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  1. Yes they are quite common. Infact they can end up being much greater in my experience. I checked a gun with two different Chrono's at a site once and there was over 100fps difference. There can be many reasons for the difference in FPS reading, there could have been issues with the gun, or any number of issues with the chrono itself including low batteries giving artificially low readings. Chrono's becoming damaged during use, for example bbs striking the sensors.
  2. 32, I have found myself at loads of different sites, I would say the average player I come across is 20-35, Male and with a high enough income to justify expensive toys. There tends to be a bit of a cool down when things like kids, mortgages, wives and GF's get in the way, then it picks up again for the older guys who come with their kids. So there are two outlying groups 12-18 coming with dad, and 40-50 ie the dads. Good on you Beethoven you would be the oldest I have come across, although age doesn't often come up in conversation, the focus tends to be on kit. Having said that, with all hobbies there are all sorts, I have played alongside and against, the young and old codsofters, cadets (who really should have had better skills), ex forces, serving forces, retirees, students, doctors, lawyers, engineers, stockbrokers, builders, plumbers and brickies. The one thing I think I have found in common with almost all sites is there is always a tree surgeon playing! Oh and my fitness is shocking!!!! It doesn't help that my ankles are weak from years of rugby and lots of sprains and I had an op to remove some torn cartilage in my knee after a fall at an airsoft site a few years back. I always say I will leave the running to the younger guys but somehow I always end up having to show them how to fire and manoeuvre up the field. It is one of my aims this winter is to sort out a proper exercise routine.
  3. Gun bag for ......... normally can get my primary - M4, secondary L85A2 and Sniper - Bar10GSpec, plus at least 3 of my pistols. I use an Ikea blue bag for plate carrier, MiniMav and drop leg setup, I like choice when I am playing in how I carry stuff, unless I know its going to be very up close and personal I will tend to avoid the full plate carrier, if there is lots of running or I expect to be crawling a lot I will rock the mini mav and if I'm going full Rambo the drop leg. This also takes spare clothing, layers are important, food and water and all the mags, bbs and gas etc. I have a hard case (small alu box/briefcase) that contains all of my pyro and BFG, it doesn't normally make it to the safezone as I tend to decant what I think I need into the Ikea bag. When I go out to the game area if I know we will be using a fixed regen I will have a small grab bag with spare mags, a stash of bbs gas and pyro that I top up from between games. In games I tend to only carry a small ziplock of bbs in a pocket.
  4. The sandpit have a ton of stuff, 2 snatch landrovers, a WMIK, the DAF truck, a RM snow trac, the 432 and some wheeled APC thing I can't remember the name of. Oh and don't forget Dora the explorer and the Quads which are mostly used by the marshals. There are also people who bring along their own vehicles for Milsims, some have been heavily adapted. Like there is a camo 4x4 van thing with a turret type thing. Rules for getting in the snatches is pretty easy, if you fits you sits. If you can get your hands on a M249 and want to be ragged about in the top cover for the snatches then go for it but honestly my back is still protesting about that one. Depending on how Andy is feeling and how the vehicles are behaving there is a pretty good chance they are out on normal skirmish Sundays. The ribs belong to someone else (Stirling I think) who often use the pit for their Milsims, if they hang around for the Sat night and there is a Sunday skirmish they sometimes get them going then as well. As far as I am aware the Helicopters that sometimes get used are always transport infil/extraction and there are really strict rules about not fireing from them or at them. It would be really easy for a stray bb to do damage and cause a crash so not quite the super exciting gun fest you are probably expecting.
  5. Not the first place in the UK to do this infact there were plans in the pipeline about 2 or 3 years ago to build something like this near Crawley I believe. I don't think it got off the ground. I've seen a small warehouse converted to make a really good airsoft arena, with 4 rows of "buildings" a two level building at one end with strobe lighting, smoke machines and a killer sound system for sessions with a DJ every so often. They ran like 3 evening sessions a week and a Saturday game day. It was probably about 40m x 40m ish. Unfortunately they went bust pretty quick. I pretty much hate playing at paintball sites regularly, once a year for a bit of a run around is fine but I like the sneaky game which is pretty hard I have found at most paintball fields I've ever been to. Plus..... urgh bright paint on my nice camo kit.......
