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    Hi guys looking for mags either TM or ASG must be leak free also a holster that fits it as my warrior universal one doesn't fit Would like dpd one or whatever it's called thanks


    - GB

  2. Already tried milspec. EBay do the 150mm but says for hi capa so don't know if that would fit
  3. Where else can I get a 150mm mk23 crazy jet barrel from under £25?
  4. Hi guys upgrading my mk23 tm, I currently have the auto bot 50 maple bucking, hadron v.3 red, fang and need the crazy jet barrel after 150mm but I can't find one as it says their for hi capa not mk23 so don't know if that would work? And found them on skirmshop £22 But £7!!! Postage is a joke! Any recommendations
  5. I was thinking kwa but not 100% sure. But happy with it
  6. Don't think safety is missing just don't think it has one and no 6mm marking anywhere and yes metal slide
  7. Hi guys wondering what brand this pistol is please? Just purchased off a mate had a look on Google and couldn't spot same making and design. H&K usp .45 thanks.
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Right guys first of all only selling this beauty due to having 2 m4 recoils. I have ploughed a lot of money into this and for the money you are getting a lot. fires great with great range and accuracy it has many upgrades and external upgrades trigger response is instant due to the Gate titan built in mosfet which is brand new and literally only used to test after the service it's just had. Everything is fully working.internal upgrades believe 110 springshs cnc machined hop up unitElement reverse latchshs cylinder setGate titan mosfet with program remote NEW!madbull tight bore 6.01 inner barrelshs high torque motor also NEW!speed triggerjust been reshimed and serviced external Daniel defence mk18 railMagpul Moe pistol gripMagpul ACS stock wobbles a bit but fully functions prob bit of tape on tube would stop it if it bothered you. Comes with a G&G hi cap metal magother accessories not included thanks for looking can send video of it working of needed £290 all in


  9. It's very strange and frustrating I don't mind waiting as long as I'm told
  10. Hi guys I ordered a few things off them about 2 weeks ago for my tm mk23 upgrades. I've messaged them twice no response. Has anybody ever used them, any experience? Thanks
  11. I did ask questions to the seller about the gun and he described it to me and negotiated a price too, I've bought a lot of guns from this site and others and he knew what he was doing I'm thinking another airsofter did it myself. But I did think when I did it with the old say if it sounds too good to be true it most probably is, also when he said it's 'new' well they stopped making them years ago so my bad also.... nevermind all sorted now
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