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  1. KWA MP9 for sale - 2 mags £120 all in get at me !

    1. GemsHD


      PM'd you dude

  2. Kaza66

    KWA MP9

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    KWA MP9 for sale with 2 x 48rdmags. Used but in perfect working condition. £100 + P&P or collection from Mansfield/ Notts. Any questions please ask!


    - GB

  3. Chrome WE G18C for sale if anyone's feeling it!

  4. Selling a Templar Assualt Systems Drop leg panel and pistol holster in Coyote Tan. Can also throw in a BULLE Pistol Mag pouch. Anyone interested?

  5. This is both a test of my new iPhone camera and a submission of my humble collection!.... As you can see the iPhone Camera is a little wank
  6. A new site in Chesterfield! Went along and played the trial day on the 3rd, here's what we thought! http://airsoftoperator.com/black-hills-airsoft/ More details of the site on their Facebook Page
  7. Kaza66

    NAE 14!

    Ah yeah, forgot about that Ed! Probably get a new gat myself! 6 Hours Ed? But you're not 2 hours from me - Surely?
  8. Kaza66

    NAE 14!

    Alright for some TacMaster! Hampshire is what, half hour away? My main concern is the camping... Gonna be sharing a tent methinks. It's 4 hours here too Monty. I figure it's worth it for one of the biggest Airsoft events across the country though. Looks like great fun
  9. Hi guys! It'll be my first year at NAE this year, it's a while away yet but I'm looking forward to it! Who else is going? What will you be rocking? And how much extra cash should I bring! I hope to put some names to faces too, whens the time to book? Also, whats the site like? Any CQB involved? I'm looking to get my mp9 properly up and running smoothly be then, but the site is nearly 4 hours from us Nottinghamshire'ers! Where's everyone else travelling from? Kieran.
  10. Project Luther is growing, we want to know everyone's opinion and get some constructive feedback! http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/19803-ukara-alternative/#entry136538

  11. KWA MP9 + 1 Spare mag from Landwarrior. Chirstmmassss
  12. APS UAR for Sale! :)

  13. Opinions on the KWA MP9 ? Tempted by one for Christmas!

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    2. Kaza66


      Would y'all recommend that over something like the KWA MP7? TM MP7 or WE SMG 8?

    3. M_P


      the WE smg8 looks like an anus. Of the lot I'd go with a tm mp7, it's well priced and both the gun and mags are easily found in the uk.

    4. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies
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