somehow seemed to catch the hop rubber and get that in the barrel as well. Barrel itself filthy after i'm guessing 100 shots. It's a tightbore barrel so i'm thinking getting an Orga widebore barrel. Anyone used one of these? £62 is a lot for a barrel but if it fixes the issue it's worth it.
  10. Just got my 4xacog from Hong Kong and pleasantly surprised. All metal, heavy and clear sight picture all for £35. Also got a double eagle 56 coming cos it was £35 and I couldn't resist some pump action.......
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