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  1. Just wondering is the problem sorted? A friend of mines is starting airsoft and has been considering this aeg, I had read about the battery compatibility problems but first I read of this.
  2. Sprayed my gun with OD Krylon, should I put a cost of something over to protect it? If so is there anything in Halfords that would do the job and mix ok with the krylon?

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    2. GearTech


      if you do decide to go down the laqure route now or in the future spray some of the colour you are using on something. Let it dry then spray your laqure. Sometimes certain prducts react badly with each other and halfords don't really say wether some of their products are enamel or acyllic based.

    3. GearTech


      Enamel should go over the top of anything

    4. Lozart


      The issue with ANY rattle can lacquer but particularly Halfords (which is all water based/borne acrylic now by law) is the amount of solvent in it. It's the solvent that may react with the paint. The trick is to use lots of thin layers and allow the solvent to fume off before adding more. That said, I've used Krylon with Halfords rattle can clear with no issues. If you're particularly worried though Krylon do their own matt lacquer (although it is pricey and tricky to source - I g...

  3. Sorry I gave up on the search button a while back on my phone after it wouldn't find anything for me on VSR-10 and I presumed if it couldn't find that then grub screw had no chance but maybe it was only a temporary issue. Proffrink I meant Joule Creep haha but I should have typed it properly. Trust me when I say this, I don't come on here not looking anything up before hand, I haven't stopped reading about vsr parts or upgrades and watching videos I just find many threads contradict themselves with members arguing what is better, and so when someone like me new is new to sniping or the sport they just stand back and don't know who to listen to. I was asking for your personal opinion not spoon feeding, so I apologise if it came across as this. I'm only at 1joule until I go to England and so thought the stock hopup would be better for that low fps until I moved over. I found your thread on it which was very useful, I've now saved it to my homepage, so thanks for uploading it. I'm not sure the grub screw idea would work for me though as I don't have a chronograph and so finding the fps would be a nightmare without the gauge unless you preset it and then take the regulator off.
  4. Haha do you know what it was, I keep forgetting that it won't have the same JC issue as it's got its own cylinder, my memory is awful! Alright I had thought about a 6.03 so will look them up, would u suggest me sticking with the original bucking on the gun or upgrading as they say the original is great though I bought the airsoft pro enhanced arm which I never installed. What's the spare regulator grub screw for? I was going to install it into the stock as you said.
  5. Hey guys so I'm going to order the SDIK kit, do I need to upgrade the barrel length of the GSpec or is stock ok for this? And any other bits need upgraded to run sdik ok?
  6. Do you have to prime a TM VSR-10 before painting it with Krylon?

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    2. Lozart


      I (mostly) jest.


      If you use Krylon Fusion paints it has an adhesion promoter mixed in so you shouldn't need to prime it. You will still need to key the surface to get best results though.

    3. proffrink


      Like Lozart said - the most important step is sanding with a semi-fine grit to break up the finish on the plastic before spraying. That said, I prime with their grey first as I've found I can prime then sand again to remove and slight bumps etc. before the coat.

    4. ItsAJ


      Thanks guys! I just got the standard black as OD was impossible to find, so bought can of krylon OD but didn't get primer so will get some, not sure if I'm going to replicate the OD version or just do multicam or something similar!

  7. Thanks! I will see if I can get 20mm mounts, having not held the rifle can u say if a low or high mount works best? Found the 50mm Nikko version 3-9 that's half mil dot though not illuminated don't know if that is so important?
  8. I wasn't sure if 50mm would be too big on a vsr? I looked at this one on ebay http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=371019320609&alt=web and this http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=121388175303&alt=web and finally this haha http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=201336237876&alt=web though not 100 percent sure what rail the GSpec has, I know it's 20mm but don't know if it's dovetail.
  9. Just ordered the TM Gspec so should be here in a few days, are there any recommendations for scopes? I was looking for 3-9x40 with parallax adjustment? Something with a mill dots or similar as I'm not so keen on just cross hairs.
  10. What scope mounts has TM VSR-10 GSpec have? Any recommended scopes?

    1. jcheeseright


      g-spec doesn't come with scope rings.


    2. ItsAJ


      I know that's why I was asking what's mount it has to buy the rings

  11. Is airsoftzone.co.uk good to buy from?

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    2. Qlimax


      they are. have used them a dozen times or so, really good

    3. Hef Legend
    4. TomC


      yep no issues (apart from the slow website)

  12. Haha sorry for all the quoting, blame college for it, they have it battered into us to do it, your lucky I'm not Harvard referencing everything you say. Yea the pins not so much of an issue, I know a few people that could do a good job of it, its the crimped one I'm concerned about, if it comes to it I could hacksaw around it just to get the goodies inside. Then as you say buy a second hand one and head or a new one. I looked on airsoftsniperparts, but correct me if I'm wrong which I most likely am, but isn't it just the original TM one the SDik will work on or will it fit clones ok? I have watched so many video on this gun already I think I could disassemble it in the dark when I get it
  13. God knows I'd have to trudge through them all again haha, I'll try find it later again
  14. ItsAJ

    New bits!

    Nice! I'm thinking about switching from the ps4 to pc gaming, so many advantage but the price for a good 4k compatiable kit is still pretty expensive!
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