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  1. What's the difference between a 60 or higher degrees?
  2. Here again to bother you.. Bought it from ebay but I got the Decepticons 60°. Does it change much from the Macaron?
  3. Ok, cool. I'm trying to find it, but it is out of stock there. Otherwise I have to pay more for that than for the rubber lol
  4. Nope. What is it? (yeah..I'm at the very beginning with upgrade theory)
  5. I thought was too easy that way...but it's the only way lol Bought the 60 degree Maple Leaf Macaron
  6. I might try with a similar suppressor today to see how it looks - is not so long tho. I wouldnt mind a good compromise, maybe I even will like it. Dont know now. What did you do to fix it, then?
  7. Around 270fps atm, limits just above 300fps. Maybe this?
  8. Are these just the internal rubbers of the hop-up and not the whole thing, right? What will increase with them, fps or range? And what if I want to get something longer like this or that? What would you suggest to do then?
  9. Oh, I didnt get that, sorry ahah around 100/150mm? I havent opened it yet, I was thinking about how to upgrade it and I had that suggestion, using a 6.01 barrel. But I am open to everything. The hop up have to be of a particular size or they are generic?
  10. A guy had this kind of suppressor which was covering part of the barrel, unfortunately I dont know how it's called..and this is what i'm talking about. (and it might be the same lol) how do I know if the cylinder is the correct one? i have to dismantile the gun, I believe; but then agai, how do I understand which one I have and Which one I have to use? 10, 20m? I dont know how far I can go with these "easy" upgrade. Budget..dont know, not 200£, for sure. My gun is not so expensive lol so let's say around 100 for everything? I did not check prices yet, so dont know what to expect So far with my attachments Im good, it will be used only outside and I do not need any torch or similar.
  11. Black_Ice931

    Dye i4 pro


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    Dye i4 pro, used only 2 times. Comes with cover bag. Price includes postage.



  12. Hello guys, I've got a 9" gun, with a 205mm inner barrel (from the g&g website)(or 230mm, 247mm, 200mm, ecc..it depends by the website). Now what I would like to do is changing the inner barrel with a longer one to get some extra range -and extra fps-, would you suggest it? And if yes, what would you suggest to buy? And to cover it without a new rail kit? Thank you
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