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  1. By public transport do you mean a bus? If so, be aware that some bus companies will not take weapons of any kind, even if in a covered gun bag or case. Best to disguise it completely if this is your means of transport, rather than get refused or chucked off.
  2. If you think that is heavy you do not want to try the M60. When I was playing regularly I had team mates who had both. The M249 was just about useable for an hour or so, but the M60 really needed to be on a fixed point or vehicle mount. It just wasn't a practical "carry" option.
  3. Yes, you will need to buy a new contact set. As to mosfet, I'm not sure as there are far more available now than when I did mine in 2011/12. However, I just had a look online for the R85A1 trigger unit and G&G are not showing it as a replacement part any longer, so unless someone in the UK or HK has old stock that might prove to be a problem. Repairing the existing contacts might now be the only option. That said the current version has an electronic trigger unit and may be backwards compatible if you can find out which one they use.
  4. The AA L85 suffers from burnt out trigger contacts. I've had three of these in the past and all had the same problem. You can buy replacements from G&G that are a direct replacement for the AA trigger contact. I bought mine direct from G&G quite a few years ago, but if I remember correctly there is a UK parts supplier now (just can't remember who it is). The other option to stop this happening again is to fit an inline mosfet to take the current out of the trigger contacts. The reason that your gearbox cycles without the piston attached is that the bare gearbox takes much less current to turn than when the piston is attached.
  5. Unless the gearbox is fitted with a microswitch, it could be that the moving contact is worn and allowing the trigger to push past it so that it does not move far enough forward to connect with the fixed contacts. Also the fixed contacts can get burnt out and not allow current to flow to the motor. In either case a strip down should show the problem.
  6. I suspect a lot will depend on how you are actually moving to the UK. If you are flying, then all the above information is sound, as trying to bring all your kit in on a plane can cause problems. If you are going to come overland via ferry, or Eurostar, then, depending on how much you are bringing in, it might be easier to bring it with you, together with backup docs to prove to Border Force how long you have played in Italy. Also book a game in the UK near to where you are intending to live before you come to prove you intend to continue playing here. Just make sure any RIFs are within UK site limits, as if full auto is above 370 fps you may fall foul of the ACPO limit.
  7. Worked fine for me.
  8. I think you may well be right. I'm sure one of mine didn't fit properly on an AK, but did on my SVD. That said, in the end I bought a POSP for my SVD, which fitted perfectly and was centered. Bit more expensive though.
  9. You can get Sportsmatch scope mounts that are adjustable for both windage and elevation, so you could get the scope centred more accurately. That said, your scope looks to be set quite high on the mount. I'd suggest looking for some low mounts to bring the scope nearer to the barrel, as you may end up with insufficient depression on the scope cross-hairs to be able to get an accurate zero. The side mount also looks quite high on the side of the AK receiver. Mine always had the scope mount only about 10mm above the barrel. That looks nearer an inch at least.
  10. It really is about time the whole VCRA f**kup was looked at properly as regards airsoft weapons. I've stopped airsoft now (way too old), but shoot air weapons at a local club. I have a Sig Sauer MCX CO2 powered 0.177 air rifle that looks exactly like the real thing, but is far more lethal than an airsoft version of the same rifle (if there is one). But the only stipulation on buying it is that I'm over 18. But now I've stopped playing airsoft I can't legally buy a non-lethal airsoft version of the same thing (if there is one) unless it's 51% a bright colour. That is really stupid and shows just how out of touch our MPs are when they drafted the legislation. Just how many people have been killed by being hit with an airsoft BB? Answer = zero. Not zero for airguns or real guns though.
  11. Just for an update, Dorset Gun Co are now a Section 5 Firearms dealership and no longer deal in airsoft of any kind.
  12. You can probably get the whole valve system changed for one that used by airgun shooters. It will need a bleed valve and guage, as you cannot release the fill adaptor from the gun, or smaller bottle, without releasing the pressure in the connection tube. Search online for local gun shops who should be able to point you in the direction of a dive shop that can do the swap for you, although you will have to fully de-pressurise the cylinder before they can work on it.
  13. I was always under the impression that the CM16 had a moulded in flash hider that could not be removed. Has that changed?
  14. It's a few years since I had an AA SA80 (actually I had 3) and one was turned into the V2 with the rail system. I bought my rail from Hong Kong. It was made for the G&G model but fitted perfectly with no wobble at all, but it's so long now I can't remember how it was attached.
  15. Army Armament and G&G are usually fully compatible, so if it fits G&G it should fit AA. Are you sure it is the correct rail system for the AA? There were different ones for different makes of SA80.
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