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  1. Ninjacabbage

    Peep sight pointlessness?

    Ah So that's what extreme ironing is..
  2. Ninjacabbage

    People following me - theoretical scenario

    short answer no the law is pretty sketchy on using weapons to defend yourself in this country but it's kind of a tit for tat situation. Meaning if they threaten you with a cricket bat/knife you could use equivalent to defend yourself but if you shoot them you are using "excessive" force. the hobby has gone through some pretty tough hurdles regarding airsoft guns looking like real firearms and if you shoot some other kids it will most likely result in a bad headline and possible repercussions for the rest of the airsofting community regarding their use as threatening deterrents even if owned legally. Be sensible, be safe and treat your airsoft guns with the responsibility you would a real firearm and this hobby will last. Ignore these points and we will all loose out
  3. Ninjacabbage

    Advice on buying a GBB Rifle

    Definitely garuntees people gonna call them hits
  4. Ninjacabbage

    Advice on buying a GBB Rifle

    im just getting into gbbrs, by no means an expert by a long shot but have got a bit of experience now and have done a fair bit of research into the subject that might be helpful. Assuming you have understood the maintenance and limitations of a gbbr choosing the right one to suit what sort of play style you want to use it for will make it more enjoyable. my first foray was the kc-02 and I couldn't recommend them highly enough, by far the best "budget" gbbr out of the box and has the option of co2 mags for when it gets a bit colder. Got mine second hand, but being such a simple bolt design its pretty robust and doesn't require a lot maintenance. good conversation starter at games, a pretty sexy rifle and has an m4 stock tube so leaves for lots of customisation options to make them unique. Accuracy and range is ok stock, aftermarket buckings aren't great and Ra-tech inner barrels are rarer then rocking horse sh*t nowadays so would definitely recommend the tophatrunner aeg/vsr chamber that lets you use aeg/vsr inner barrels and vsr buckings with great results. Only down sides are the lack of full auto, and the mags are HEAVY! I run three spares on my plate carrier and I wouldn't suggest any more. Length is ok in cqb but this gun really shines as a dmr plAtform in outdoor games where other gbbr often fall a bit short. if your after a reliable,consistent and accurate gbbr with low maintenance then this is a perfect introduction rifle. Also mags are pretty cheap at around £30 i haven't owned one of these but a ghk G5 is another great starter gbbr, they are pretty gas efficient and supposedly the mags are pretty immune to cold and work pretty well in the winter which is a big plus. They are pretty odd looking rifle in my opinion...like a g36/m4/scar hybrid thing but if your after something different it's definitely that and comes in both cqb/carbine variations with aftermarket dmr kit available. Only thing that put me off was the price of mags, around £50 each. Definitely something to consider though as they are very well regarded in terms of build and reliability. the gun I ended up buying was a we tech 888c (hk416c) not exactly what you were after so going to broaden this to the we open bolt range. price wise these guns are good way to get into gbbr, build quality is good on the externals and have no worries about them holding up but the internals are already showing signs of wear. Not a problem as there is quite a few aftermarket brands making higher quality parts for these guns but just be prepared for investing for the long term. Gas efficiency in the open bolt system is pretty good and have never had a mag gas out before shooting all the bbs, also came with a weaker winter spring if you want to up the rof. Mags are pretty light, cheap(ish) and readily available. anywhoo hope this helps, and whatever you end up getting you will struggle to be disappointed despite their flaws as gbbr are great fun.
  5. Ninjacabbage

    G&G GC16 Upgrades

    The pro win is a great hop up but it's got very tight tolerances, I had trouble just getting it into my receiver. Because of this the placement in the mag well is crucial and if it is a bit off it won't feed right. I needed to file down the wings to get it to sit forward enough for the mag to engage perfectly to get it to feed. take your upper receiver off your gun and put a mag in, then use some masking tape over the edges of your lower and mark out exactly where your mag feed port sits when a mag is inserted. then it's just a matter of doing whatever you have to do in order to get the hop unit feed tube to sit dead central on those marks. Use JB weld to add material or file/dremmel to take it away.
  6. Ninjacabbage

    UKARA clarification

    Only one moan...it's not a license As far as ukara goes I would think you are good, being over 18 qualifies you and previous games proves your an active skirmisher. Best bet would be to speak to your local site, they will be the ones stamping your form so I guess it's up to them
  7. Ninjacabbage

    VFC HK416c Stock?

    Is it AEG or GBBR?
  8. What would you like to know?? The top one, no idea but it has a hi-cap mag and what appear to be motor cables out the grip so probs an actual airsoft gun. Bottom appear to be cheap toys like those available from sites with "bb" in the name and not really comparable to an "airsoft" gun apart from calibre of projectile and no good for skirmishes except novelty factor
  9. Ninjacabbage

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Photographer caught me on my way to respawn, good excuse for posin' load out pic
  10. Ninjacabbage

    Help recomending a gun

    This was my first AEG, pretty solid internals and a decent motor for a "budget" starter gun. The CAA furniture (hand guard/stock) is very well made and tons of rails...everywhere! my only gripe with the gun is the receiver, barrel and stock tube are all plastic, Obviously this is what keeps the cost down. The issue I had was the barrel assembly would flex a bit when playing and eventually work the delta ring nut loose causing the barrel to become loose, fixed it with a few wraps of ptfe tape round the thread and really torquing it down. I haven't owned any other plastic guns before or since so I don't know if this is an inherent problem all placcy AEGs suffer or just mine was a lemon. have had no problems with the internals, metal gears have put up with a lot of trigger spamming and if you downgrade the spring the motor is more that capable of decent rof with a decent battery.
  11. Ninjacabbage

    Helmet cover help.

    https://www.weapon762.com/helmet/526-tmc-mesh-helemt-cover-for-tactical-wind-helmet.html?search_query=Helmet+cover&results=11 same thing but Without US shipping
  12. Ninjacabbage

    TM Hi Capa 5.1 upgrade ANSWERED

    If your just going to skirmish it I would do nothing, clean the barrel but apart from that a TM is as good as your going to need it. I know it's a popular gun for IPSC shooters and there are lots of "upgrades" available but as far as slinging BB's at humans go it's probably not worth the marginal gains you would get
  13. Ninjacabbage

    Two Toning

    @Tamaskan Many retailers offer two-tone services for RIFs, meaning you can choose whatever RIF you fancy and they will paint so it is legal to sell as long as you are over 18.
  14. Ninjacabbage

    Budget Knock Offs!!!

    I've been using this plate carrier for the past couple of months,is pretty similar to a DCS: https://www.weapon762.com/plate-carrier/137-tmc-modular-defender-plate-carrier.html#/62-color-foilage_green If if you can't find a second hand pc or one in camo/colour you want I would definitely recommend the tmc brand. Have been abusing mine and its held up great, quality material and the molle is strong and I'm not worried about it popping like other repro molle. Sure I'll get sum flack for suggesting non-milspec gear but I think its definitely fit for purpose and by far the best quality "knock off" hope this helps
  15. Ninjacabbage

    Hello Im Scarecrow, aka Jim

    Howdy jim! Sounds like your going about it the right way, g&g cm16 and surplus fatigues are a great place to start doing airsoft without breaking the bank...if you stick to just buying what's practical you can avoid falling into the airsoft money pit... ...however the pit is great! And I don't think it will be long before your down here wallowing with the rest of us i am a transient player of the East Midlands sites so will hopefully catch ya on a field some time.