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  1. Always had a problem with the definition of RIF as it suggests that the weapon in question is a firearm, seeing as it neither uses a cartridge or ignitable firing source (muskets ETC) the order of the words seems to be wrong, and that seems suggestible to make a point of banning such weapons. I think a revision of the the phrase "realistic imitation firearm" is needed. Fair enough to the police to treat such items as firearms, but as soon as they are cleared they should be downgraded as air-soft toys (I know people hate the term "toy" but it makes things a lot safer in that respect and people cannot mix the the definition between real and fake, and I wouldn't even call it an air arm, just a dangerous toy, kids choke on Lego... there are dangerous toys out there). I have been trying to decide on a term for while that would fit this definition for a while now, such as "cosmetically realistic firearm imitation", so as the name suggests "cosmetically realistic firearm imitation" would simply mean that this is something that simply looks like a firearm without mechanically working like one, and hopefully by name completely and utterly disassociating them from a class such as real firearms (as I said, after being cleared by a firearms officer if necessary). As for the conversion of air-soft to real firearm... complete bollocks, the materials used for air-soft "toys" would simply not be able to handle the pressures from cartridges used in firearms... they would simply explode in your hands and your face would be decorated in claret and bits of BB gun.
  2. As for a clothing source... http://www.deadeyejackscabin.co.uk/ ... A genuine pirate shop, 'cos we need supplies in cornwall... for stuff.
  3. Less somali more carribean somali's are bloody amateurs anyway.
  4. I've recently started collaborating a few bits to make a pirate loadout, not going for full on Jack Sparrow (probably more Blackbeard). Anyone ever used a KTW flintlock pistol or KTW flintlock carbine? Any reccomendations? Anyone ever seen a suitable cutlass type sword that I can get away with using for melee (only have a real one at the moment and no idea why but the marshalls strongly object to it) And is it acceptable to be sh*tfaced on rum at games?
  5. Anyone know much about the KTW Flintlock pistol? Want to authenticate the pirate loadout a little better.

  6. Don't buy a ghillie suit. I'm not intentionally slagging anyone off but I severly doubt that the majority of airsofters have the observation skills required to spot snipers anyway, unless you have a good pair of binoculars, about a week to sit in a hide waiting for the slightest movement from that dodgy looking bush and eyes like a s**t hawk, theres not a lot of point. Good cover will provide you with all the concealment you need, or if your worried about being spotted use a bit of cam cream, the majority of people I have ever seen wearing ghillie suits get bored within five minutes of finding a position and start moving about, and even in this strange world we live in, a large moving bush moving toward your position creates alarm for most. Airsoft just seems far too kinetic for the need of a ghillie suit even where snipers are concerned, I think the only time this really invalidates my opinion is for milsim, but even then, your just dragging around and big mess of plasticy leaves for a cosmetic look rather than tactical concealment.
  7. If you wanted to paint any of your kit, a relativley simple and good looking technique is to use leaves like a template, I do this with large pieces of kit that have solid colours (like a plate carrier in OD for example) the trick is to lay a few leaves on top the kit in desired fashion and start of with a medium to heavy layer of spray paint then move the leaves around and use lighter and lighter layers, choose which ever base coat you feel fits the current colour of the blank kit and then use other colours to make up you camoflage scheme, so you could have a base colour of light green than move to patches of dark brown, black, tan, and a few dappled spots of a sand colour, the great way about painting like this is the custom look you get afterwards. For the worn look, you can either kick it around in gravel like Ian_Gere suggests, or use scotchbrite, lightly rubbing all areas and concentrating more on the edges of pouches ETC, you can even use a wire brush on those areas, just don't go too mad as you'll easily wreck the kit your working on.
  8. Although goggles do steam up, look for a model with a fan in to alleviate that problem and you've got full seal protection without running into trees or walls, ESS turbofans are probably the best tried and tested brand (they used to make the army's issued ballistic glasses and goggles). Don't be too hasty to buy the cheapest ten quid pair of glasses, you only ever get one set of eyes.
  9. Some random branded full metal MP7 that decided to just die halfway through a CQB game, ended up getting shot to hell with nothing to shoot back with.
  10. Worst shop ever, tried to get away with charging me twice, smarmy T**t on the phone when I called them, and it took four days for my order to turn up even though I payed for next day delivery which meant I missed a game day, and when I called asking for a refund on the delivery I was pretty much laughed at over the phone and got hung up on.
  11. Just a little confused by some of the law stuff. Provided I'm selling an airsoft weapon and I'm fairly confident it won't end up in the hands of some hoodlum that just wants to shoot at old ladies, do I really need to request UKARA? By the sounds of the law as long as I'm not a retailer (I take that as anyone owning a registered shop to the random selling springers from a car boot at the sunday market) is it really necessary for me to request someones UKARA? I don't understand the necessity for a one on one personal sale of an airsoft weapon to need checking. Or am I just being daft?
  12. I'm an infantry soldier, and the site I play on is a mix of infantry and other regiments/ corps and veterans, if someone gets a "sad on" over people wanting to run round like lunatics pelting the living daylights out of each other, they're clearly the people with the issue. It's a lot sadder having a dig at someone over what they do for fun on a weekend.
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