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  1. Hey man, thanks for responding! Yeah, I can easily get the parts elsewhere (New piston, cylinder, stronger spring). I think I'll do as you suggested and cancel it and reorder elsewhere but perhaps there's nothing wrong with just ordering the parts elsewhere without cancelling the order. After all, there is that minuscule chance that they'll actually send me the stuff; I'd just sell anything they send me since I'd then already have the parts. Thanks again for replying
  2. I'd buy a minigun; it's about time those long range campers at the site I go to get some payback....
  3. Hi, I placed an order for an upgrade kit for my sniper about 3 months ago now and here's what's happened so far: - The company told me that the order had gone missing (£90 worth of stuff gone missing.....) - They promised to send me the individual parts of the kit - They sent me the new trigger which I desperately needed (Worth £73) - Now, they're waiting for the rest of the individual parts It's been 6 weeks since they sent me the trigger and I'm still waiting for the rest of the stuff. What can I do? I guess I could send the trigger back and demand a full refund or perhaps keep the trigger and demand the £18 they owe me. £18 isn't a lot but it's the principle behind it (Bad customer service; potentially lying to me...). It's been 3 months and I've, quite frankly, had enough. Cheers
  4. That website seems to be out of stock for most of the stuff on there :/
  5. Hey man, sorry about the late response and thanks for taking the time to write all of that! Okay so, I looked on airsoft pro and the product you suggested is currently out of stock which is annoying. Do you know anywhere else that might sell it? I did find this upgrade but it doesn't include the trigger system: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/airsoft-pro-complete-cylinder-set-for-tm-l96-well-mb44xx- Cheers, ElAshtonio
  6. Hi, I broke my M4 today; it snapped at the bridge between the stock and the main body of the gun. I was wondering if it would be possible to convert the M4, without the stock, to some sort of SMG. The main problem for me is that the battery that powers the gun is stored in the stock so I would have to find another place to put it. Cheers
  7. Hi, I've got a stock TM L96 which I recently bought and I'm now looking at upgrading it. My main priority is to improve the fps (So the BB will hit the target faster) so I'm looking at getting a stronger spring. Now, I'm new to upgrading so I don't really know what to buy; would I need to upgrade anything else if I upgrade the spring? Cheers
  8. I've been saving up some money to get a new airsoft sniper and have decided to get either the TM VSR 10 or the TM L96. Both, I've read, are amazing airsoft guns but I just can't decide which one to get. First things first, I cannot find a store that sells the Gspec VSR 10 so I would have to go for the Pro version which is missing both sling loops and scope rails whereas the L96 has both of those already installed. On the flipside, I've read that the VSR 10 has a lot more upgrade options than the L96 does combined with the fact that it would be a lot lighter and sleeker than the L96 (The L96 is still sexier though ). Does anyone own both of these airsoft guns? If you do, which one was the better purchase? Cheers, ElAshtonio
  9. Hi, I got myself a pair of standard issue British army boots the other month from my local surplus store but found that they're a bit uncomfortable (not to mention, pretty expensive). Can anyone recommend any brands? I'd like to get a pair of boots that are pretty soft around the shins and are also pretty lightweight Cheers
  10. Hi, I'm interested in buying the TM L96 (if not that, one of the other TM spring sniper rifles) and I've noticed that the stock fps is pretty low (280 fps using 0.2g bbs) compared to other stock sniper rifles. What sort of range would I be getting if I bought one and ran it stock? I'm fine with the low fps (Although, some people wear a couple of layers at my site and might not feel the bb lol) but a long engagement distance is what I'm looking for here, combined with the high quality of TM products. Cheers
  11. I just watched RedWolf Airsoft's review for this and I must say.... damn, that is one sexy looking airsoft gun!
  12. Hi, I've been playing airsoft for quite a while now and would like to get into sniping. I feel that I'd much rather take (reasonably) accurate shots from a distance than be closer and just spray 24/7 (I end up using 500 bbs in a 30 min game sometimes) and combine that with camoflague (I've invested quite a lot of money into my ghillie suit (£150 roughly)). Now, I have a budget of £400 but am willing to go up to £500 if absolutely necessary. I'm also pretty new to the whole upgrading thing so I would like to get a gun that is between £400 and £500 and can reliably get 430-480 fps even when it's stock. Cheers! Edit: Sorry, I'd like it to be a springer sniper rifle
  13. Hi, I have a pair of reasonably expensive airsoft glasses and they just seem to constantly mist up. I mean, they start to mist up the second I put them on even though I haven't breathed onto them. I've tried putting saliva and washing up liquid on them but that has not helped at all. Are there any other methods I could use or should I just get some antimist spray? Cheers.
  14. Hi, it says that the minimum time period your last 3 games need to be in is more than 2 months but surely there has to be a maximum time period. In my case though, my last 3 games were on the 8th of October, the 11th of June and the 8th of May. That's roughly a time period of 5 months; would that be fine?
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