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  1. Not heard of a target board before, but I would imagine something that clever would be expensive. As for night vision, telescopic night vision scopes that are very good are in four figures (so probably above €1500. The cheapest I've seen are about €350 and, whilst they work, are not that good. Probably a bit too expensive for airsoft, but fine if you are hunting game or pest species.
  2. It's a while since I had one of these, but I think Monkeywrencher is correct. I'm sure the "nozzle" at the end of the CO2 container holds the valve mechanism and it's the action of this hitting the end of the new replacement piston head that releases a small amount of CO2, sufficient to send the bb on its way. I have something similar in my CO2 powered Sig Sauer MCX 0.177 pellet rifle. The amount of CO2 needed isn't that great to push out the projectile at airsoft speeds.
  3. One of the problems of playing in the rain, especially woodland, is not hearing or feeling hits. Years ago I was out with some old DPM plastic waterproofs, standing under foliage and getting dripped on quite loudly ever second or so. Got called out from someone about 30 yards away for not taking a hit. Not sure he was right, as there was plenty of leaves between him and me and he was to the side of me. Definitely didn't feel anything hit, but would not have heard anything anyway as the hits I did take sounded no different to the raindrops. Something to consider when playing in the rain.
  4. It could be the motor is over-spinning the gears past the cutoff point, or the trigger contacts could be sticking. It might be worth putting an AB mosfet in the line to cut down on trigger points burning and stop the over-spin on semi.
  5. RR01

    Travel with RIF

    Check with NE as all our local bus companies prohibit the transport of "guns" on their vehicles.
  6. If you want to get away from the usual rifles, why not go total Brit and get an SA80. Uses M4 mags, so someone on your team will usually have a spare if you run out and they are easy to work on with the split gearbox. It doesn't take too much to turn one into the current A2 version with the rail system and they can shoot quite accurately if you get the mechanics working properly.
  7. Just a thought, but is everyone overthinking the OP's question? 1. He doesn't need UKARA registration, which is mainly the defence for buying a RIF. He already owns one and there is no UK law that says you cannot own a RIF. Even a sub-18 YO can be gifted one. 2. His situation is really no different than someone overseas coming here to play at a skirmish with their own RIFs. So long as he books a game at his preferred site prior to his arrival and carries a copy of his booking confirmation he should not be stopped from bringing it in. As he owns a RIF, presumably he has played regularly at home, so can be considered a regular skirmisher. That is all the proof needed as far as the VCRA is concerned. 3. If he's never skirmished before, but bought a RIF at home because their rules are simpler than ours then I agree with all the previous comments about renting or posting to a UKARA registered member, or maybe even to the preferred site owners.
  8. RR01

    low fps // HOP UP

    What FPS were you getting before you changed things? If it was better then some of the parts may not be optimal for your rifle, or could be causing an air leak. Check what you have before possibly spending money on parts you may not need.
  9. By public transport do you mean a bus? If so, be aware that some bus companies will not take weapons of any kind, even if in a covered gun bag or case. Best to disguise it completely if this is your means of transport, rather than get refused or chucked off.
  10. If you think that is heavy you do not want to try the M60. When I was playing regularly I had team mates who had both. The M249 was just about useable for an hour or so, but the M60 really needed to be on a fixed point or vehicle mount. It just wasn't a practical "carry" option.
  11. Yes, you will need to buy a new contact set. As to mosfet, I'm not sure as there are far more available now than when I did mine in 2011/12. However, I just had a look online for the R85A1 trigger unit and G&G are not showing it as a replacement part any longer, so unless someone in the UK or HK has old stock that might prove to be a problem. Repairing the existing contacts might now be the only option. That said the current version has an electronic trigger unit and may be backwards compatible if you can find out which one they use.
  12. The AA L85 suffers from burnt out trigger contacts. I've had three of these in the past and all had the same problem. You can buy replacements from G&G that are a direct replacement for the AA trigger contact. I bought mine direct from G&G quite a few years ago, but if I remember correctly there is a UK parts supplier now (just can't remember who it is). The other option to stop this happening again is to fit an inline mosfet to take the current out of the trigger contacts. The reason that your gearbox cycles without the piston attached is that the bare gearbox takes much less current to turn than when the piston is attached.
  13. Unless the gearbox is fitted with a microswitch, it could be that the moving contact is worn and allowing the trigger to push past it so that it does not move far enough forward to connect with the fixed contacts. Also the fixed contacts can get burnt out and not allow current to flow to the motor. In either case a strip down should show the problem.
  14. I suspect a lot will depend on how you are actually moving to the UK. If you are flying, then all the above information is sound, as trying to bring all your kit in on a plane can cause problems. If you are going to come overland via ferry, or Eurostar, then, depending on how much you are bringing in, it might be easier to bring it with you, together with backup docs to prove to Border Force how long you have played in Italy. Also book a game in the UK near to where you are intending to live before you come to prove you intend to continue playing here. Just make sure any RIFs are within UK site limits, as if full auto is above 370 fps you may fall foul of the ACPO limit.
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