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  1. sorry if this off topic but talking of blaming germans & WW1 http://www.tentimesone.com/if-world-war-one-was-a-bar-fight/ now if my old History teacher taught history like this explanation - I would of got an A* for sure
  2. Win the lottery first... then buy my company I work for - nice industrial building loads of partitions, corridors, offices, warehouse racking to climb - oooh jeez please Then go absolute nutz in there -- Jambwow can try to defend the MD's office Baggsie / 1st dibs on assaulting the MD office though - only fair then when shot the place to bits - I get to nuke the hell hole I used to work in keep trying to win lottery each week and praying and praying but I keep hearing a voice - c'mon meet me halfway & at least buy a ticket ya tight ar$e
  3. find a site and try it out - going in "battle" is a LOT different to you just shooting a target at home you will be lucky to find a skirmish-able gun under £100 new and deffo never get one under £50 or £60 you will get owned especially at mid range upwards you just come away with hump - rent a proper gun yes you could scrape by with a cheap gun at cqb but most are woodland so you will get owned even renting a gun isn't as expensive as say paintball renting - bb's are cheaper than paintballs for a start try it - you probably love it like most of us. Depends on your age - but won't take long to get UKARA and a proper gun or maybe if you are gonna get into it then you get a 2 tone one for about £80 to £150 if you are gonna do it say twice a month x 3 months say (Usually gun hire is about £20 say but includes bb's - 20 x say 5 or 6 visits and you might be nearly breaking even) then it might not be too bad buying a sort of decent low spec gun and see if you get a proper black gun in 6 months or so but deffo no crap china gun from BB site - ask here first if you are really on budget Dragon for about £72 + battery is the only one I may say get - rest are just chinese crap pay a bit more and you do get better guns for ICS or G&G @ £100+ Or you could buy my B500A1 - very low use - coz it is crap - lol
  4. Know your limits - with me I am total crap at the game so if anything I am the Sitting Duck or the one that draws out most of the enemy's attention whilst the more skilled players engage or flank them. I was in one game heavily pinned down getting my a$$ shot to pieces behind cover yeah I ain't getting out of this at all - maybe 5 even 10 mins abosolutely no chance of peeking But whilst they was having all this target practice pinning me down, some of my team siezed the chance and totally slaughtered them from rear left flank - job done Sure it was crap boring game but I know I am noobish so hang back or take a slightly different route to the pro's or even the opposite route to objective to keep them on their toes Apart from that - Run to cover - don't stroll or jog there - move ya a$$ Learn to peek - swapping hands so you don't expose too much when peeking left (peek low - like prone on ground level is also perhaps safer than just stick ya head out) SHUT UP - seriously - don't jibber jabber on field, whisper sign gestures etc... to avoid giving away ya team Play fair, call hits, walk quietly back to safe/respawn hand up etc..... Talk to the pro's at break/lunch and watch n learn how they do it If you get ya ar$e kicked - learn from it (winners never analyse games but losing teams always look back & learn so losing can be a good thing) I am still learning, but it is fun playing soldiers
  5. I'm struggling getting the sofa through the doorway out of front room to my computer study... (Hhhhmmmmmm - would of been easier to carry laptop into front room I think) Just ordered 2 Pizza's to be delivered with garlic cheese bread, Ben n Jerrys - the works better be good - the pizza and this post
  6. Yeah oshiboom would probably be effective as ground drys out a bit but atm with all the lovely bank holiday pi$$ing it down I wouldn't rate a good reliability on muddy woodland First day went out to back garden chucked on grass - sodden and just got it covered in grassy mud - great Tossed it over to some steps and got all the birds fleeing, dogs barking and cats running - cool And Anerley - RIP lost this site over Easter