  6. Holy necropost Sacarath! But I'll play along seeing as I didn't post first time round. Full day battlesim at the pit, we have been fighting a rolling battle all day from the far side towards the compound via where the FOB is. It's 11pm and pretty much pitch black, we have been tasked with clearing the causeway from the FOB towards the compound. I took point on the patrol with just my M4 with iron sights against a team we knew had to minimum 4 probably more. They all had tracer units. I was well ahead of the rest of the patrol knowing this ambush was ahead of me. Someone in the squad steps on something or stumbles, and the bushes either side of me erupt into flashes of tracer and two ahead of me do the same thing. I am in the middle of their tracer fire in the middle of a lane. I managed to take out 3 of the 4 before I got hit.
  7. My UKARA got recorded wrong on the outside of a package from Taiwan gun, it contained a rif and sailed through. Even had Taiwan Gun written repeatedly on the bright green tape all over the box.
  8. Regular not exactly, I play Tuddenham mostly in the summer, think last year I managed about 4 or 5 games there in a row. It really depends on my wife's work, when she is away weekends I play, when she is home I don't normally. Last year I didn't play from Easter til August, what with a wedding, and honeymoon the Mrs didn't want me having welts and bruises for. I'm hoping to be down for some of the milsim lites this year on a more regular basis.
  9. Take your normal skirmish kit, obv. And a sense of humour, it probably wont be the best quality of play you have ever experienced but it is a laugh in its own right and the quantity of people is really something else. I would play fairly light if I was going again, the heaviest things would be a decent container of water, I took 3l in a camelback and finished it every day ( it was very hot the two years I went) and gun. Go for a few high caps, I took 3 and with so many people there it is easy to step back and refill them. Ammo, a bottle of gas if you must but I didn't bother, you are unlikely to need a secondary as most of the fighting is at range so a couple of spare mags will probably do. you are not allowed burning pyro that's anything standard really, BFG's are pretty much pointless as well so I wouldn't bother carrying them. The site is massive so my other recommendation would be to have your mobiles fully charged for your team to contact each other to meet up when you inevitably become lost or separated. Also the PMR 446 (non licenced frequencies) become jammed with incessant call tones and people being dicks, the working range drops due to the hills, valleys and trees. Reducing your need to return to the camp site during play is always a good thing so I carried a small tool kit, with things like spare fuses, a few essential allen keys, a Leatherman, a spare battery and a short length of net curtain rod stuff, you know the metal spring wrapped in plastic stuff, it coils up small and works great for unjamming guns. Carry a tenner so that when you come back to the camping area you can visit the bar and pick up a cold drink, mmmm beer! We bbq'd Friday and Saturday, there is a Sainsburys close by so 1 car doing a beer and meat run on sat afternoon means there is less to go rotten while you are playing. If there are enough of you going, pooling for a private porta loo is quite good we had 15 of us so I think it worked out at something like £5 or £10 each, and a combination lock means you can look after it, one guy brought some toilet wipes and a couple of air freshener blocks. It was all rather civilised.
  10. I like the idea of the dead rags, I've just never got around to getting one. In a night game I was once at we used glowsticks in team colours to mark ourselves as dead. Worked really well!
