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  1. You’d need Asg upgraded spring guide, asg ultimate m95 spring. possibly tightbore barrel as the above is meant to be around 330-340
  2. https://popularairsoft.com/news/asg-scorpion-evo-3-2018-upgrade that’s the info on what’s been upgraded id say worth it for abit more reliability? Although if you plan to dothe evotek upgrade in future probably doesn’t make a difference which you’ve got
  3. After reading the “how to get a team without any friends” topic it got me wondering... how many people actually play alone? As opposed to going with friends? Ive only ever played Airsoft with friends, often just one or a couple of them at a time. I normally avoid going if I don’t have anyone to go with, but I’ve been debating going along a lot recently due to others not going as often as I’d like. Do you guys going alone find it to be a different experience going solo compared when with friends?
  4. Sweet. I play bunker, green ops and southcoast cqb
  5. Worth the money then? As I’ve always had it planned for mine one day when stuff starts to wear abit more and warranty comes to an end
  6. Is that the 2018 scorpion you’ve had upgraded or the normal scorpion?
  7. Ucap bunker? My local site ☺️
  8. Asg scorpion evo? Foldable stock. Use mine cqb and woodland without issues, range is just as good as my TM 416c

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    JG Bar-10 VSR G-spec -laylax pss10(first) trigger with piston -laylax spring guide -laylax 150 spring -action army 430mm 6.03 barrel -action army cnc hop up -maple leaf 70degree auto bot bucking -maple leaf omega nub -x4 action army spacers X3 magazine 9x30 scope Gun bag All upgrades done by myself, all parts purchased brand new, any inspection welcome. Guns had a few games and is in good used condition. Upgrades have only been used for chrono tests and a few warm up shots before a game but started raining so was put back away and a cheaper gun used. Stock black with camo tape wrap (proper stuff, non sticky so can be removed without issue) Fires a consistent 490-505fps on .2g B.B. brand new spring so I imagine after a few games will have a consistent 480-490fps. I did originally use a 170 spring with this but was to hot so downgraded to the 150, no coils have been cut to achieve this FPS. Can provide more pictures, videos and chrono video. £300 no offers Cash and collection only Portsmouth area



  10. I’ve found my ess v12 (foam around air vents removed) with revision fog wipes don’t fog up regardless of temp, rain, heat theres also the option of mesh goggles
  11. Asg shadow sp01? Co2 or gas magazines. Mine was around 330fps. Great gun
  12. I believe there is one for sale on here atm? Has been up for a while though
  13. I store without bb’s and magazines removed from gun
  14. Never had any issues using a tracer at any site before just use what ever weight you plan to use for the day and they’ll work it out for you snipers tend to use .2 to chrono to make the most of “joule creep” but that’s another topic
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