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  1. Hi guys, don’t be afraid just go for it! I’ve never been before and I didn’t really know what airsoft was until beginning of the year. I’ve booked in and payed my deposit for my first game ever on the 9th August, I’ll be renting gear for the first few games as I don’t have my own. Until I acquire a UKARA Defense I’ll be renting gear from the site. Got my eyes on the TM M4a1 mws, infact I really want to buy it now but it seems such a shame to two tone a rifle such as that one. Anyway I’ll definitely be turning up and yes I’ll be on my own, but I don’t care because this sport interests me and I want to drop in and see what it’s all about. Don’t let anxiety hold you back guys, airsoft is obviously peaking your interests as it is mine so take that step, it may be the best thing you ever did.
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