  11. Ultimate wargames, Limpsfield and Fawkham, the sites were going down hill a little from lack of investment, numbers dropped, the regulars that were turning up weren't our cup of tea and we had a falling out with the old owner. New owner has taken over, they are maintaining the Saturday games, numbers appear to have increased and they are investing in the sites. It was always aiming at a younger clientele, expect some two tones and more speedball style of play. Last time I visited was almost 2 years ago. Good luck. There are always some of the Battlesim and Filmsim games at the Pit, many of those take place on a Saturday. If you don't mind a bit of a drive Gunman Eversly do Saturday and Sunday games twice a month. Same goes for their Tuddenham site but that is near thetford which would be a fair way for you to go regularly. They also give the option to camp over for free on these weekends, fri and sat nights, occasionally a night game is organised on the Saturday which can give a 3rd "days" play in your weekend
  12. I'm not in Essex so cant help with your driving problem and both of these sites are an hour either way (just a quick google using Colchester) but they might just help getting you started. Gunman Tuddenham and UCAP Sandpit Tuddenham is an hour from Norwich (where I am) and the pit is over 2hours but I'm willing to make the drive because they are good. Tuddenham offer Saturday and Sunday games with camping overnight.
  13. I think the idea that "this could have happened anywhere" is a problematic one. I have to quote my dad here (wow this is a first for this forum) "accidents don't just happen!". He worked for an international outdoor education provider and would as part of his duties perform safety reviews of his own and of other sites. It's true, they don't just happen, in this instance as has already been mentioned there were a catalogue of errors that mean this shouldn't have happened! If any one of these things had happened correctly the result never would have occurred. 1. Dry firing banned in the safezone. 2. Basic player conduct and safe zone rules mentioned on sign in and expanded on /repeated at briefing. (there is a reason even though you have been to the site 20 times that year you must sit through this! And it massively F's me off when people dick about during safety brief, I would treat this seriously, if you cant pay attention to this you shouldn't be on site full stop!) 3. Marshal presence in the safe zone monitoring 1 and 2. 4. On returning to the safe zone marshals indicate positively to mag out and take clearing shots to each player (a ball ache but not impossible, UCAP sandpit do this every game to regularly well over 100 players). 5. The player had removed his mag, cocked and fired his weapon 6. Put the safety catch on. 7. The marshals had observed steps 5, 6 and positively checked each weapon for mag out. Notice I have 5 of my 7 steps focused on the marshal and site team this is because they are responsible for players knowing and understanding their requirements for safe conduct at the site. However the responsibility lies with the players ultimately to follow the instructions and expectations ensuring safety for all. While there is a possibility of this happening at any site, it just doesn't happen because the behaviour listed in this post in most sites just wouldn't be tolerated. Please note at no point has age been mentioned, I genuinely don't think age is factor, I have met incredibly mature teens and massively immature 50 year olds.
  14. jcheese in addition the first mistake in this chain of small things that went wrong was "gun not unloaded correctly". If only one of these issues was dealt with correctly prior to the incident it never would have happened. For those who don't know there are several steps to clear a BASR and if done, each effectively makes it safe. Hell there is the right way to clear a BASR with a short list of steps, but there is one simple one which is to fire in a safe direction and not cock again. The rest of the steps become redundant because there shouldn't be any tension in the spring which might have allowed the gun to fire but they are expected to be done just on the off chance something has gone wrong.
  15. It really isn't that hard to have a no dry firing or mags in the safe zone rule and therefore no requirement for people to wear EyePro in the safezone. The issue seems to be a series of basic safety rules waren't enforced in this situation and possibly one of the worst outcomes has resulted. Fingers crossed for the kid with the eye injury that his situation improves, and the kid that pulled the trigger will need some serious counselling because of a fraction of a second and a stupid decision. I have been concerned in the past with the behaviour of some in the safe zone but a site that are on it like they should be deal with this before it becomes a situation. It's very easy to take ownership and tell people not to do stuff yourself (I'm a teacher so "the look" and telling off comes as second nature now) and if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself speaking to the marshals and they should sort it out. A simple chat with new players by organisers about general gun safety takes seconds, a simple rule about no pulling triggers and no mags in the safe zone. Players there raising concerns about safety as dry firing was happening and should have been stopped prior to it getting this far. IE instilling a sense of responsibility for everyones safety by every player. Any or all of these things would have changed the result of this.
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