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  1. Oh... I haven't used it at any games yet but for target shooting it's been a bunch of fun and I really like it!
  2. Ah right, Ok. Well I'll be sure to post what i think of it when I have been then
  3. Just bought an extended mag for my MP7 and a foregrip for the G36. Really not expecting any sort of quality from the grip, but It's just to get me through one game.
  4. Oh I see.... So he WAS taking the piss haha. I have desert camo gear, Only wanted it because I think it looks cool. Not because I want to blend in... didn't think about it really O_O
  5. Haha thanks man! And I was using 0.2g. Has anyone been to Battle Lakes? It's only 20 mins from me and seems like the place I will probably be going first.
  6. I have all of the gear, I'll post pics later. It's kinda desert camo but still helps to break up the edges etc. I think I will probably just paint it then if nobody is going to care O_O
  7. I'll have to test it properly.... with a distance I know for sure. Double the range seems a bit too good to be true.
  8. I like the scarf idea. Sounds pretty easy to remove
  9. Hey sorry for dragging up this post. I was testing it out yesterday and I was able to hit a foot wide target about 45m away 8/10 times. Is it worth just taking it along to a site, playing with it, and seeing how it goes? (Distance was taken from google maps measuring tool, may be about +/-2) The accuracy and range is actually better than I expected... so maybe it's not all bad. (Certainly shoots more accurately/further/harder than the mp7)
  10. What would be the best way to cover it up? I was going to just paint it but as far as I can see, that should wait until I have UKARA. So... Other than painting... what are my options? (I don't want to hire, if possible)
  11. I'm probably going to be doing CQB almost exclusively. So hopefully I will see you around!
  12. Made some more progress this evening. Updated the OP. I will upload pictures when I get around to it tomorrow. (Not that anyway cares QQ)
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