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  1. wtb broken asg m11a1 gbb

    Make: ASG Gun/Model: m11A1 GBB Desired Condition: broken only really need frame and stock Desired FPS: n/a Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Budget: £20 to 40
  2. WTS G&P M870 Flashlight pump grip

    Still here £40.00 posted
  3. Help needed - MP5 magazine spares

    make a model would be useful but as above will be the most likely answer
  4. KSC Glock 18C

    the airsofttiger111 link is for an sy glock no idea if that's compatible. for KSC you need KSC/ASG/KWA compatible.
  5. WTS G&P M870 Flashlight pump grip

    Make: G&P Item: M870 Flashlight pump grip and pump collar removal tool Condition: Torch has been up graded to an LED Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £45.00 Posted
  6. gearbox reshim price

    will depend on who you get to do it. whats their hourly rate and if there is anything broken. because of its design the split gear box is easier to strip. so should take maybe half an hour to an hour. Is there actually anything actually wrong your gun? unless it is broken/ dropped performance leave it be.
  7. What gas mac11

    The well is a Chinese clone of the KSC 1st version and a badly made version at that. KWC makes a CO2 version no idea what its like. The best version is the KSC/KWA/ASG NS2 mac ll
  8. Recommended two tone gun for beginner

    just to clarify it's 3 games in no less than 2 months to qualify for UKARA membership
  9. CQB sites and automatic fire?

    To be honest regulars from a business side have limited value. site owners make more money from hires and if one or two players can keep other players away by their behavior then most site owners will get shot of them. the site i attend has a strike system and has band two people this year for behavior and poor sportsmanship.
  10. Would also check your site some require the gun to be mechanical locked to semi if you want to up fps. I would also echo you can get more range with a good hop set up than with more fps
  11. 2nd for the cyma m14 £120.00 posted with a scope rail and spair mag from Taiwan gun with out touching it was getting 70 meter range
  12. gas shotgun leaking like a sieve

    are you sure its the m500 as that was a clone of a marushin shot gun which was just as leaky as the clone
  13. Secutor Velites..... any good?

    mate of mine had his brand new secutor failed yesterday loading mech completely gave up the ghost
  14. M870 parts

  15. Upgrade broken gun or start over with something new?

    if you are confident in your ability to rebuild the gearbox go ahead. personally just got a CYMA M14 from Taiwangun for £86 it is brilliant for the price. so get another gun you know will work that's cheap and than strip down your current gun and do a cheap rebuild and you'll have two guns.