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  1. Haha, nice. Maybe I could get a child's version. Hah.
  2. Hi, I'm currently working on a British army styled setup. I've been looking at helmets they use but can't seem to find one in my size. My size is 60cm so if anyone could give some pointers or sell me one it would be appreciated, cheers.
  3. Okay, thanks. And yes, it does have an adjustable hop.
  4. I see where you're coming from. But, it's my mother saying that I have to get the use out of this thing before I buy something else. Cheers anyway
  5. Hi, I have this rifle here (Double Eagle, I reckon) and it seems to need some upgrading. I was thinking battery, sights and rail mounts etc. it currently houses a 7.4v NiMH battery. Any tips for upgrading?
  6. I've been browsing recently and I've come across helmets. I really like the style of some but I need one with a lower price. Could someone help me there?
  7. Ok, thanks. Should I look into sidearms or leave it a while?
  8. I need help deciding on a gun to purchase for my first. I found two guns I have been considering. The G and G CM16 and the Tokyo Marui T21. I need some guidance on gun purchases. Thanks.
  9. I have a set of both MTP and DPM camo. I'm not sure which to take to my local woodland site. What do you think?
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