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LiPo Batteries...?

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I've been doing a fair bit of reading up on LiPo Batteries and there seems to be a lot of hype around them (it seems a lot of Airsofters swear by them).


But there is also countless things online warning how dangerous they are too.

Every article I find warns that they need to be fireproofed to charge them as they can explode; if they are knocked or damaged they can explode; if you stare at them long enough they will fizzle and explode...etc etc.

Even ZeroOne seem to warn against using LiPo unless you have some safety kit installed onto the gun too.


Are they really as unstable as everyone is making out?

Or is this just people being terribly British and not liking something new?


I always ran Nihms, but getting back into it after a couple of years off I need to get some new batteries. Don't want to waste money on something that either won't work or will burn my house down!


I think I've got the hang of all the jargon about power and outputs etc. It's just the actual usage and safety side that worries me now!


Any advice from people who actually use (or choose not to use) LiPo??



2x19 :)


EDIT: Most of the info I've read online about LiPo is directed towards RC Planes etc. But it's effectively the same, right? just power driving motors to do what's needed, so the theory behind it shouldnt be much different, should it?

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soz lipo'd out & to save me saying same old same old.....




yes they can explode if you are a tw*t - hence the warnings

a little bit puffy is ok but if well "blown" then replace them

do not think for a split second oh I'll let some air out - like some bell-end did - moi = BOOOOMMMM


ANY battery should not be left unchecked

no you do not go to bed or out when charging them

you do not charge them on ya carpet/bed

you charge them in say garage or in a utility room on a worktop

(maybe not on ya mum/wife's brand new show home kitchen surface but you get the idea)

get a lipo charging bag that will limit the risk of damage to surrounding areas - a little but won't stop all if she explodes

(battery - if ya mum/wife blows her top then get a much bigger bag)


sounds like they are unstable - nope but all batteries need to be checked and monitored whilst charging

Lipo's really do pack a lot of punch/energy so if that becomes more unstable than a teenage drama queen it will wanna kick off

(both damaged lipo and drama queen)


As long as you charge them, store them, inspect them and treat them with care they will be fine

buy trusted good makes Vapex, Turnigy, Zippy etc......


abuse them and continue to use suspect batteries/chargers and....

well I have demonstrated and witnessed first hand what can happen

They are fine - just use common sense


oh and btw - ya mobile/laptop is getting warm fizz fizz spark spark

(they also use lithium polymer)

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Thanks Duck,

Seems I've read so much I've got lost in all the info and didn't know where to go with it all.


I'm sure I can handle the "don't be an idiot" side of it.


Didn't know phones etc used LiPo. Better get a better case, I don't want my phone to explode I drop it! :-)


Appreciate the help. I might just treat myself in the new year.

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SD is slightly wrong on phones. They use L-ion which is a Lithium Ion battery. Still can cause a problem, but a slightly different configuration.

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phones use lithium-ion but some use the lithium polymer


lithium polymer = li po - lipo


but all batteries need to be shown respect

ya mobile/laptop lithium-ion ain't quite as explosive but all the same


I would rather go OTT with the safety issues

rather than peeps just think yeah wtf - what's the worst that can happen......


edit - I was just typing that as you posted

they are similar but not as dangerous exploding wise


none the less - these batteries can become dangerous if they appear damaged


the phone's "ion" do not take damage if the voltage drops

lipo's or lithium polymer's can die if the voltage drops too low on each cell

so you should never run a lipo battery dry

there are lipo alarms that plug in but tbh I and probably most on here just use them

carrying a spare and swap over lunchtime especially if the gun starts to perform slowly

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Seems i'm learning more n more too


Ion might be in a harder case so can in theory withstand a bit of abuse compared to softer lipo

But ion may damage a bit more if overcharged than polymer....


As for dying if they lose charge, the device itself - mobile/laptop may shut down before the ion battery reaches dangerous levels...


Ahh f*ck it, they the same 3.7v similar but maybe not quite the 101% same thing

Plenty of horror stories about old mobiles exploding but nothing really to start $hitting bricks over


Just keep an eye on any moody looking battery

If ya that worried use a springer instead

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A lot of Lithium ion batterys have electronics built into the casing to prevent the battery from discharging or over charging to much.

When you play around and force them to go bang though they do in a big way.


Not that I would ever advocate disabling a batteries over charge protection. You would have to be stupid to do it.😇

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I charge my lipos outside. I have an outside socket but you could run an extension into the garden.

Only thing I can lose is the battery and charger.

And maybe a burnt flag or two.

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I wouldn't bother at all with charging bags and all that crap. Just charge the batteries with a decent charger. If they show signs of damage, including swelling bin them but this kinda applies to any battery really.


I'm sure if they were really as dangerous as some people said all the Airsoft forums would be full of people talking about how they set their house alight.

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Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh hate this crap lipos are batteries not bombs. Use a smart charger and dont pierce them and they are fine. Your phone battery is more dangerous if it goes bang and you are more likely to burn your house down cooking toast than you are charging a lipo.

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