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  1. Bump, £7 per pouch or £45 for all nine, that's a fiver per pouch, bargain
  2. I've seen a couple of sites stick a small coloured cable tie on the trigger guard after chronoing, & the colour changes each gameday
  3. Hot or Not, which obviously is hard to prove after the event, the MED issue is pretty serious, as even if the guys gun was "legal", we could still be talking about 500fps. i play airsoft for what it is, & don't succumb to the hype I.E. better kit makes you a better player, or "I've got a YouTube channel with X amount of followers, therefore I'm a lej" bollocks, if "stinky butholio" or whatever exaggerated mgs name he's given himself is failing to follow the site rules, & clearly enough people think so, then the site staff need to get a grip
  4. Bump, some better pics, & if this goes anytime soon I'll chuck in the respirator in the pics as well, £50 all in.
  5. Plus if you were to buy an all black gun, your allowed to "gift" it to him, as long as no money changes hands between you & him.
  6. Doesn't hurt to have occasional random chronoing during skirmishes, as well as reminders to players regarding minimum engagement distances. ive been playing a long time, & used to player marshall for cage/invicta, & the truth is there are unfortunately players (& even teams) out there who will do whatever they can to run hot guns, I've seen people mod guns after the chrono, arrive late after gameplay has started therefore avoiding chrono, & even have multiple gats, one or two that are chrono legal & the rest hidden away for later dubious use. In the end they're just another kind of Cheat, & need to be weeded out
  7. Thanks for review Bill, I'd hoped to get up there & meet up with you guys, gutted as it sounds like a great day was had by all present. hopefully next time Mark
  8. I've seen them used in fibua FROM A DISTANCE, but obviously moving in close is a no-no, unless your fps is low, ie equal to that of the regular aegs in us on site.
  9. My bad, on phone couldn't see pics, I thought you meant the small of the back holster Stallone uses. Custom Western-ish rigs are available in the uk, just need to find someone who'll do one without the embellishments they usually have. Again, there's prob a good forum or FB page western reenactors use.
  10. Your not going to find one in leather in the uk, even Europe is a bit thin for that kinda thing, think there might be some makers in Germany but nothing that shows up on an initial search, so looking towards the USA is your best option, try real steel revolver forums for possible threads & links ?
  11. Bump
  12. Bump, last price drop, £50 all in, wont be going lower !.
  13. Just because he shows it on his website, doesn't actually mean he has any. He's a one man band, most other one man bands also don't have the pricier kit in their inventory, instead choosing to order from their suppliers once its been ordered & paid for. SAS will take your money, but won't order it until you've got your foot on his throat about six months later
  14. I'd heard that many rif retailers had gone down the route of becoming "licensed firearms retailers", I.E. getting the licenses & accreditation that would cover them for all "gun" related kit, which also covers blanks & pyro with 4.1 accreditation .
  15. Second that, guys been trading for a long time, BUT the stories of his extremely poor service also go back years, many people literally having to turn up unannounced at his door to get their kit or money back. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE !.