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  1. Oi Taiwangun wtf is the deal now you stopped free shipping to UK ??? No matter how much you buy everybody else gets free shipping on £200 or €225 but no more UK. When did this crap start, was still free last month coz nearly tempted to buy more crap in my basket. WTF gives mofo's.... 8BuJuiR.png

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      We got another 12 months yet - jeeez


      It is/was a good alternative to GF, but limited stock

      Some stuff was cheaper/more expensive

      Mainly problem was if all the bits you wash thinking of

      Well rarely has stuff all been in stock


      You wait for something to arrive in stock soon

      Then run out of of 1 or two items you had in ya basket

      FFS, now I gotta buy more crap to get free delivery again


      Oh well - GF has more to offer and free delivery

      So they shot themselves in foot perhaps I feel

      More of a heads up to others (and a moan)

    3. Rogerborg


      Heh, I was running baskets on TaiwanGun and GunFire, trying to get everything that I wanted in stock in one place at one time.  In the end, TaiwanGun came closest at the point where I ran out of patience, but they're both running pretty low amounts of stock at the moment.

    4. Albiscuit


      I find airsoft a pain in the backside with stuff not being in stock anywhere and when it is the delivery can be more than the item sometimes if you just need the one part GRRR!!!