  7. Soz for double posting but also depends on your site how they are deployed.... Mine on the old urban said underarm only - they said months ago there was accident Somebody came round a corner the moment one was being tossed overarm... Hit them in side of head - dunno what make/type but oshi is heavy and could hurt on its own but it was impact and went off at point blank range think it perforated the guys eardrum So they said underarm only for grenades on cqb (think this was a true story but any case it could happen so makes sense in my book) Now you could attach say some decent string - medium or heavy duty fishing line might work well and if on the top could help oshiboom to detonate if landing on soft muddy ground Dunno if this would be allowed - triggering oshiboom's by fishing wire but a possible idea HOWEVER - turning up with 2 sea fishing rods - one in each hand casting out with oshiboom yeah that won't be allowed I think - but kinda unfair - goes off - yup room clear 40ft in distance now you reel back grenade..... "Marshal says no - you have to retrieve it" "I am - just using a rod n line to do it" "No retrieve it yourself" "who do you think is using this rod then ???" Yeah - don't think they would allow fishing rod & line and if you do toss it ahead you should not be able to pull it back by line to re-use but collect by hand only Dunno what perfect solution is but it has to be fair play as well
  8. Oshiboom are impact and not good for woodland soft ground areas - don't go off 100% so timed ones may be a better option if ground is soft n fluffy sqidgy so speak but then urban sites with hard floors are ideal for oshiboom impact grenades bought a red oshiboom just as we lost Anerly Urban Site - FFS !!!! now we got a woodland site only and my oshiboom won't be as reliable on urban sites with cqb a lot of ground could be gained if a team had grenades for quick room clearing - sometimes a bit unfair but that is cqb for you I miss Anerley - was funny seeing about 3 or 4 people geting cut down and all jammed trying to get through doorways at same time.... Hit - $hit - Hit - $hit - Hit - $hit c'mon move - can't tubby is blocking the way Hit - $hit - Hit - $hit etc...... Ahhhh sod this - BOOOOOOOOOOOOM - yup we are clear now
  9. let us know on your RAS or even RIS upgrade goes on the 42W might look at getting a cheapo stubby stock for mine as don't really need all that battery room (also is a bit of a squeeze to get this into present rifle bag so new bag or slightly shorter stock)
  10. I think that was a fake video - nearly all jbbg videos have the classic: get your bag of bb's - fill the mag up a bit and empty the rest on the floor.... (it nearly always happens - he puts more bb's on floor than in mag) But he used the bottle of bb's not a bag this time - damn and all orange guns - jeez
  11. oh that is just great - put it in AFTER I voted
  12. yup it can be a bit tricky to get your face into it - depends on mask/goggles you use and the technique some like to really get up so close to sights others a few inches back and then others turn the gun on its side etc.... It is never as comfortable or easy with protective face gear on but at least with M4 you do have a number of stock options Then again maybe I just got a funny face hence I go for full face mask to stop people laughing at me on the field
  13. I think JBBG has some competition on their Pro-line stuff
  14. Damn these polls - they are getting more difficult I'm trying to man up coz everbody says I shoot like a girl
  15. I just posted the link of one of a few sites that you can get realistic outfits on now that is no bad thing - fancy dress, film crew etc..... BUT walk around - or anybody sees you dressed up with a black gun and they may get a bit twitchy and "could" make a call What my neighbours must think sometimes when I leave the house - army kit, bags of stuff & rifle bags etc..... I am amazed how easy it is to get such stuff so easily that some people "could" imitate police or emergency services yes number of players run with police or swat stuff for cqb stuff, and no harm in that at all Problem "could" arise though if you was stopped by the real thing...... You could get some officer who may just want to go through all your stuff with a very fine tooth comb and want everything checked and confirmed Not just your license, but.... a bit extreme perhaps but if you get pulled over by roadside by Traffic Division doing a routine check or you was late for sign in and got nicked for speeding..... You get out of the car, wearing most of the Police uniform, 2 way radio, bootful of pyro's guns etc..... Yeah - I think you are gonna be a bit late for that sign-in "Now sir - can you just explain to me why you are dressed in such a way as could be seen to be impersonating an armed police officer" "Actually - as you were speeding a bit I think you best come with me....." Paranoid ??? - hmmm well it could happen And whilst it may be unlikely - paying very close attention to detail and going for the realistic look down to badges etc.... That could raise a copper's suspicion more than being just dressed up in camo That was all I was trying to say
