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  1. Two sites I've played at have had both vandalism and theft, first sight had the safe zone set on fire then the second sight had parts of their puma go missing every week when they came down to play
  2. I'm by all means an airsofter, my mates are to pussy and think it's a nastier than it is so won't even try it
  3. I went to sleep at 0500 on the 23rd, after working a 12 hour shift was up 2 hours later, packed and set off for a full days shooting, and just found out I'm meant to be going p balling ( yes I know what sacrilege) tommorow so fun times
  4. My visionking and 30mm qd mount arrived this morning, omg it's nice
  5. Gas blow back rifles, an akm or an m16a3/a4? Bearing in mind ive already got a 416 and an mp5k

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    2. GiantKiwi


      The WE AK will need as much money put through it to keep running reliably as it would cost to just get the GHK, and even then the GHK performs way, way better.

    3. Jedi_Master


      I recently asked about the GHK G5 GBBR and had some excellent responses and information from the forum. Try starting a thread in Gas Guns.

    4. proffrink


      GHK make the best mags in the business right now too, and that's half the battle with GBBRs

  6. Tokyo Marui 1911 meu Guarder kit Guarder steel outer barrel Guarder recoil spring real steel wood grips -£140
  7. Basically he has a 417 with the 20" barrel, but he wants to run it at 350 fps but wants maximum range and accuracy at 350fps
  8. I'm going to have to give it a go. My issue is it will be my GBB 416 that needs striping, came with a crap green paint job. So I guess up pick some up and strip it down to bare receivers and rail then slack and scrub?
  9. So with a metal rif you just lay it in meth spirits over night and that's it does it effect the gun or internals?
  10. I've managed to get a couple of bbs stuck in my ris on my 417, it's been there for a good 5-6 skimrishes.
  11. me personally id go with the vfc. ive had a vfc 417 350 (20'' sniper variant) for over 3 years. never had any issues, never had anything break. its actually got a semi decent range, fps is about 290 on mine which is a bit lower than id have liked but not to bad. mags are a pain in the arse due to their size, meaning youll spend a bomb on magazines and pouches. only issues ive ever had was resolved without even leaving the shop (the day i brought it), nozzle was broken in transit, so they just replaced it with a brand new one.
  12. On Monday I brought -a we mp5k apache -4x 45rd magazines -4x 25rd magazines -viper pouch -claw mount -npas All for £250
  13. Fair enough, considering he linked an website that was in stock at the time, has since gone out of stock where they were selling for about $150
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