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  1. Revision Bullet Ant work well for me (with the foam dust catchers inside ripped out). They've only fogged on muggy evenings when I've camped somewhere. Fine 98% of the time though... A friend has a modified paintball mask with fans on. Works very well!
  2. Quite tempted actually but only done the one skirmish last week, hmmmm....
  3. Went to first skirmish Sunday, and people were wearing all sorts. Genuinely made little to no difference. Everyone could be seen in the sunshine in the main. Those I didn't spot were well hidden and few/far between. Hidden because of where they were rather than what they were wearing. From my POV it's clothes I'm happy to scuff up etc, and look the part a little, rather than hide up with...
  4. Be different Be streamline http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00HH1A0NC/ref=mp_s_a_1_46?qid=1408313055&sr=8-46π=AC_SX110_SY165
  5. From my point of view, helps look the part a little, kind of fun to dress up, and if cheap surplus stuff it's perfect for messing about in rather than trashing other clothes. I'm not about to use any of it for anything else As for the effectiveness of camouflage? It's not perfect without going mad to hide yourself, but it sure ain't bad. Thing is, it's a game. So, er, I'm not that bothered? Just got plain old multicam surplus stuff, and a desert set. I don't plan on visiting deserts.
  6. Can't speak for the mask you mention, but in short- nice to feel your face is VERY protected. Have also had less steam ups with them, as lots of space for venting around the sides, due to the plastic covering the gaps well over the top. Downside, it's a bugger to pull the guns close to your eye for aiming depending on stock style/size.
  7. Picked up a surplus load carrying vest thing for £15 at Headcorn Combined Ops yesterday. Various deals to be had. Wasn't on the look out for anything like it, but once I got the vendor to £15 it was too good to miss... Has been used but it's in excellent nick, and the difference between it and the cheap chinese new copies is pretty noticeable
  8. edrat


    Maybe this is just me, I am after all a pedant, but the spelling on the website is so atrocious- it would scare me to part any money with them whatsoever. Sure, spelling and grammar don't preclude anyone from running successful businesses, but first impressions count... On another note, a friend returned a couple of faulty items recently, sent them back by courier; and received a refund without issue a few days later. That aside, an awful lot of the stuff on there is very much on the toy side and am not in the least bit surprised breaks quickly. The bizarre thing is, a lot of their "higher end" stuff I've seen is proportionately very expensive when you compare it to real airsoft equipment (that you can often have two toned FOC).
  9. ^^ This This makes me question whether I want to bother going at all- I mean, sure, it may get a little heated at times, but fundamentally, it's a game of soldiers!!! Some know it all dressed to the nines in unquestionable amounts of gear telling me what to do is likely to be met with problems. I don't appreciate being told what to do at the best of times, let alone when I'm out for a bit of fun..... Don't take me wrong. It's not like I want to mess about, I'll take it as seriously as it needs to be. Not seriously, full stop. And not as someones b1tch. That aside, glad you enjoyed it. Hoping to have a go at the end of the month all being well, at The Sandpit.
  10. I must've bought the last one from zero one last week, Well pleased with it, is all I'll add.
  11. Civvie load out I can do, ha.. I'll check it out. Thanks for offer of armament too
  12. Well that's local. Any idea if they hire or allow modest two tones? Website is a little thin on info
  13. Great reply, thanks. Sells it well! Shall have a mull over and perhaps pop there this Sunday if forecast looks alright
  14. Not a case of it being difficult to attain, rather- don't want to lose days of the precious weekend at sub standard sites were I to go.
  15. Where would you recommend most worth the visit were I to dip my toe in? The most normal people would the chief priority Jacob(Smooth) seems very normal.
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