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  1. Airsoft Colleagues, Absolutely brilliant and wise advise. I shall "Keep Calm and Carry In Airsofting " Yeah the gun is currently averaging 309 to 318 fps and working fine. Thanks again.
  2. Outstanding. Ta "You can have my gun when you pry it from my paranoid, mentally disturbed, physically-abusive, cold, dead hand."
  3. Or I just get a whole new quick change gear box with all the bells and whistles pre done. Suggestions. #ItsOnlyMoney
  4. Hi all I have G&G CM 16 SR. Has a " V2" gearbox. I'm pre-planning upgrades of cyclinder, piston head and maybe gears and bushings etc I would like to know what the current spec is of the internals of the stock gearbox. Not found anything on open source. ie. Ratios ? Piston teeth ? Bushing size ? Etc Don't want to open it all up yet to apply micrometer. Thanks
  5. and a very noobie milsim type question... do you have to turn up with a complete fire team from L/Cpl to Private fully competant in battfield tactics ? or just join in..
  6. So looking to maybe progress to Milsim events. I've read the healthy threads of "Milsim vs Skirmish" not what I want to start here again. I'm in West Sussex and would like to canvass thoughts, ideas and suggestions for milsim sites, companies, events in the south east 'ish area. Not looking for the "Tier1" SAS selection type of event to start with but certainly something longer than a Sunday Skimish attacking orange bins, (which I wont be stopping as they are great fun). Thanks
  7. PT247, yeah all good with that barrel (TY) and got new bucking, Hop Up and 2.03 TBB on order to try/test all combinations to my liking ;-)
  8. So after much time at work trying to source a 6.05mm bore aeg barrel I've found just about every tight bore barrel in existence. I'm looking to get R-Hop done and want to upgrade barrel at the same time. 6.03 there are loads of. I understand from much reading this is at the edge of R-Hop effectiveness. Over to the forum for opinions and thoughts. I'm upgrading a G&G CM16 SR FOR accuracy purposes, 260mm inner barrel. Ta
  9. Stick it on my sons Nerf Gun I guess.. (After clearing our broken glass).....
  10. I looked at the shield protectors and thought "Naaah Wont need that" 2 X Doh Doh Doh !!!!!
  11. The sniper went for the "Private Ryan Shot" and clearly got it !!! Its a WE Tech 887 Holo site. Appreciate I may be on a lost cause but any info on weather parts/repairs are available ? I'm waiting for a reply from WE Europe. Thanks
  12. Hegs44

    Hobby king

    Any update on the stuff arriving yet? interested in a GBB pistol also but been wary of the customs crushers..
  13. I have used mlemart on ebay to get keymod rail in allsorts of sizes. They do both metal and polymer. They are a Hong Kong based company but have a direct UK link and delivery only took a week. For you info. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MLEmart-Dytac-Keymod-Modular-Rail-Section-Polymer-5-7-slot-RIS-RAS-Airsoft-New-/331602274807?var=&hash=item4d350929f7
  14. Thanks all. Good advice from both sides of the fence on gun Bling. Good advice about lasers compromising position, we had that issue at my "work" combined with the fact we all went through the "laser fashion phase" and it made the "target" look like it had measles and no one knew who's round was going where !!! And the fact at my local site they just aren't allowed. I picked up an "as new" Element PEQ-15 on ebay for £25 so I'm happy that I have that as an option in the correct circumstances. Ta
  15. Thanks I've found lots of QD sling mount in various style to cater for the left hander or ambidextrous person. Is it a job for my local armourer to install ? as I'm pretty new to airsoft and certainly dont want to start dismantling things. Also are the mounts generic to all crane stocks or brand specific, there are so many out there between UK and HK I dont know where to start for my G&G CM16 SR. Ta
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