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  1. Cleaners inc

    do you train?

    Nope I just turn up and play
  2. Cleaners inc

    Posting airsoft rifle?

    When I go to a Royal Mail post office they always say they can only send it 48h parcel force
  3. Cleaners inc

    Posting airsoft rifle?

    Used parcel force 48h plenty of times without issue
  4. Cleaners inc

    The Mall Reading

    How so? ive only ever been the once and that was a Sunday
  5. Cleaners inc

    The Mall Reading

    I took a tracer, well worth it I’d say
  6. Cleaners inc

    The Mall Reading

    I’d highly recommend a torch and to go light as possible
  7. Cleaners inc

    G&P MOTS M4

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    G&P MOTS M4Longer tightbore barrel hidden by suppressor deans connector 335-345 fpsSelling my spare AEG as looking to save up for a Tokyo Marui recoil or vector. Great condition and works as should, videos and chrono videos can be sent on requestcash on collection from Portsmouth area £160 for gun only£170 for gun with highcap magazine £180 with two mags and battery also have a gun bag I can add for £10


  8. Cleaners inc

    Cars not guns

  9. Cleaners inc

    Cars not guns

    Great to see other car enthusiasts here, the mustangs look great and good to seen them used on track. I currently own a r32 skyline as my “toy” and have had all sorts over the past 10years, massive car lover 🤪
  10. Cleaners inc

    Killer of guns

    But a gun that new and “high end” shouldn’t just break surely 😮 I’m swaying to the tm416 now lol
  11. Cleaners inc

    Killer of guns

    Lucky I didn’t buy one yet 😆
  12. Cleaners inc

    Are Lipos worth it?

    Don’t be afraid to solder them on yourself as well. Good to learn and really isn’t that hard of a job
  13. Cleaners inc

    Are Lipos worth it?

    Far as I’m aware all the same. You can get some with different shapes to make easier to pull apart. i just bought a random pack of 10 on eBay for few pound and they’ve been fine
  14. Cleaners inc

    G&G CM16 2.0E no power?

    Leave it well alone and organise replacement or refund. Any playing about gives them the chance to blame you for any issues
  15. Cleaners inc

    Krytac Kriss Vector

    Yeah sonsofammo explained to me 😂 never looked into vectors before so all new to me, my bad