  16. Look around and maybe pop down to a couple of sites Some may suit you or your pocket better, some allow half-day hire, most are woodland but a few are urban cqb some are cheaper, some may run only once a month, even some under 16's only skirmishes Summer is here, get out in the fresh air, running around getting some exercise - better than playing online You will soon meet new interesting people from all different backgrounds - and then shoot them !!! (in a friendly fair playing airsoft way I mean)
  17. http://www.police-supplies.co.uk/tactical-clothing-footwear/badges/cat_7.html but like many things - be careful how you use/display or where you go with your loadout or you may meet the real thing
  18. I haven't but always check out more local places first especially RC stores - even ebay where you may find more info and sizes prefer to order from UK - ordered a couple of batteries from far east and well they were crap (think 1 of them was losing its charge so quickly I would of been better off using the TV remote batteries) Find out your battery room available - look around some RC hobby stores or online and you may get a good deal (if you search for airsoft battery you will always end up paying more for same battery as RC car/boat/planes etc...)
  19. UUuuuurrrrrrgggghhhhhhh - no that is NOT FANTASTIC AND HELL NO I DEFFO NOT WANT TO FEEL THE QUALITY FFS Jeeeeeeezzzz - mind you it could be a laugh if somebody got a mask of him and use it in a game mode at your next shoot maybe called "Hunt the tw*t" or something - I could think of other names but probably get a warning
  20. Tried paintballing a couple of times hiring stuff was an expensive day out, plus too much competitive cheaters when I played Airsoft - dunno but just seems better - not just guns but people too seem more honest & down to earth
  21. yup - what do you want more stuff for she says - you can only fire one gun or wear one outfit at a time YEAH - and how mant friggin' feet do you have my dear ???
  22. 47 - a right old fart but my wheelchair runs on LiPo's
  23. I own one myself - well actually two so I know they are are good gun much heavier than dragon and a bit longer, but the "forward assist knob" is a good idea too BUT it is 50% more than dragon and goes back to the "you get what you pay for" I'm 5ft 8 and wouldn't like the stock no bigger and so was pointing out that it could be a little big for smaller players and you are stuck with it unless you change stocks - which you may as well get a different model but most may have battery up front if you got this model I suppose you could use an adjustable crane or smaller fixed and still have battery in the back which I prefer I haven't tried G&G though I would like to try a Fire Hawk if I get UKARA & can find one in stock YES ICS are a better gun than Dragon or most of SRC M4 Range - the G36 is nice and think most of my site hire guns are G36 SRC's But like I say you would expect or hope for a better gun as the price goes up and except for a few models that are on offer You could easily end up paying more than 50% - maybe twice the price of a Dragon if you bought another ICS model and/or different stock to go on it Or not much change out of £150 if buying different model and/or different adjustable stock to your liking - and still get battery (though you do get 2 mags but I only got 500bb's not 1,000 as many places say - plus delivery & paypal surcharge) Any of the 3 would be better than the OP has atm - it is question of price AND I ALSO DID SAY GET G&G or ICS IF YOU HAVE MORE MONEY AT THE VERY BEGINNING and to quote yourself - you held a Dragon..... I own them (not got a G&G so maybe I can't say get a G&G) and ICS IS BETTER I agree but another £40 or so or another 50% more might be stretching some people's budget at no point did I ever say get Dragon over ICS - c'mon I ain't that thick Oh and somebody who has the stubby stcok version confirm if battery goes in stock or up at front handrail guard coz when I went looking they seem to point to front battery - which like dragon with it's crane stock is weird ??? Otherwise I would of bought the stubby stcok ICS version instead of full size fixed stock anyone got the stubby version in black/clear to confirm battery location please ???
