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  1. Yah I had that idea to ask current owners of sites. And yah I'm a fully qualified st johns ambulance first aider as I'm a licensed security officer and yah marshalling would be a consideration for sure. Hmm I didn't think about pyros. Whoops.
  2. Thanks a lot dude. Yeah it wouldn't be a proper fully legit site for paying customer of the streets like a hired gun or for financial gain, I'm not starting an airsoft business. As THAT is a bit out of my reach. And I recognise that! It would need to be a small group of friends/associates/fellow enthusiasts found on a forum to get some coin together to pay a small rent and yeah as you said it wouldn't be any different to mates hooking up at a house and hanging out or shooting. Loads of farmers in Falkirk area with unused land and outbuildings I'm sure would welcome a couple quid from respectful chaps playing pew pew.
  3. What an utter foopter! I can unequivocally guarantee you would never in a million centuries say that to my face! Unless you really are that rude to strangers and folk looking for help and advice to start something positive. Why on earth would you reply with negativity rather than positivity? Are you grumpy? Seriously though mate wtf? I might not have a clue but isn't that the entire reason why I'm on an airsoft forum asking for help and advice? If I did 'have a clue' about what to do with this idea, then I wouldn't be on here asking. I know you, I see you everyday. Your the person that doesn't have anything nice to do or say in any given situation where someone else is happy. Or then again, I'm probably wrong, since I don't have a clue.
  4. Well the plan I had was to find somewhere that's been sat for years and looks run down/un appealing to potential clients. Approach the owners/letting agents and make them an offer like.....once or twice a month can we use your warehouse/derelict building to play airsoft and we will give you the entire proceeds, charge like £10 or £20 per player so you have a few hundred together which might be appealing to an owner of unused property as it is better than nothing. Maybe sign a months lease or 2 months lease and say you will vacate ASAP when they find a genuine/higher paying client. It could all be written up into a contract? Get folk to sign disclaimers so insurance isn't an issue.
  5. So as the title depicts, how does one go about getting permission to play shooty pew-pew in a derelict building? I figured the biggest obstacles would be; Health and safety nightmare Insurance issues (as it would be an event or could be a small invitational) Metal thieves fear from owners Owners reluctance to let 40 people run about with toy guns So has anyone seen http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j9h3SVudWow Surely this could be done in uk? Even if I was to ask £10 or £20 from anyone wanting to play and give that to the owners? As surely £200 or so is better than nothing? Had this place in mind as it's 2 mins from my house and looks awesome! http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/rosebank-distillery-camelon-13-9-08.t32919 Thoughts?
  6. Thanks a lot man! May have to snap this up before anyone else does!
  7. Thanks a lot peoples. I will be reading further into the threads to generate further knowledge for myself. Teach a man to fish right? But yeah I reckon I will be going down the g&g route, especially now I found out there are second hand ones possibly floating about. I don't wanna buy cheap crap that doesn't last me. As said before I have a ton of hobbies and trying to spread my disposable income is difficult. I reckon I'll get right into this once I start building my gear up and heading to games.
  8. Well, basically yeah. Ya see I'm trying to figure out how these guys can play at this location (looks abandoned etc, not sure if it's a fully fledged airsoft site). Yes rosco mate, if i had the outlay/investment etc I would NOT HESITATE in starting my own airsoft site. But I'd need to make it unique incorporating buildings/factories/warehouses as there are plenty indoor and outdoor sites in my area of Scotland. But I can't see any having an ex-industrial playground. Prob for good reason, with health and safety rules and regs not to mention insurance problems. But anyway, example 1: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xLfZeMlf7Ok Then again this place in America. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-tE_uXVTmc4 Then there is this place in Tenerife, it's just a group of outbuildings but similar idea with the whole abandoned building thing. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V9yVjhY3mNM I remember a place in Edinburgh, the old bus station in leith. It was like a massive warehouse and garage with connected office buildings. Completely abandoned but housed a couple homeless though (genuinely nice lads), you could EASY have a few airsoft games without attracting attention. Sorry to keep bleating on about this, but as you can see I'm more keen to play airsoft in locations such as these, as opposed to woodland.
