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  1. Standard motor is heats the grip up yes. 7.4V battery. M110 was installed by a friend. I mean in theory i could do that. But i also like the other side of control and not being trigger happy. I'm an odd one
  2. So this is with the stock motor. I haven't put the A2 motor back in after fixing the pinion. Which would then assume the A2 f*cked a gear or something. Or could be something else. Yeah i'm somewhat trigger happy. Need to calm it down
  3. Standard gear for now. Guess getting the new gears will force me open and have a look. Just tested a few dry fires. If i cycle in rapid succession to be pretty prominent. This is physically locked to semi at the moment. Sometimes get a few jams but it's somewhat know with this gun if you physically lock it AFAIK.
  4. Doesn't really underperform. Mainly want to increase range & Accurary and a few others things.
  5. So a while back i fitted the following Prommy 509mm 6.03 TBB Lonex A2 (Pinion broke but have been replaced, Was heating the handle up pretty badly when it was used. Haven't tested it recently) Lonex M110 Mosfet My 417 is physically locked to Semi and does about 425 FPS. Looking at getting. SHS 32:1 Prommy purple bucking / nub (Though Now looking at black to use with the R Hop) ZCI HT Motor SHS Piston R Hop (Other Link) Any able to give me advice on what i should to upgrade / replace.
  6. Demon

    TM M9A1 Mags

    I actually tried this one of the WE mags. Worked when i tried it at home. When i got on site Nuprol 4.0 gas started leaking. Used some abbey well green gas and nothing. Have yet to open the mag up to see what happened to the tape
  7. Demon

    TM M9A1 Mags

    Luckily i only have one so it's not a big issue. WE Mags it is from now on.
  8. Demon

    TM M9A1 Mags

    I figured as much. Removing the pins seems impossible. Oh well easy way is just to buy more WE M9 Mags. Looking at buying This down the road as an upgrade as i currently have GEN 1 i think.
  9. Demon

    TM M9A1 Mags

    Have a leaky TM M9A1 Mag. But having an issue with the pins at the base. They are hollow and cannot be pushed out. Anyone know how i can actually get into the O Rings or if it's even possible. (Picture below) For the WE mags it's simply just pushing the pins out and pulling the base away. If anyone has a link for Fill valves as well both WE & TM that would be great.
  10. Cool thanks, Doing a full reworks. TBB, M110 Spring, New motor & Mosfet. So will get going over the gearbox anyways. Will check google out sure my mate who's helping me with it knows what he's going
  11. Has anyone locked a VFC H&K 417D to semi? I would want it permanently locked to Semi and not by programming a mosfet Would this be a similar process to how you can lock a M4 to semi?
  12. Demon

    HK417 Upgrades

    Updated internals i'm looking to get, any other advise?
  13. Demon

    HK417 Upgrades

    Yeah th e VFC gearbox is pretty wierd it's a V2 but doesn't have the quick change spring standard V2 gearboxes have
  14. Demon

    HK417 Upgrades

    Yeah fine wording was bad... It's done with, can be just move past that. Would want to avoid doing any machine work to the casing if thats what you mean
  15. Demon

    HK417 Upgrades

    I'm not running a hot gun? Currently it fires like 280 with .25. And what do you mean Minimum Engagement Distance ... It's an AEG it just has a longer barrel ... And yes you get hurt at Epsom tunnels because its a CQB site.
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