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  1. That's a fair point. Typically mid range forestry environment at my local site. Maybe an iron sight will do for now but may need a Foregrip. Can anyone send me any recommendations of what I would need?
  2. Thanks for replies guys. Fairly new to airsoft and this was my first gun. Do I need some form of mounting plate for the sight to sit on? Do I need a size of scope or are they all fairly universal?
  3. Hey Guys I have a Krytac Trident and looking to pimp it out a bit with a few accessories. Any thoughts on what I should get? Maybe a scope?
  4. adazrambo

    New AEG

    Thinking of plumping for this (last CM motor melted but seems to be only thing in price range when considering i'll need two batteries. http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=4397{1}1{2}4{4}8{3}6 - any idea what battery/charger for this?
  5. adazrambo

    New AEG

    Need to check the GT Advance weapons. These any good? - http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/airsoft-weapons-c38/electric-rifles-c45/g-p-ball-rifle-long-black-p1832
  6. adazrambo

    New AEG

    Krytac leading the line at the moment then! never seen before but after researching online they are rather damn nice!
  7. adazrambo

    New AEG

    Cheers, had a go of someone's PTS ERG the other day and had a real nice kick to it when fired. G&P get mentioned a lot, like the look of this - http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/airsoft-weapons-c38/electric-rifles-c45/g-p-kinetic-m4-free-float-recoil-system-p3664
  8. adazrambo

    New AEG

    Had it with the CM16, going to purchase a new AEG. Love M4's and looking for something a little more 'up market' than a Combat Machine - budget between £250-£350 - any recommendations?
  9. adazrambo


    Don't do what I did the other day. Crack open the side of the gearbox and spring popped out blowing everything out of the gearbox, lesson truly learnt.
  10. Couldn't upload. Number 32 on exploded diagram. http://guay2.com/web/drawings/gb/CM16-box.pdf
  11. Cheers Sitting Duck! Covered all bases there! Decided to have a little play around.. Here he goes.. Well you lot are going to laugh, absolute amateur hour but I've dismantled down to gearbox to see how things work and I attached image left? Any ideas?
  12. Great - thanks for all the replies i'll give them a try!
  13. Ok thanks, so assume a new spring will be needed for compression issue? Ah yes! that's what one of the fellas said now you've reminded me, how would I adjust motor height? I'd say it's likely he's been tinkering with it! Cheers for help. Adam
  14. Hi All, I acquired a G&G CM16 from a friend around about a year ago, took it for it's first test today at local skirmish and this gun is plagued with problems. Firstly it seemed severely underpowered, when chrono'd one of the guys said it was around 150fps below site limit which is 350, not only that but the range was probably around 30 feet at the most and i was having to lift the gun up to compensate. Secondly, around about an hour in the handle/trigger became awfully hot, almost to the point of being unable to touch it, eventually the fuse blew and it melted the casing around it so i bypassed this by rigging it directly to the battery. When speaking to some of the regulars at site they thought it may be because the motor isn't seated properly or something. Any of you guys had similar before? Debating weather it's worth getting fixed or biting the bullet and buying a new gun.
  15. adazrambo


    Have they just come out of nowhere? only started seeing their stuff in the last 6 months.
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