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  1. Admin, think the site's certificate has expired or gone moody. Chrome keeps saying it is unsafe, have tried it even with my eyepro on but still says site is unsafe ? Well yeah Airsoft is f*cking dangerous ya know. 

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Have pm'd Dev, Chrome is being an ar$e

      Using Firefox is better once I gave the Nigerian Prince my bunk ackount details & sent him my paspurt (FoneJacker)

      Image result for fonejacker bank account

    3. Jedi_Master


      I am still waiting for the Nigerian astronaught to return to Earth to get my million $

    4. djben9


      ooops,  i didnt see this on my phone otherwise wouldnt have copied the status!! haha :lol::lol:


      Jedi when he does return can you get my deposit back plus the $50m i was promised on top.....