  24. Your ICS is a good gun but if any of the smaller sized players use it they may find the full size fixed stock a little too big though it will take almost any battery - also has metal outer barrel instead of plastic outer barrel like on some cheaper G&G all the other ICS I think take battery up at handguard - think the smaller chubby fixed stock takes battery up at front But I could be wrong as I am still a noob, but it is weird some guns have the crane on dragon yet still have battery up front And I did say if he had more money then look at G&G or ICS but that may end up costing another £40+ inc del (£75 delivered as opposed to £115 aprox delivered and and battery will still be required possible charger if going 7.4v lipo) Not going to get in a long row or debate over this have pointed out a few things on SRC to consider like being hot for some sites Any of the 3 will be better than what he has atm As DelBoy Trotter said in the market: "These are not your usual Chinese or Honk Kong rubbish" "This is high quality Taiwanese Engineering"
  25. I "think" it is good gun but I have not been able to use in skirmishes coz it was just a tad too hot - just over so I have not been able to put it through it paces - had it about a fortnight but alas hasn't been into battle THIS IS NOT A REVIEW - I was just pointing out that it may be a bit too warm especially if site is 328 it is very light - easy to carry all day even for younger players weird thing is my one is a crane stock one like the RIS metal M4 RIS model has crane battery in back/stock of gun but SRC Dragon - or the BullDog rebranded one has battery in front handguard https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/SRC-M4A-E-OG-The-Dragon.html use code: bbguns101 and get 7% off with free delivery This model is best one - others have green in receiver and would be more to paint if UKARA also this black/orange one is slightly shorter barrel - about 2 inches than other model perhaps a tiny bit better for CQB or younger players I am not saying get this gun - alas it comes with a mid cap mage that only seems to hold about 65 bb's Now if you and some m8's had the "proper" M4 guns then you could club together and get 10 x Dytac 300 M4 mags for about £60 delivered from landwarrior this is where things start to mount up a bit but this what I have done Battery - well a 7.4v Zippy Compact 2200mah will just fit - a connector adapter required and also lipo charger Zippy's are a couple of mm's smaller than Turnigy LiPo's of same spec - don't go no higher/bigger am looking into maybe re-wring the battery to back but wires come out in different place so that project will wait Now when you start getting near £100 you might be better off looking G&G or CIS as they should be hitting at 300 to 330 I am not telling anybody get this or get that - just pointing out forget the spring on old crappy gun soz - but I got one myself and enjoy it as a backup cqb or garden plinker - that is all they are The Dragon - might be just inder 350 - they like all guns do vary a tiny bit but will be 50% more punch for sure just might be a bit too much if you go to other sites - many are 350 but think about 25 to 33% might be 328 or 100meters Dragon would be perfect as a cheap gun if you had some hi-cap mags already and a spare 8.4v battery or 7.4v lipo (wouldn't want to put a 11.1v lipo through it just yet) @ under £75 delivered it is worth considering if you have some parts like I said Or get a G&G or CIS like many say but you probably looking at about £115+ with delivery and still need a battery The leaving gun compressed overnight can reduce the bite out of the spring a little I have been told but not a massive amount or maybe you give them a call - found them quite helpful - better than jbbg muppets ask them - nicely if you got one could they say test a few / chronograph it and give you say 345 one to be safe (you can only only ask) I mean you can really badly adjust hopup to get fps down or other tricks but that isn't very fair when site asks for chrono and besides if I get the gun setup all nice I don't wann keep messing with it each weekor so to use it plus if people are gonna "cheat" at sites chrono are they gonna really takes their hits on the field ??? (don't wanna be called a cheat before you even get out there and besides most of time site will supply their mags for chrono) But if you want punch on a budget - that Dragon ain't bad though maybe a tad too much bite but you could ask them before you buy
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