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  1. That's great. Thanks for the link. It might be a bit short for an ACOG, but my son might want to change to a red dot when he realises target acquisition will be slower with the ACOG.
  2. That makes me feel better about my velcro placement. AITA? 🙂
  3. My son and nephew both said they had no complaints about people calling their hits or arguing. My nephew is 18 BTW and has done plenty of airsofting. Complete lack of discipline and training lol
  4. I've had an Imax B6AC and an Accucel 6 charger and though they are older tech, they do the job fine. The power supply on my Imax B6AC failed after a couple of years and then the buttons became unresponsive. The Accucel 6 is still going strong 10 years later. For heavier charging duties or field charging I've got a couple of ISDT Q6 Pro 300W chargers and there is a more recent Q8 500W version. These are quality, accurate chargers and are very portable for field charging. They also accept a wide range of voltage inputs so you can use an old laptop charger or a PC/server power supply to power them. In the field you can use a lead acid battery or large lipo.
  5. So I got the carry handle back on + scope mount and scope on top. This raises the scope 3.5" above the top rail. Bit chunky though. Might look at double stacking something like MadMole has. @MadMole where did you get the riser on the middle rifle from?
  6. The site my nephew goes to and consequently where my 11 year old goes has a "young guns" day every month. Not sure of the criteria as it's not exclusively minors, but it's mainly minors and those are the only days my son goes. That said, I spoke to one of the few adults there one day and he said he had been terrorised and traumatised by hoardes of fearless kids running riot!
  7. I got a that one for my son. The velcro straps in the main section could be better positioned and are a bit short meaning you can only secure the gun one way round, but it does the job. We got the 100cm/39" version.
  8. I got my son a Valken Mi-7 mask which prevents him getting down to the scope so I'm going to put the carry handle back on his Nuprol Delta Sopmod and I got a scope mount to put on top of the carry handle. Hopefully that raises the scope up enough otherwise I'm going to need a riser on top which is going to look unwieldy and will add more weight to an already heavy gun for an 11 year old. I might have a look at heating up the mask and bending it in a bit.
  9. Thank you for the welcome. It's great to hear how many people are spending quality time with their kids through airsoft. I haven't ventured into a game yet, but I will give it a go once we get another gun. I do fear I will present a large and slow target though! I enjoy the tinkering mainly and it's an opportunity to teach my son a bit. I've already started teaching him how to solder, which is essential if you are into any of a number of hobbies.
  10. Hi, been lurking for a while so thought I'd sign up. My 11 year old son has been Airsofting a few months and I bought him a AEG from my nephew who changed his mind after buying it and decided to get a GBBR instead. It's a Nuprol Delta Sopmod, which I know has many detractors, but it shoots really well and I enjoy fixing and upgrading stuff. I'll probably get him a second AEG and have one as a backup and something to tinker with. I also got him a Cyma CM030 Glock AEP for plinking a couple of years ago when he was too young to go skirmishing. I've been involved in all kinds of RC stuff for 35+ years including cars (used to race 1/8th scale buggys), heli's and FPV racing drones. I'm even thinking I could put some of my RC skills to good use helping my son with aerial drone reconnaissance or ground reconnaissance with an FPV setup on an RC car doubling up as a grenade delivery system 🙂 Will be seeing y'all around.
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