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  1. The only deaths that bother me are friendly fire, if I'm running in the same direction as you I'm on your team dickhead.
  2. Only one I can find is Phoenix and had a bad experience there, any other suggestions?
  3. I'm yet to find a good way to carry blank firing grenades, I've tried holsters which aren't tight enough to not worry about losing them and I've tried pouches which I find clumsy during a fire fight
  4. I've posted this before but some kid with a fluorescent orange bb gun in the same trench as me I'd just told him to not fire because they were out of range, 'you never know until you shoot' yes you do pal I could piss further than your bbs are going.
  5. The sites back up and running but no PayPal, all seems a bit dodgy
  6. I've currently got a deadpool one and I really want to get a couple of space wolves ones knocked up. What I don't like is the ones that refer to the Taliban and Afghans I think they're in bad taste.
  7. EBay or army surplus store
  8. I rang last week, it's the only place where I can get the part I need they said it would be Saturday when it was fixed. This is annoying.
  9. Kerby why if you don't like your site do you continue to go?
  10. I think another reason why I'm more willing to ask for advice on here is because I've never received good customer service in airsoft shop. Either the people working there are too busy talking to their mates, lack basic customer service skills or don't actually have much knowledge. I once went in the small airsoft shop in derby asked if they sold BFG' s the reply was 'what's one if them?'
  11. Problem is airsofting is a niche market. There aren't enough good quality shops around the country for us and you get much better ideas on here than from a website. As for the comments about kids it reminds me of that Socrates/ Plato quote about the youth of today being disrespectful and lazy, it's been the same for 3000 years every one thinks the new generation has it better than the old. I've been a teacher for almost a decade. Kids today are the same as when I started teaching same as when I was at school and listening to my dad and his mates same as they were forty years ago.
  12. Did anyone ever do this in the end? Just seen it when having a look at another Stirling event not thinking about doing it but does anyone have any idea how far the running is In the six hour time limit?
  13. Just got the second of two holsters from HW holsters. They make specific holsters for grenades, the is oshiboom one originally didn't fit but they sent out another well recommended.
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