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  1. Hi troops, can anyone recommend a bipod to fit a G&G L96? I’ve had a good t’interweb search but alas no obvious soloutions. does anyone have any experience or recommendations please? Thanks
  2. PM me please ;)

    1. L3wisD


      Why don't you PM....him?


    2. Alan Partridge

      Alan Partridge

      How about, I have several times but he’s not logged on. Dependant on notification settings this might let him know I’m trying to get in touch ?

  3. Looking for the Afghan look for the L85, I’ll check your suggestion out, thank you
  4. So sorry, hadn’t seen the replies! thank you guys
  5. Hi I'm looking for a good quality ACOG scope for my A2, what do you use and why? I've searched to find the type currently used by the British Army to get as accurate a replica as possible but there seem to be so many variants. TIA Alan
  6. It was an eBay purchase, so still returnable. I hadn't seen the strap sets, I'll look into it, than you ! Any other recommendations greatly appreciated
  7. My issued chest rig sits between mid rif and waist, the 'admin carrier' I've folded down on the 901 as it was just floating there, I'd say the lower body of the carrier is around navel level?
  8. The double d rings sit almost on top of my shoulders when the main carrier is where it's comfortable
  9. I was hoping for something not too bulky or 'bitty'? I have British issue webbing and chest rig, wonder if I've been spoiled with a choice of kit that fits? Maybe my expectations are too high ?
  10. Difficult to show on a picture really, but the shoulder straps fully extended don't allow the molle panel to sit as low as I'd like (around waist level) and the upper flap velcro tabs that secure it to the d rings don't even go anywhere near them as they're almost over the top of my shoulder. The back panel has a flap which when unbuttoned does extend the length slightly but again, the grab handle is sitting I between my shoulder blades to allow full length adjustment from the main straps. Tall bloke jokes? I haven't heard many of those before....
  11. Hi guys and gals! this is my first post so please be gentle(ish). I'm new to airsoft but not military kit generally, specifically British equipment. I'm after advice on load carrying for the taller chap? I've recently purchased a WAS 901, but alas even fully extended it's just too short. Being 6ft 7 can be such a pain! Does anyone have experience of load carrying for the lamp post tall please? Thanks!! AHAAAA!
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