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  1. Evening all. I'm hoping someone with experience of both versions of this gun can tell me the feasibility of my plan. Heads up, it's a bit niche. 😄 What I want: The full auto (metal slide) version, with a metal frame, with no under rail, that takes the full auto CO2 mags. The problems I have: I have 2 full auto versions with 10 mags. They have metal slides and plastic bodies, with a riveted under rail. I ordered two metal bodies which never came. What did come from that order was 1 green gas magazine... which doesn't fit the full autos. This has led me to believe that at least one metal frame is incompatible with my full auto slides. Is this the case? Why the **** am I doing this? Because I have a Deadpool cosplay and the holsters are sculpted to fit his Desert Eagles that have a railed barrel like the XIX but no under rail. I don't particularly want to drill the rail rivets out and would much prefer to replace the entire plastic frame with a metal one. Hopefully that makes sense. Apologies it's a bit specific but I was on the cusp of buying two full metal semi-auto versions, just for the frames, when that magazine mis-fit gave me pause. Included is a pic of DPs gun. I want that, but full auto, full metal, CO2 powered. Can it be done? Cheers in advance
  2. I will certainly be in touch. I'm definitely gonna want a pink mag belt... for when I use it. 😄
  3. I had a look at that but where I got 'P-Chan' at a really good price, there's no chance I can get the VP for less than £300. 😒 She'd see right through it and know I really bought it for myself. And what should be a "Cheers honey. That's really thoughtful." would probably become a "You spent HOW MUCH? On a pink toy gun?!" 😆
  4. Ha! As if... Here's a true story: When I joined these boards 15 years ago, my username was 'Bison Hunter' because I desperately wanted an airsoft Bison (Bizon). I even got a guy here (Matt Bond) to make me a custom one out of a Beta Spetsnaz. I eventually left the hobby and came back this year, now my lad's old enough to play. I was gutted to find I'd missed the Bizon train. So when my wife said she wanted a pink SMG, I found that exact gun, on that exact listing... and was gutted all over again to have missed it. It's great to know it's still in service and has had some new makeup. Small world. Turns out the P90 I got her is from an animé called Gun Gale Online, a spin-off of Sword Art Online and thanks to Netflix, it's our new family TV series... educational AND pink. 😁
  5. I've been trying to encourage my wife to join me and my lad airsofting. She mockingly said she'd only come if she could have a pink gun... Challenge accepted. 😁 The pink sling's still to arrive but the rest is good to go. I'm particularly happy with the spring loaded (red) red dot sight, which is an absolute pig to search for online.
  6. This reminds of the the original concept behind British Army MTP... MOD: "We have DPM and desert that give us 90% camo in woodland and desert environs. But we have to buy the squaddies two sets of rig..." PJHQ: "Check this pattern out. It gives us 70% camo in BOTH environs, so we only have to buy 1 set of rig." MOD: "Take my money." PJHQ: "Cheers. You know, the Yanks are working on the same concept." MOD: "For real? It must be good. Take my wife's money too." PJHQ: "Cheers. By the way, they have this 'Future Soldier' concept too which looks pretty cool." MOD: "HOW MUCH? Naaaah mate. We'll just take the cam. The lads can navigate with a map and compass and Bowman's got another 20 years left." Sorry. Your 'borrower' pics sent me off on one there. 😄
  7. Had a fun pistols-only event today at LAC in my new rig...
  8. Yeah, it's definitely on the top end of the 'worn' scale. 😄 I recently finished a job for someone at my local club, weathering their bland 'stainless steel'-coloured DEagle into a rather nice black.
