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  1. Not yet but probably won't be long or should i say short !!!
  2. Well i will be 50 in early Feb next year so looks like i will be getting combined pressies xmas / Birthday so i have been asked if i would like a rifle !!! I also shoot air rifles in a pest control / hobby type way aswell so do i go Air Rifle or Air Soft Hhhhhhhmmmmm . Got 3 Air Rifles and only 2 Air soft rifles so to even things up i am thinking of asking for ICS CXP APE as the Tan & Black makes me a little moist , You're only 50 once and i believe myself to be lucky i have reached this age so far still in one piece !!! So yeah think i will go Air soft
  3. Another Pro-Win hop up unit and a maple leaf Hop rubber to go in the JG M4 S-SYSTEM . Spent today cutting the mag well to accept the one piece hop and it works !!!! Surprised myself really .......
  4. Picked this up locally and today changed the battery connection to deans so i can try it with the lipo's i have for my other M4. All works !!! So the JG M4 S -System for £80 will make a good back up / stand by rifle . Still needs a bit of tlc but so far so good, The Aimpoint works aswell !!
  5. Well thanks for the info and comments gents, I went and bought it for £80 . It's in fair condition , Needs a bit of TLC so will give me a little project to play with and learn a bit more about the " workings " of a AEG.
  6. Certainly looks the same box in the link, Good find thanks 1
  7. No better pic's of box i'm afraid. Apparently it's all metal and has been used as a garden plinker for a couple of years. being advertised for £125 but the battery it has won't hold charge for long and comes with 1 mag / aim point. Worth a punt for £100 ? Are the JG's any good ? Thanks for the replies so far Barry
  8. Can anyone tell me the make of this here rifle ?? May be buying it but owner nor me knows what it is ?? Would to know if poss before i go check it out !! Thanks in advance gents
  9. Shame you are not UKARA sorted as the rifle that would do you well is for sale on this very website !!!
  10. Having come into Airsofting recently and rapidly approaching 50 years of age !!! Forums like this are a godsend for info etc. I am also a keen hunter using Air Rifles and again the forums i belong to are on the whole excellent place for info and help. My location also inhibits me visiting shops as on the IOW we have one gun shop and that's it . We also have just the one Skirmish site which carries various spares etc. and has been very helpful to me in the answering of my noob questions . It's also the only place i get to see and feel other Rifles ( ) With regard to youngsters , Yes they are spoilt imho. I know my nephew seems to have very little understanding of what stuff is worth. He would quite often leave any of the following hanging around and then start pestering his parents with " where is my ipod/ipad/laptop/ " Hundreds of pounds worth of stuff he would leave somewhere and not be bothered about it. He would always be asking for stuff ( i am sure he is not unique in this !! ) with the argument " my mate has it so why can't i ? " As for youngsters asking for help on forums , I would think / hope that's the best route for them to take in the hope they get the right advice in which to make an informed decision on what to purchase. Would also be good if they would direct the parents to the same forum so they could ask questions too ? and see just what little johnny or Jane for that matter are getting in to !! Hope that all makes sense !!
  11. Got my second delivery a little while ago ,Again no fuss and arrived as per the tracking e-mail. Got a KJW G23 & a spare mag for £80 delivered . Put 2 mags through and really like it . Have to try really hard now to stop looking at that website now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. From Taiwangun.com ( good service again ) KJW Glock23 with a spare mag for £80 delivered
  13. I have a two toned M4 ( in red ) and to be honest i like it as it is , I now have my defence but don't want to change it , Maybe one day !!! My only site is woodland based and i don't see it as a disadvantage. This be mine
  14. Not good , Always someone ready to take the pi$$ . Happens on many forums Air Rifles , Fishing etc they have no shame, People need to be informed when it happens in the hope it stops anyone else getting done . Hope you get it sorted
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