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  1. its a weapon some of us use as well as other weapons
  2. no the Organisation doesnt issue out weapons at the moment but in the future it is something the organisation is looking in to form member that join within a time slot
  3. yes a lot can be found online but training and tactics change over time for the special forces the training bits online could be upto 50 years old due to the Offical Secrets Act 1989
  4. safety is a top priority and no noone will be getting shot by anyone and Colonel Bateson does this in his spare time and doesnt want any money for it he enjoys doing the training and playing the sport and the same is for the rest of the training team all costs if any come from the training team
  5. if you would like more information about it the please go to our website and contact Colonel Bateson. the website is http://aarron88.wix.com/sas-airsoft
  6. Sorry for the long winded answer but Colonel Bateson can teach somethings but not otheres verything he teaches will be to ahight standard
  7. all training is provided free of charge, on private land and is run over four day, three days of training and one day of testing
  8. No under the Offical Secrets Act Colonel Bateson can not reveal anything he has learnt in the Special Forces but will train people that join to a high level standard
  9. All training programes have been put together by Colonel Bateson who was a serving member of the British Special Forces
  10. they have played airsoft for about 3 years but have only just formed the organzisation
  11. no they are no longer serving in the military and it is a military style ranking system
  12. we play all over southampton and Hampshire area and are looking to go to new areas
  13. 1.we are elite caus eof the level of training we give. 2. yes all three members of the training team have had military experience. Colonel Bateson was a member of the British Infantry and former Soldier in 21 Specail Air Service Reserves
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