  9. Just finished another weathered paint job. This is 'Starry'*. I wanted it to look like it's been dug up out of a Ukrainian garden after 20 years and recalled to active service... and I think it worked. 😁 Method: I stripped it back to bare metal, primed and repainted black so that when the paint inevitably chips, it's exposes the metal. I then used acrylic rust colours from brown to orange, dabbed on with foam in patches. The whole lot was then covered in an uneven textured 'technical' acrylic to give it the caked-up finish. The wood was sanded to remove the top layer then I used an aggressive sanding brush disc to carve runs into it. It was then doused in an oil-coloured acrylic wash to make it look distressed and a bit rotten. Finally, it was airbrushed with layers of matte varnish and chipping agent. Long live the 'Kraine! 🇺🇦 *Real name 'staryy brudnyy svoloch' (старий брудний сволоч) which is Ukrainian for 'Old Dirty Bastard'.
  10. I have an AK-74 that I'm painting up to look severely weathered, rusty and old. It has a side mount. For almost purely cosmetic reasons, I want fit a really old Nikko Sterling 4x15 scope with the original 11mm dovetail clips. The problem I have is I want to buy a no-frills scope mount but they're all picatinny rails: So what I'm looking for is an AK mount with a dovetail rail (unlikely) or a dovetail rail I can replace the picatinny rail on this mount for. I must be using the wrong search terms because I keep coming across 11mm dovetail scope mounts but only 21mm picatinny/weaver rails. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I'm definitely getting a theme - if ain't broke, don't try and upgrade it. 😄 I've got fair few others, so it's not my only gun... but is my favourite gun. I just felt with all my new acquisitions, she might be getting jealous. It stung when, at my son's first game, his Double Eagle M89 (UMP) chronoed at 300fps and mine, a weathered 270-280. His reaction was golden: "What does that mean Daddy?" "It means your pokey little gun can shoot further than mine bud." "Don't worry Daddy... I'll cover you while you get closer. You did say you like doing that leapard crawl thing." Little sh*t. 😆
  12. She still works reliably but she's underpowered. The only internal upgrade I've done is a 6.03mm barrel (that runs the length of the silencer) and she's chronoing at 275-285. I'd like to put another 50-60 on that. With the gun being so old and me just getting back into the hobby, I'm a little lost on where to start. How interoperable are designs now? If I follow a Cyma guide, will everything referenced there be suitable for my OG36 without exploding it? Cheers in advance. Steve
  13. Battleaxe powered drum mags from £26+ at Patrol Base. Pretty good given they were around the £60 mark last time I looked. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/battleaxe-ar36-electric-sound-control-drum-magazine The billy bonus is that Project Airsoft, that make adapted versions, sell the adaptor separately. I was going to buy their complete mag for my lad's UMP for £65 but it's cheaper to buy a complete G36 drum and the adapter (£56) https://projectairsoft.co.uk/collections/drum-magazines/products/ump-drum-magazine?variant=41985759772896
  14. Cheers for the input guys. The JG 74 is due to arrive tomorrow. I didn't pay a lot for it and got plenty of mags to make it skirmishable. The plan is to strip the gun down and then strip the paint off entirely, down to the bare metal. I'll then build it back up using my old wargames miniatures skills. I've even researched how to distress wood properly, so I'm hoping the furniture is at least workable. I've bagged a dirt cheap damaged Nikko Stirling scope which I'm hoping I can fashion into something like the Eye of Reach in Sea of Thieves. It's a purely cosmetic item but despite the planned paint job, the airsofter in me couldn't leave the gun as stock... 😄 That's very authentic. 😄 I'll use these for reference on the paint job. Cheers!
  15. Cheers bud. You've changed my view of Cyma in that one comment. When I left the hobby, Marui had the majority market share by far and a 'Japanese engineering' reputation for quality. When I recently read that Cyma were Chinese Marui knock-offs, I immediately wrote them off. But despite my prejudice, I keep running into positive reviews of their kit. In the hours since posting this I've actually managed to find someone selling a JG BAEG AK74, all metal with wood, with batteries and 5 mags, for a price that doesn't terrify me in case I bodge the strip down. I've not encountered a BAEG before so it's a learning experience...
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