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  1. Mashed up a new loadout for a milsim down at Copehill Down. Wasn't really supposed to resemble anything in particular but when it's done it should look PMCish. I'm thinking black vest, OD trousers and a tan/black shirt. I know PMC's mainly use tan but it's not very useful in woodland.
  2. I meant the weight of the BB's all together not 0.20's 0.25's etc... For example over here you ask for X ammount of BB's over ther you ask for X grams of BB's. They weigh how the BB's you pick like a supermarket for certian foods.
  3. I usualy use madbull or blaster devil BB's. The king arms BB's aren't too bad either. I prefer 0.25g or over 0.20g. Bit off topic but apparently in mainland Europe the price of BB's is determinde by weight rather than the ammount.
  4. Aha the s10 is from cactus hobbies. The m4 used to be a standard Dboys but it's changed a lot since then - ace stock, desert spray job, magpul rails... Very good range for a budget gun especialy since there are are berely any internal upgrades, just rewiring.
  5. I just go a new black soft shell jacket and the assualt vest from transformers
  6. I got some new pics of my loadout. I will also have some newer ones with my new assualt vest. I now alternate between the two.
  7. because I'm fricking awsome! No basiccaly my dad sighned a waver and they let me play without full face.
  8. G-Force

    battlefield 3

    It beats call of duty any day. That's my oppinion
  9. Some new loadout pics: I'm the guy at the back
  10. I'll hopefully have a pic of my new loadout tommorow or the next day
  11. Looks like my hitman talent will go unused then
  12. Devastator just tell me the names of all the people who voted but didn't buy patches and I will systematically eliminate them
  13. I've done quite a bit of filming and it's been good fun. I got hit a LOT but that was mainly because I was filming in the thck of the action to get good footage and it was worth it. Wear an orange high vis jacket and most people won't shoot at you, of course theres always one prat As for the lens I recoend using sniper scope covers, their a bit big so you have to tape them but they'l withstand a BB.
  14. There is when I'm on the forum
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