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  1. murph

    Guns that stand out.

    Marshmallow launcher. And he actually killed someone with it.
  2. murph

    Do you hold a strangers gun or not?

    Not being funny, but there's loads of things to lean your gun against whether it be CQB or outdoors, for example, trees and walls. But, if I see that they're genuinely struggling with whatever it is they're faffing around with, it's a matter of "eh, sure". Like others have said, however, I'm more enthusiastic to do so if it's not another bloody rental gun for a change.
  3. murph

    Helmets - what's the opinion?

    http://www.ebairsoft.com/maritime-helmet-tb815-p-7424.html This would be a very wise choice as a starting helmet - obviously a FAST-styled one so relatively simple and doesn't require much money putting into unlike my TMC AirFrame in which I've had to invest money on a real-deal retention system due to comfort issues. Also, looks (and probably feels, due to being FMA) pretty damn close to the real Ops-Core for the price.
  4. murph

    fobus paddle holster

    This exactly. The dimensions of a majority of airsoft G17s on the market are similar to that of RS G21s and so if you're looking for a direct fit without having to modify, get yourself a G21 holster. BlackHawk! offers a range of plastic holsters for either side of your body. I personally would recommend the CQC Concealment style, had a couple of them in the past and have a G21 styled one for my TM G17 now. They're bloody fantastic, so easy to draw and holster your pistol and you hardly notice it sitting on your hip.
  5. murph

    Recommend me a pistol please!

    Honestly, I'd say go with your idea of a TM G17. Being a bit simpler to operate and handle, it may be better suited to your son as you've pointed out his issue with 'unwieldlyness'. Regardless, as others have said, you can't go wrong with any TM, really.
  6. murph

    Compact SMG/PDW AEG

    May be a teeny bit over your budget, but maybe consider the TM MP7 AEP?
  7. Hold up... is that a 'MURPH' patch I see?
  8. Not sure if it's 100% PMC, but you should consider checking out JPCs. All sorts of low-budget brands like Emerson, TMC and MODI make them and they're pretty easy to pick up off eBay if I remember correctly? They come in a pretty wide variety of colours so you should be able to find one you like the look of. I personally have a Emerson JPC in MultiCam and despite lacking quality areas in high-stress areas that you'd expect, it's perfectly ample for airsoft. If you need something a bit more low-profile, perhaps have a quick look at what Condor offers?
  9. murph

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    FMA L4G24 (the aluminium one) DE FMA Wilcox 3-Hole Shroud DE Element Manta Strobe (red light version) replica DE Night Evolution Charge MPLS replica DE Mesh skull mask thingy All off eBay. Very nearly finished my AirFrame build! All that's needed now is Crye rails, Ops-Core H-Nape and a Contour Camera!
  10. murph

    Gun picture thread

    Ian liked this? But... But there are rails and stuff on that AK!
  11. murph

    Gun picture thread

    Woah, wasn't expecting that haha! You have the camo to match though, I just throw mine on with a PMC loadout! Nice rifle though, actually haven't been using mine as much recently because I've been playing indoors and its a bit long for there!
  12. murph

    Photos from the field

    The CM18 is a more recent CM16, with an added rail system (plastic), crane stock and 10.5 inch barrel in an attempt to make it look like an MK18 rifle. To my knowledge, they're both identical internally.
  13. murph

    Photos from the field

    First time playing CQB at the weekend. The AK became a bit heavy towards the end of the day, and the useless ICS hi-caps supplied with it are beginning to play up, so I decided to switch to my only other functioning AEG - the ol' reliable G&G CM18 MOD1. Go ahead and mock the green - (it's coming off soon anyway) - this thing is a little beast out there. Seriously need a weapon light and red dot for it though. With playing indoors has brought a whole new experience in airsofting to me, as well as an increased kit shopping list. SWAT is an awesome site and can't wait to return this weekend.
  14. murph

    Photos from the field

    Alright, innit? That's FireSupport for ya
  15. murph

    Gun picture thread

    The ICS M4 as it stands. Currently not functional, due to a buggered hop unit but from what I can see, not too difficult to get a replacement. Standard flash hider, some Madbull Troy / Viking Tactics Battlerail, 13 inches I think. Replica T1, mounted so far forward due to the kinda dodgy rail on the upper receiver. PTS hi-cap. Standard ICS pistol grip, would change if the lower receiver wasn't so picky about what other brands to accept. Chinese replica CTR, couldn't be bothered splashing out on a PTS so got the next best thing. I used to run Chinese replica MBUS sights, but they sort of got in the way of how I like to grip the gun, and since they're too low to be used with the T1 on when it runs out of battery, they came off. You may have also noticed the mini tamiya connector on the outside, and that's because I have to run a PEQ box since I can't be bothered rewiring it to the rear, and when I'm using it, it looks a bit shyte, so I took that off for the time being. I know what some of you may be thinking - "Haz, that's awfully customised for an ICS, supposedly one of the worst manufacturers for making guns that only accept proprietary parts" - and you'd be right. I took a bit of a gamble getting this gun, knowing that I was going to slap the new rail system and stock on it right away, but there was literally nothing else in stock that I liked at the time, and hey-ho - here we are today. The nut supplied with the rail for the rail itself went straight on the gun, no wobble at all, so made up about that. The stock, being a Chinese replica, was designed to fit a large variety of manufacturer's guns, so there's obviously a little wobble, but nothing major at all. Maybe only a couple of degrees to the left and right, and I've only just learnt that from now when I've literally picked up the gun to check it, so pretty negligible in my honest opinion. However, the Chinese replica Magpul pistol grip that I bought just wasn't having it with the gun, and since I'm not experienced by any means whatsoever with modifying these sorts of things to fit, I threw in the towel. There is a different ICS one that's obviously going to fly onto it, but it looks mingin' in all honesty. Never mind, maybe if I have the sufficient funds I'll do a Block II build on it, knowing that it accepts Madbull rails. The only thing I can think of adding to it in the near future externally is something that allows me a better grip on the front of the rail, but I'm guessing that the simple remedy to this will just be rail covers for the top rail. Anyway, I think that about does it - let me know what you think lads!