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  1. TomC

    VFC M27 IAR


    • For sale
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    Reducing my collection after not playing for a while. Only been used a few times, but has a few scratches and a small bit of rust (pictured) from playing in the rain. No internal mods. Comes with the standard high cap magazine and hardcase. Found the rear sight post after taking these pictures. Buyer pays P&P and any paypal fees. Can be collected if you are local.


    Bristol - GB

  2. It's a S&W Shorty 40. My google-fu is only showing me WA (western arms) replicas and I think they have different markings on them when compared to yours. Also they appear to be full GBB's.
  3. Just thought I would put this here in case anyone is wondering the same thing. So I've been using my Tippmann for a few months now and I have been hand pumping the tank every time I wanted to play. I've been eyeing up these "cheap" Chinese compressors for a while now on alibaba. Decided to take the plunge and buy one that has received many good reviews called "Yong Heng". Just got it today and filled it up with 10w40 semi-synth oil and put it to work straight away. Works a treat and it took a matter of minutes to get it from 1000psi - 2700psi. I will keep this thread updated if something goes awry, but so far so good. And here is a video of the compressor in action. (Apologies for vertical video!)
  4. Nicely put together video bud. Liked and subscribed!
  5. TomC


    I purchased a CYMA m14 from them about a month or so ago no issues. Was here within a week.
  6. TomC

    First Car

    Thanks for the replies guys (sorry im late to reply). Just put the deposit down on a 2004 Honda Civic Type S. Insurance on direct line with a black box is looking at around £1000. (lots less than I was expecting). Cheers for the help.
  7. LWA are selling warhammer stuff... What?

    1. Cheeserush


      Hahahaha times are hard

    2. Finius


      It's close to Christmas, lots of airsofters also play 40k etc. exploiting the market whilst they can!

    3. Jedi_Master


      Tempted with Spacehulk, used to love that game back in the day when our computers were Spectrum or Commadore

  8. Did you consider shortdots? I use this on my tippmann and its holding up well. http://www.davescustomairsoft.co.uk/Weapon-Accessories/Sights-and-Scopes?product_id=409
  9. I have a similar condition when I wake up in the morning and realise just how much money I spent on airsoft stuff at 3am.
  10. TomC

    First Car

    Depending on what I look at quotes go from £1000-3000 and beyond. Kinda sucks but it would be even worse if I was younger.
  11. Hi guys just passed my driving test about a week or so ago and I'm looking for my first car. I'm looking for something around £4000 including the cost of insurance. So I guess my question is, what type of car would you recommend for a new driver? Also, what was your first car? I've got this mental idea In my head of getting a RX-8 (I know its a HORRIBLE idea). Any help/advice would be appreciated. Cheers.
  12. Let me see... Tippmann stopped feeding for unkown reasons (pre chrono). My m14 was shooting 380 which is too hot for my site. Then when I went to test fire it the motor seemed to stop engaging the gears so I just got a loud whining noise. 3 of my 4 pistol mags were leaking, and to top it all off my gopro screen appears to of cracked through the case which is an interesting one. Oh and when my m14 was working it looked like the hopup wasn't working either. So yeah fantastic day of airsof!
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