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  1. Excellent bit of info mate, thanks! The Fortress on the Friday night would be perfect! I looked at Fife Wargames, and as you already said.. the lack of players seems to make us want to avoid it No sites play on a Saturday up North then?
  2. Evening guys, My team and I are looking to go up to Scotland in the new year sometime and was hoping for abit of insight on a few sites! We're happy to play anywhere in Scotland, going up on the Friday and either camping or staying in a hotel and ready to play on the Saturday and then again on the Sunday. If it means changing hotel for the Saturday night into Sunday, that's fine! We'd love to check out 'The Fort', 'The Depot' or 'Section 8' but they play on the Sunday? Ideally we'd like to play Woodland on one day and CQB on the other! Can anyone help? Thanks!
  3. M120 Spring MTP Smock MODI JPC in Multicam Viper One Day Modular Pack in V-Cam Emerson Fast Helmet in Multicam
  4. Picked up a few things recently.. Ares Amoeba-008 25 CCW Mock suppressor 551 Holographic sight 16 Magpul railcovers RVG foregrip PEQ box with laser Magpul flip-up sights Lens protector Krylon "sand" spray paint
  5. Always find myself standing next to someone with the same RIF as me. Hate having the same as someone else so that why I personalise mine abit.. makes it stand out a bit more. Another excuse to get out in the garden and do another thing Airsoft related!
  6. For some reason I'm going to my first milsim event at my local field at the end of September. I have no idea what to take! Has anyone got a basic kitlist they use? We'll be using what we have on our backs, and no access to cars and vehicles unless an emergency. No safe zone, and no breaks from Friday night until Sunday. Halp!
  7. Like you I didn't want to spend over £60 so I bought this a few months ago.. at £32.99 this was a steal! Was abit dubious as to what it would be like but it is probably the best purchase I've made on Airsoft! Holds everything I need it to. Has got two pin code locks and two keyhole locks too. Carry handle also. If you are worried that it won't fit in your boot, I've laid it across the back of a few different cars now. Or you can sit it upright behind the passenger seat in you car! 53” Aluminium Foam Padded Gun Weapon Carry Case Instrument Storage Transport http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271749590011?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  8. Antt570


    Visual merchandiser for various companies. Nike, Oral-B, GAME, Boots, Shell and Adidas to name a few!
  9. Antt570

    RiF loopholes

    Just need to be 18!
  10. Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball
  11. Agreed! The AK47 I had, I could leave it in the dirt.. not clean it for days after firefights.. leave it in the rain (..the very little rain we had anyway!) and it would still work a beauty!
  12. UCAP Sandpit? Kent Apocalypse Airsoft? Kent
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