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    Hi All, I am looking to obtain an ARP9 stock or aka the GoS-v5 stock. I will pay for it and its postage. Can't trade as I have nothing to trade so it will have to be a purchase. Will reply as quickly as possible to any messages. Thanks, Snake🐍


    , West Midlands - GB

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    Hi, Is the Laylax P90 Rail still available? Do you know if it fits a CYMA P90? Thanks in advanced, Snake🐍
  3. Hey guys, I solved the issue. Turns out the madbull piston was too wide for the gearbox causing friction and slowing its movement. Changed back to the original G&G piston and the fps shot right up to 350ish. Snake 🐍
  4. Hey gearbox question, please help, im loosing the will to live? What is the stock spring in a firehawk and its equivalent? I have the normal firehawk not the hc05. I only ask because when I got the gun second hand, I spruced it up a little internally. Cleaned it out, Re-shimmed and re-greased. Took it to play and it was fireing way too hot for my cqb arena. So dropped the spring to an m95 which sorted the fps and dropped it below 300fps. Anywho since then the fps started dropping, in between this I changed out the trigger unit to a perun v2 mosfet. So I popped the gearbox changed the spring to an m105 and nothing, fps remained the same as on the m95. So I thought airseal so tested everything airseal was fine on original g&g parts but the cylinder head was loose. So I went ham and swapped out all the internal seal components for a complete madbull upgrade kit. Tried it on the m95 was getting about 190fps, tried it on the m105 got it up to 218fps. Thought it was the hop rubber so bought a new one, fps remained the same. But through all this I noticed after the madbull parts were installed the fps started to hold at 190 fps on the m95 amd so on. So I figured I'd up the spring to 120, not going any further than that because i dont know how much the stock motor can handle. Now here's the kicker. Just put a guarder sp120 in rated for well over 350fps but still kicking out only 250fps now. What am I missing because I've been at this for months now and havent been able to use my baby at the desired 300-330 fps. All this is on .2 bbs btw. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated Thanks, Snake 🐍
  5. Hey guys, I need help. My G&G Firehawk has had an issue with the fps dropping. Its started off nicely about 300ish on .2s for cqb when i bought the gun 2nd hand last year. Its been Shooting fine but the fps has been dropping and has now settled around 180ish on .25s. I have reshimmed the gearbox and installed a perun v2 mosfet with pre-cocking active. At first I thought it was the spring so bought a new m95 spring. The current one being an m90. I had to reduce the stock spring as when I reshimmed it I cleaned all parts and re-greased it putting the fps up to nearly 390 fps which was way too hot for my cqb site. Putting the m95 in didn't change the fps in anyway. So I started to suspect the air seal of the original G&G parts. So I replaced them with a full upgrade kit by madbull. After fitting this the fps remained the same and the new nozzle was causing a misfeeding issue. I fixed the misfeeding issue by using the G&G nozzle with the madbull components. I researched some more and found that fps drop can happen if the seal between the nozzle and hopup bucking is rubbish so i replaced the hopup bucking and still the fps remains the same at 180ish. I have noticed that the fps is constant at 180ish. Does anybody know what I may have missed or is there a terminal issue with the gun? I've spent a good portion of money to upgrade this G&G and cannot seem to be able to resolve the fps issue now. Can anybody help before I give in and pay a tech to look at it please? Thanks in advanced. Snake 🐍
  6. Hi Dino, Thank you for the reply. However I wanted to know the thread size of the inner barrel not the barrel length. For example a typical m4 would have a 14mm counter clockwise thread at the end. My issue is a bought adapters for the inner thread one being 12mm the other being 11mm and neither of them fit. Thanks
  7. Hey, Quick question does anybody know the inner barrel thread size of the WE Europe F229. One website told me it was a 12mm so I bought a 12mm to 14mm and it didnt fit. It was too big so I bought an 11mm to 14mm adapter. Now either the website I ordered from sent me the wrong one or 11mm was wrong again as this one didn't fit. I'm just looking for some clarification on the thread size so I can get the right adapter. Thanks in advanced Snake 🐍
  8. Hey HELIflipper03, Your a legend mate. Stretching the spring for the slide catch worked a treat, my pistol successfully fired of two whole mags with no issues. I was also able to find a screw from an old laptop that fit perfectly to replace the missing one for the nozzle housing. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. Case closed. Snake 🐍
  9. Yeah I think I will get a replacement screw or housing. That is good to know, especially the mags. I imagine TM are better quality mags as well. I'll let you know how I get on. Snake.
  10. Hi HELIflipper03, Thank you for replying back, I really appreciate it. I had noticed that the slide catch is loose, do you think the slide catch is jumping up during the recoil? I did figure this was important, god knows where that screw went. Although when holding the slide release down the gun fires perfectly with no issues. So I do reckon it could be the slide catch issue. I did figure this as the hop unit is stationary during firing. I have take the grips off and I almost bricked it when stuff fell out, but I was able to put it all back together and it works fine minus the slide catch issue. I will double check it, get a new screw for the housing or just replace the housing and stretch the slide release spring a little and let you know how I get on. Again thanks for the help. Snake. P.s. out of interest is there much difference between the TM and We Europe versions of the P226 platform? Are parts interchangeable?
  11. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forums and was hoping someone here could help with an issue that has recently started happening with my Pistol. So this issue recently started happening after a piece of my hop unit in the pistol broke off and caused my gun to jam mid game(See Photo 1). I managed to clear the gun and found the bit that broke off (See Photo 3). Soon after this my issue began. As it stands when I fire my pistol the slide catch will engage even with the magazine full with bb's. This is also sporadic, it doesn't happen all the time. It can be the 1st, 5th, 6th or 10th shot etc. I don't understand why this is happening as the slide catch should only engage when the mag is empty and the bb follower pushes up the slide catch. I cleaned the pistol to remove any debris which resulted in me taking out the gbb housing and noticing a screw missing (See Photo 2), I also found metal debris in the piston and on the outside of the housing. I have done some trouble shooting myself, I swapped magazine same thing happened. I've made sure my grip isn't engaging the slide catch by accident. I checked the slide catch is functioning correctly, which it does engage when the mag is empty. Trigger works as expected, hammer works with no issue and the de-cocker works as it should. I am not sure if the hop unit is the issue as it is mostly stationary when the mechanics of the gun function, it seems that the issue revolves around the slide catch from what I can work out, but I could be wrong. Has anybody got any ideas as to what it could be please? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, RB.
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