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  1. I was going to make this post long winded but I can't be bothered. I was wrong. Go!! Just make some time and go. I can't praise it enough I was buzzing for 2 days after playing this site
  2. I'm glad u posted that as it's what I was thinking when I was making the hood. Surely being able to lay in the bushes and have my head and shoulder concealed so I'm harder to see from enemies face on is an advantage no matter the weapon. I've just never seen anyone else do it before. I can't wait to get out and try it
  3. Ok so before I start I want to establish that no I am not new to airsoft and no I'm not 14 and no I haven't just finished watching American sniper. So on to what I'm here for. I'm really liking the idea of sniper gameplay. it seems to suit my style of hanging back a little to see what happens and always trying to out think enemies. I don't want to just jump right in and buy a sniper rifle a gillie suit and hate it after a game or 2 so my question is, has anyone made this transition slowly? My AEG is a dmr style rifle but staying under 350 as a normal AEG, today I was at a surplus and bought some scrim net and a new hat and 1 bored hour later id stitched a pretty usable gillie hood, so the plan is next game get down and dirty and start hunting with my AEG and see what results I get and how I like it with always the opportunity of pulling the hood off and going full auto. Many of you tried this play style? Just looking for a little feed back.
  4. So it seems Epsom is closing down as their landlord has gotten planning permission to do something else with the tunnels. It's my closest site and I love cqb so it will be sorely missed. What are your guys thoughts on the other cqb sites in and around London?
  5. A tm m870, will have to get the angry gun stock myself though haha
  6. Played a game last night at epsom where they turn off the main lights and just have red emergency lights, so forget seeing where you're going without using a torch to tell everyone where you are and they give you ear plugs that takes's away about 60% of your hearing so good luck hearing anyone creeping around in the dark. You go out 1 man roaming so everyone is fair game no team mates. The whole game was intense every encounter was from just a few feet away. I went a nice little streak once I found an intersection with semi decent red light I took 4 guys out, great thing about the ear plugs is being able to hear your own heart beating while your waiting in the dark. One guy I literally walked straight into and didn't even see him he shot before he raised his gin so hit me in the thing from 6 inches. Little to the right would of been a clean cock shot, that would of ended my night lol
  7. I'd be down, been watching it develop on the Facebook page for a long time. Haven't got around to going though.
  8. Iv thought about this before I see it having a place and have seen a paintball game where it's been used to spot enemy players. A drone that could shoot would give a very interesting dynamic to the game and force players to be more aware of their situation and position I'm relation to cover from arial attacks. I think these should be implemented I to certain game types where teams earn. The use of a drone for a predetermined amount of time. I know I would enjoy it.
  9. It does supress it as it would a real gun but it changes the tone of the shot
  10. Stubby suppressor on patrol base you can unscrew the end and take out the 2 foam rings and it's the sound amplifier or you can keep them in and it takes the loud snap off the shots. Best of both worlds for 21 quid
  11. Hated how loud my firehawk was In cqb, soon as I squeezed off a shot everyone honed in on me as I echoed through all the corridors. Swapped it out for a stubby silencer and I go a lot more under the radar and my shots blend in with everyone else's.
  12. Most likely or a dummy that's just for show if you want to add realism to your loadout
  13. Ai has so many spelling and grammar mistakes for a magazine in production it's ridiculous. Before anyone jumps on me Idm them and It doesn't bother me in terms of being able to read it. It just gives the impression less work has gone into the writing and editing and they are pushing these things out every month and they are pretty expensive. Airsoft action has more content and battle reports from a lot of milsims which I like but ai has a more attractive layout. Saying all that I still buy both lol
  14. Didn't realise that will give it a miss then thanks
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