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  1. RR01

    G&P V2 gearbox overspin - HELP

    Are you sure that the small spring that returns the moving part of the trigger block has been hooked back on, or isn't otherwise broken?
  2. RR01

    Target Shooting.

    If you want to try a club then look at what they shoot. Our club in Poole is open to almost anyone. We have by far the largest section in airguns, but plently of live fire members as well. As a 25 yard indoor range we can't cope with shotgun enthusiasts, but most everything else is welcome, including black powder. Only thing we don't do is airsoft. And we are very welcoming. From 10yo kids to 80yo+ and both sexes, all are welcome. If you are near Poole try Parkstone Gun Club.
  3. RR01

    Target Shooting.

    I've taken the mod off of my S400 and put an air stripper on. The crack on firing is very nice, although nowhere near the volume of a 0.38 being fired in a small, indoor range. Definitely look for a local club. If you can find one with both indoor and outdoor ranges then you open up your shooting options.
  4. What the twit doesn't realise is that the CCJ will stay on his credit record, so if he wants a bank loan, mortgage or a new credit card then that will show up and will probably mean he will be declined, unless he pays up very quickly. If he doesn't, then consider using the County Court Bailiff to attend at his home.. Unfortunately they are not as relentless at the High Court Bailiffs (think "Can't pay, we'll take it away") as they deal with larger amounts and have greater powers of enforcement.
  5. RR01

    Target Shooting.

    I had a Weihrauch HW97K spring underlever, as well as the PCP and found it almost as accurate as the AA S400. I sold it to a mate in the gun club, as I have problem with my shoulder and could not cock it easily. He's now shooting groups that almost match mine on 20 meter bench rest competitions, where the central ring is only about 5.5mm across. According to our local RFD the HW97K, which has a 12in barrel, is the most accurate rifle that Weihrauch produce, according to their own tests.
  6. RR01

    Target Shooting.

    If those targets were at 100 yards on open sights then that is bloody good shooting. Was that rested or freehand? I only shoot PCP and CO2 rifle & pistol these days at our local gun club and have seen people there shooting .22LR (AR) and 7.62 (AK) rested with a scope at 25 yards and scoring far worse than that. Mind you, I think some of them only have an FAC for the "my pr**ks bigger than yours" effect, as they don't have a clue how to shoot properly. Given their rifles I could probably put all within the 10 ring. With my PCPs (AA S200 & S400) at our club range I'm rarely outside of the inner ring at 25 yards on a 20 meter bench rest target.
  7. RR01

    Good Starter Radios

    If you don't want to spend a fortune, Cobra's work well and can be used with a headset if you get the correct adapters.
  8. RR01

    New TM G17 Magazine Leaking

    And you fill it inverted, i.e. with the fill valve up and the canister pointing down.
  9. Did you buy the short or long version? They both use the same gearbox, but the shorter inner barrel on the S gives about the FPS you are getting. The L will put out about 330 because of the longer barrel. This is from my own experience of the S and then fittng a longer inner for comparison, as I thought mine was shooting a bit too low. A spring change brought it up to normal.
  10. RR01

    Rubber Knives

    Had a game years ago at The Outpost in Kidderminster (Drakelow Tunnels) where one of the OPFor players took out 7 of our 8 man team with a knife. It was dark so difficult to see anything. He only got taken out by player 8 who noticed that nobody behind him was talking any more and turned round to see what had happened. Shot the guy before he could do a clean sweep.
  11. RR01

    G&G L85A2/SA80A2 Charging Handle Locked

    Split the receiver and it should reset. It's probably being caught on something on or near the right side of the gearbox.
  12. RR01

    More idiots bringing a bad name to airsoft

    Having been shot in the face at close range by a GBB at The Mall a few year back I would seriously doubt that they used an airsoft gun. The plastic BB didn't penetrate my skin, but did break the surface causing it to bleed. Given the size of the 4.5mm steel BBs used in CO2 airguns then actual penetration is much more likely, as per the story. Sales of air weapons of any sort are still illegal to under 18s, so I doubt they came by theirs legally.
  13. RR01

    army armament r85. any good?

    A couple of years ago I had three of these, one bought 2nd hand whole and the other two made from parts sold by various people. They were very easy to work on and the gearbox splits, so you can change the gears without having to worry about the spring and change the spring without having to split the gearbox. The AA R85 is a clone of the G&G version. All the parts are the same, so spares are easy to come by. As Countryman said, the blow back is a waste of time and only moves the charging handle, so disconnecting it is simple and recommended. They do suffer from burning of the contacts in the trigger unit, so either replace with a G&G unit, or fit a Mosfet. This can also help with the semi auto function, as OE ones can tend to double fire on semi, or not fire at all except in auto. Other than that they are quite heavy, being mostly steel, but if you give them a bit of TLC they can be quite accurate and nice to shoot, especially if you want an authentic Brit look.
  14. RR01

    M92 too heavy!

    I've got to say I agree with you on the weight of the M92. I had one a few years ago and could not get on with either the weight, or the size of the pistol grip. That said, it would shoot quite accurately out to 50+ yards with no problem. It also fitted in my universal drop leg holster, but did make a break for freedom once playing at Dragon Valley. Luckily someone behind me saw it happen and picked it up. I decided to sell mine and bought a TM G17, which I found felt really comfortable in the hand and fitted snugly in a Fobus moulded holster, with no movement whatsoever. Distance was a bit less with the Glock, but for short range it was brilliant.
  15. RR01

    True-To-Faith British Army Loudout

    A couple of years ago I picked up my son-in-law's Osprey with plates included (he's a senior ATO). The weight was enough to make you want to take it off as soon as possible and is way more weight than you would want to lug around in a typical airsoft game. It may be necessary for our guys on operations to stop real bullets, but for airsoft it is a definite no-no. If you want the look of a filed plate carrier, either buy or make up some foam inserts. Much more useable.