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  1. This is tremendous! Thanks a lot! Would you mind show a picture of one of your DIY arms? That way I have a reference. As a matter of fact, I already run two barrels. You may call me stupid, but I run the original Ares 300mm, and the Prommy 363mm barrels which I hide inside a detachable silencer. I thought that the extra length will give me a bit of advantage... well I do get 345fps on 0.2g with it, using a SP90 spring, compared to ~330fps with the 300mm. P.S. I am using a 3/4 ported cylinder and 0.25g bbs, and both using the Prowin unit.
  2. This made me think why i don't do flat hop. Any reason why i shouldn't? If not, got any recommendations for parts? I hear the Firefly Namazu flat hop nub is good. Can i just shave off the 'nub' inside any bucking, like you do?
  3. Ok I'll try Prommy purple. I think you misunderstood my problem. It's the bb contact protrusion that doesn't fit into the barrel window, as show in the photo.
  4. Hello. So my M4 (~340fps) currently has the Prometheus EG barrel with the Prowin chamber. I am looking for a bucking and nub that will fit the window in the barrel and the chamber properly. I currently have the Maple Leaf bucking, but the BB contact doesn't quite fit into the window (see photo). I've damaged it a bit already trying to poke it in. Can anyone recommend anything? EDIT: anyone tried SLONG Dual protusion bucking, or know where they sell them in the UK? P.S. I've gathered a lot of crap over the years, and turns out I already have a few buckings, and I hope you guys can help me decide what to use and what to throw away. Madbull Shark bucking set (the one with a rubber and a silicon one) Challenger cure hold 60 degrees GX High Tech RH55 X-shock 60 degrees
  5. I guess that was the problem. The times I tried the enclosed style scopes, they were mounted on other people's guns, so they may have positioned them too close to the eye. I have a game next weekend so I'll ask around and try other people's again. I already have a 1x-4x, and i only use it for outdoors - Im very happy with it! So on my list now are: Good old reflex sight Valken V Tactical 1x30 T1 *Has anyone used the Leapers UTG 1x32?: https://www.tacticalscope.co.uk/leapers-utg-1x32-cqb-red-green-single-target-dot-sight--2-qd-base-mounts---scp-ds3840w-816-p.asp Slightly out of my price range, but I guess I could skip pub once or twice.
  6. I am open to trying the enclosed style out. Could you send me a link to your T1 anyway? Some manufacturers may make better ones than I've seen. Yea that cheap reflex lasted me a while, but it never held zero well, and the reticle blurry. I stuck to it because I was cheap. Now is a chance for an upgrade. And yes, it'll be on my Ares Amoeba.
  7. Hi all, So my run-of-the-mill £15 reflex sight I had for 10 years finally broke. (It looked something like this http://image.sportsmansguide.com/adimgs/l/6/617798_ts.jpg). Since I've never had the luxury of trying out different styles of optics /aiming devices, I would like some recommendations. Things I am looking for are: £30-£50 (though if you know something cheap and cheerful, do tell!) Wide field of view Good light transmission Crisp crosshair (Good parallax - for this price point) Note: I've never been a fan of enclosed style of sights i.e. T-1 or M2, as I feel that they will make my tunnel vision even worse, if you understand what I mean. Thanks!
  8. Never really engaged targets more than 15m with it. Used green gas and 0.23, could easily hit torso at that range. I am not the best shot so not qualified to comment any more than that hehe more like 10-15m actually ... imagine CQB situations ps. are you going to the mall this sunday?
  9. I have big hands and I love it, the only thing is that the trigger can be a bit heavy. Mine is quite old though, its the silver and black version that came out a while ago. Don't know about the new one coming out now.
  10. just as i am moving out of London
  11. Guys thank you. IMI arrived and fits like a glove
  12. Thanks, but I got the IMI from uktactical. Cheers though!
  13. Bloody expensive! Anywhere I can get them cheap?
  14. Can't find an appropriate Blackhawk P226 leg drop supplier... The imi looks good, since I can put it on my webbing. http://www.uktactical.com/p-9053-rotating-holster-sig226-tan.aspx Are you using one?
  15. I want to get a new holster for my TM P226. I currently have a fabric drop leg, but it's quite annoying. There is a buckle I have to do up to make the pistol secure - very inconvenient to draw and put back in. It also seems to work itself to the front of by thigh after a bit of running. The good thing is it carries two extra mags. I have a set of webbing and no chest rig, so looks like it'll have to be drop leg. What would you guys recommend? Thanks!
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