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  1. Depends on how many you had the night before I suppose. lol
  2. Toilet? I thought it was a panic room!! lol
  3. Great minds think alike!
  4. I found a website that explains the reason. haha
  5. Not too sure about the 1st part, as for the Bleeding of remaining gas, I would imagine to prevent water / condensation build up within the gas mag? Bit like a compressor gets a build up of water over time. But this is just my theory. Found this hope it helps https://vipairsoft.wordpress.com/2015/10/05/beginner-tips-3-green-gas-effects/
  6. Will this be a regular thing? If so I'll be coming to the next one should have my UKARA by then + weapons.
  7. Has anyone experienced this? I've been looking at some gear on various websites, and a lot of it is Gucci stuff! Especially the claymore mine, but what are the chances of coming back to find it where you left it, before some scrote decides "I'm having this "?
  8. Couldn't get in to this series, although I've been reliably informed by the wife, Stonebridge and Scott are making a return.
  9. I like the thought of that, DayZ stuff
  10. Not so much as advice bud, more to see if anyone else had used them or uses them. But I do appreciate peoples thoughts.:)
  11. This is what I had in mind http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-rigs-plate-carriers-assault-vests/ley-rubber-holstered-training-knife-curved-blade-black.htm#.WoWtSWnFK70
  12. I love the thought of playing a skirmish in Aus, "Yeah you can join out air-soft team? In our 12,000 acre site? oh yeah, just watch out for the Adders, Crocs and spiders" (Said in an Aussie accent)
  13. Rubber Knives, does anyone use them or have one in their load out? I was thinking of adding one to mine. In advance I tried looking for this topic, but found no threads.
  14. Give them a call or visit... If the answer is yes let us all know.
  15. Argh I see.