  9. Ah I see what your thinking... No no no my idea was to just go over and have a few games since it's abandoned. I used to visit a few places, and the old nuclear bunker in barnton (Edinburgh) to name one. But that is being guarded and turned into a museum nowadays so it's not an option to explore and pew. Realistically I should just go to appropriate airsoft venues, indoor and outdoor, rather than thinking about these places, since I'd imagine people/police would freak out at the sight of us running about wih machine guns etc
  10. Thanks a lot man! Yeah been reading up on the g&g or jg ones. They do seem to be the most popular/reliable and the ones that more experienced airsofters point noobs towards.
  11. Check this place out. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G_3dO0vSt4o Got the idea from desertfoxairsoft YouTube page where folk were in some abandoned factory and playing pew-pew. Viable?
  12. Hello all, Okay firstly I'm not sure if this is the correct thread for info regarding this, rather well priced gun, so I apologise in advance. http://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric-air-soft-guns/cm-507-cm?from=listing&campaign-id=19 I haven't quite got my ukara yet, or been to a skirmish, but I am however looking a little early at prospective weapons that I generally like the look of. And stumbled across this after trawling through some threads and finding the Taiwan gun webstore. So will it be reliable? Is it well made? Is it cheap for a reason? Etc etc. Also been looking at this and trying to find out again of it's any good? http://www.onlybbguns.co.uk/210733-cyma-cm515-m4-long-ris-aeg-sports-line.html#.VmwwGdkgGc3 As you can tell I like the m4 variants, I'd prefer to play pew-pew pretending to be a US Marine, rather than as an insurgent with an AK.
  13. That is for the replies guys! Now starting to feel more confident about approaching/asking silly questions in my infancy. I was lucky and met a guy in his late 40s who had a great collection of guns (and an SS uniform) he invited me along one day and to borrow his g36, I said yeah but let him down as I was super busy around that time, feel I spoiled my chances. I know it's like every other hobbie/activity, you get some baw bags and good guys. I also understand the expense of the sport, I'm into loads of things and this is another one. I used be mega In to skateboarding at one point and bought the latest and greatest at minor expense, then I got into cars and car stuff is super expensive!! (Sucks just now cos I had 2 cars and had to sell one and now can't drive other as my ex boss stole lots of cash from company and fecked off to Blackpool thusly ruining Christmas!!!!) anyways totally of topic. So wait as sec....so we DONT buy from jbbg or bbguns4u and the like?? I'm kinda liking the DE M4a1 fully auto for £45. If it's capable of 245fps I wouldn't be disappointed for what you get for the money, plus initially I will be using it to shoot my neighbour in our communal back garden. I wouldn't turn up at a skirmish site with that two tone badman but would like it for the back yard shoots? Also I need to be pointed in the right direction here.....does anyone fix airsoft guns? My Tokyo marui beretta needs fixed.
  14. Hello fellow enthusiasts, Well I'm totally new to this and looking to get into the world of airsoft. Thing is though, pro guns are rather expensive for me to start with, I will get round to more expensive weapons but for now I just do a bit of back yard shooting with my 14 year old neighbour (yeah I'm 29 and 6ft 4, why do I feel I need to hide from respectable neighbours lol?) he has a Cyma sniper, Remington, 1911 and thy are not bad weapons! I have a de g46, p.698, g.054c but to be honest I am lacking in firepower! ( I only bought my cheap weapons cos they look cool and very cheap, I never knew there was a whole world or airsoft and milsim etc!! This is like a dream come true! I used to be really into military and guns etc as a kid but can't help feeling like people laugh at me cos I'm older and into running around with toy guns. I'm really looking to get into the sport and go to meets and events etc but, thing is, I'd get laughed at cos my guns are crap and excluded from making friends cos I don't have expensive beasts, I also have rubbish knowledge of airsoft guns too and I'm rather quiet so folk would just ignore me probably? So are airsoft people approachable and non-judgemental and willing to help a noob out? I know everyone is different but I'm looking for a general census on what you guys are like. I am daunted by a group with 350 fps+ with full uniforms and expert knowledge. So yeah I look forward to meeting all y'all! Craig RIngWorm Denholm
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