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  1. VFC’s are great but getting them to work reliably and consistently is a bit of a chore. They do look pretty though!
  2. A good compromise if you want a decent bump helmet but don’t want to shell out the £600+ for an ops core is the EON carbon composite helmet. Carbon shell like the ops core and comes with 4D pads, real Wilcox shroud too.
  3. Absolutely is the exact same one, same as the optic sold yesterday.
  4. @BADGERF1ST weren’t you looking for one?
  5. As far as I’m aware there’s no mags other than the TM ones. Also yes, sadist is the word, the SD is heft to lug around as a backup!
  6. Got the last one from Airsoftglobal 🙂
  7. Suppressor mount, B&T or LPE. B&T railed forend for the SD, Wiitech make one, I have one inbound. Gibbous outfitters do a rather nice mount that goes around the front sight, including a mount for your switches.
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    All black - Used once or twice, RRP is £205. - Fat Straps - Back Strap - Full flap - Mk4 chassis No inserts. £90 ono.


  9. Redesigned BBU, MOS cut for optic plates but typically only fits Maruis RDS. Carbon reinforced plastic and new mag design too.
  10. Did you just keep rolling around in mud and bushes for all 7 months till you eventually became one with nature, a walking bush Wookiee?
  11. Have a look at a microfibre “stuff it” pouch, these usually come on a small carabiner that you could attach to your kit in some way. Retractable lanyard would be ideal.
  12. I don’t think there is yet, surprisingly. They do pop up for sale on here every now and then.
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