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  1. Could be an edge or protrusion pushing the slide back, or just overall tightness causing the problem. have a look inside the holster, if there's nothing obvious then I would try "stretching" the holster a little, easiest way is to have a saucepan of water bubbling on the hob, dip JUST the holster in it for 3-5 seconds, remove from the water & immediately try to holster the gun, repeat the process as often as needed until you have a better fit. Obviously, be careful & don't scald yourself
  2. Lol, does that count, I thought it was generally accepted that everyone using HPA was a raving cheat anyway (retreating to my underground bunker to avoid the imminent bombardment )
  3. Me too, I think I just got on better with the "old skool" desktop type layouts, all my usual forums have changed layouts. But to be fair, I am old & everybody knows us old gits don't like change
  4. What do ya know, been playing more than 16 yrs & never heard of it, looks confusing lol. I'm assuming, as every site I've ever played has stated only .20 at the chrono, that allowing for that you'll always squeeze through both legally & at site requirement, most being (or were ?) 350, with some allowing a small % tolerance. bearing in mind I used to play fortnightly religiously, but last few years its been once in a blue moon due to some health issues & mainly locally in Kent, so I'm not up to speed with what most national sites are specifying since the last home office amendments relating to fps/joules & "lethality". & rest finger
  5. Wtf is joule creep ?, ive heard of hop creep, a joule, as a measurement, is set in stone. therefore if .20 is used, & in fact many sites will have an assortment of mags at the chrono, all loaded with the same brand of bb to ensure a consistent reading (& to weed out cheating mofos lol)
  6. 60m is nowt, most stock aegs should achieve that with ease, in fact my garden is about 65m long, & my bog standard 1st gen TM m4s will hit ciggy pack size targets all day long, with a really well set up aeg you should be looking at 100m+ viability, the extra fps your considering will help negate the effect of using heavier bb's, but don't forget the chrono test will have to be done using .20's , in order to satisfy site insurance & other legalities.
  7. There are definite advantages, once you've achieved the desired fps, lots of different ways to achieve this, most common things to sort being spring, tb barrel & air seal, then look at your hop, synchronise those parts & you'll have a hard hitting lazer, but if you feel a longer gat is a waste of space ?, then your entitled to your opinion. if your set on dmr'ing a bullpup, go for it, why not look at something that has a quick change spring, such as g&g fn2010 hunter (I've got one), & get an adjustable inline mosfet to give you single shot, play some games, then if your happy with it then make the necessary alterations to make it permanent , if a site has issue with its length, get a monster suppressor to shut them up, & if they question the permanency of the selector set up, explain its a test to ascertain its viability. im not against a dmr bullpup, after all we're seeing dmr snipers now, but some sites, & players may feel its somehow fiddling the rules or going against the ethos of the game. tbh I've thought about doing something similar with my tavor, the fire selectors have always been a bit temperamental anyway, but I wanted to extend the front somehow, might have to get something 3d printed.
  8. As samurai said, it's all about the set up, buddy of mine had a TM mp7 aep, sub 300 fps but range & accuracy was beyond amazing, he could hang back from the crowd & pick people off like a sniper, the only downside was if you knew he was targeting you it was easy to dodge the bb's as you could see them coming. but dmr's, like support weapons or snipers, encourage (& need) a certain mindset, first issue is you have to ditch full auto in order to take advantage of the higher fps that most sites dmr rules allow, which usually entails modification to ensure full auto can not be achieved, cut off plate being the favoured mod. as has already been pointed out, most sites will only allow a dmr if it is based on a real world model, or at the very least the gun owner has made a reasonable attempt to ensure his gat resembles a genuine dmr, full length outer barrel, suitable scope, maybe lo or mids (I've seen this s a requirement on some sites) & maybe even a fitted bipod go some way to show your trying, which prob rules out any bullpups ?, I could be wrong. also, if you primarily play cqb/indoor sites, then it's likely there little call for the benefits a dmr offers, & you definitely can't mix it up close & personal if your running 400+ fps. finally the mindset, single shot, even with a fast finger your still a sniper of sorts, when almost everybody else is using a bb hose, you need to be comfortable taking them on ?. personally I rarely use full auto, but then I grew up using slr's so trigger discipline is easy, plus it's very satisfying getting kills with one or two shots. good luck with what you choose to do, why not try an m14, great bit of kit on single shot, if you enjoy then you can dmr them quite easily.
  9. If your gonna look for something else, can't reccomend warrior kit enough, real steel battle proven kit that won't let you down, & prices are very good, even if buying new.
  10. Are the foam plates stuff or overly flexible ?, I would think stiff is better ?. alternatively, if the design is that poor, how about modding it ?, maybe a couple of dropped belt loops to attach to your trouser belt , or even sticking some non slip material on the inside face of it.
  11. Do you have any plate "fillers" fitted ?, either fake plates or a homemade substitute work, give the carrier the correct shape, stops sagging & should allow you to release the straps a smidge, just enough to allow movement but without it riding up etc.
  12. Basically you need to feel satisfied that the potential buyer is a genuine airsofter, & yep ukara or a site membership is prob the easiest way. but you could also look at a persons "history" within the airsoft community, which could include long term forum membership, which in turn shows post count, feedback etc, & even general attitude as a person, same goes for FB , look at age & attitude, as well as associated airsoft page related input. all these can tell you whether the person is a sensible knowledgeable player with a genuine commitment to our pastime, or alternatively a mouthy know nothing chav kid who may bring nothing positive to the game. I'm an example of this, currently no ukara (but have had it previously), no site membership, but I have substantial feedback & post count going back years o a number of forums, plus FB page that has pics of me playing, as well as confirming I'm nearly 50 & a family man with a sensible attitude to life.........simples
  13. Cheers Ben, just found it & I'm downloading the first three as I type
  14. I haven't seen (or heard) of this, what's the subject matter ?, I'll see if I can find it.
  15. No one here owned one ?, not even the WE version ?