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  1. I've been working on & off on this project over the past year or so during the lockdowns and I think it may be of interest to others here. My local site uses some dual timers as objectives to be fought over & captured for some games, with the recorded times for each team being used to determine the winners. I thought it would be nice to have something with more features that's designed specifically with Airsoft games in mind to allow for more versatility in games, so I decided to design one myself. The timer I've created offers a number of features allowing them to be u
  2. True enough. Especially with cheaper guns, where you can often get a small "free" boost to power & accuracy right out of the box by simply giving the barrel a good clean to get rid of all the grease/other crap that's usually left in them. It also matters what specific material the hop rubber is made of, since they're not all of the same composition & some will be more susceptible to damage from solvents like alcohol than others.
  3. Sure, in that case for an initial clean of a new barrel it's definitely best to use a strong solvent to get rid of all the crap that may be left over from manufacturing Routine maintenance doesn't typically involve disassembly of the barrel though. For routine maintenance (where it's just general dust or so picked up over the course of a game day that needs to be cleared out) I've found it depends on the silicone oil used, the thicker stuff from dropper bottles isn't so good but the light silicone oil from aerosol sprays works well. I never said it should be
  4. A thin film of silicone oil should be all that's left, and that shouldn't result in accumulation of dust. Or if it does then you should probably think twice about whatever it is you're doing to allow so much dirt to get into the gun... Anyway, all of my gun manuals say to use silicone oil (some also have "...or teflon oil") for cleaning the barrels; not one of them suggests using any kind of alcohol for cleaning/maintenance, not even the most recent ones. He takes it to an extreme but here's Negative Airsoft's take on the subject:
  5. Surgical spirit is still basically alcohol, so I wouldn't recommend that. Plain water shouldn't hurt, but it won't do a lot to help either besides help it pick up dirt on the way down the barrel... it's best to just use some light silicone oil IMO.
  6. Perhaps, but why do things to make them wear out faster? If properly taken care of & matched with the right ammo they can last a very long time (I can't remember the last time I replaced a hop rubber because it was worn, it's been so long... my P90RD is one of my oldest guns and I've only replaced its hop rubber 3 times; only once was due to wear and that was the stock rubber. Can't remember exactly when I got it but at the time TM had stopped making P90s due to an accident at the factory destroying one of the moulds & I had to buy it second hand from Airsoft Dynamics, so it already ha
  7. It might not be an "instantly fucked" thing but it will lead to them needing to be replaced sooner rather than later. But you do what you want with your guns; it doesn't affect me in any way. Personally I just give my gun barrels a clean with some cleaning cloth or whatever & some light silicone oil after a game day, a thin coating of silicone oil is good for the hop rubber although it will temporarily ruin accuracy if left there when you next try to use the gun - remove it either by using a dry cleaning cloth or so or just firing some shots through before use (it will clear up
  8. I've used cigarette filters before, first tried it many years ago when my I noticed my dad's cigarette filters were 6mm & gave me the idea to try it... with the right filters it works very well although some filters have a tendency to leave fibres behind so be careful about that. Also it works best if you can readily access the chamber to feed it in then fire it through. Don't use alcohol to clean your barrels, it'll deteriorate the hop rubber if it comes into contact with it. There should be nothing in the barrel that would require such cleaning anyway - just general dust/grim
  9. Most airsoft guns don't have actual serial numbers, and even if they did removal of them would be easy. It wouldn't make any difference if they did though. It's a trivial task for anyone to create something that looks realistic enough to pass as a real firearm for criminal purposes. Especially given how dodgy the appearance is of many real improvised firearms that have been confiscated by police. It could be as simple as a carved block of wood coated in black paint, or a table leg in a black bag, or a gun-shaped piece of 3D-printed plastic (or multiple pieces fit together for an ev
  10. That's the thing, such restrictions wouldn't do anything to make anyone safer. There's absolutely nothing stopping criminals from disguising their real firearms with bright colours in order to make police hesitate (and to make others dismiss such weapons as toys if spotted). Even "unrealistic" shapes don't help, as that Nerf Glock shows. A lot of time, effort, and money for absolutely no benefit to anyone. A fake gun doesn't need to be especially "realistic" to be useful enough for criminal purposes, certainly nowhere as realistic as the typical Airsoft gun. It's trivial
  11. Being forced to use two-tone or "unrealistic" guns would completely kill Airsoft for me (and I expect this would be true for the majority of Airsoft players). Also: https://imgur.com/gallery/PBqcmiq
  12. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/gorilla-glue-girl
  13. I remember hearing somewhere that VFC guns can be a bit fussy about hop units... you could try to find a nozzle that works better with the ZCI chamber, but my recommendation would be to just keep using the stock hop unit. AFAIK the stock rotary hop units that VFC use are decent enough anyway, just be sure to use a good hop rubber & nub.
  14. I always try to optimise air seal and compression for best efficiency and minimised wear, and in my experience Guarder SP90 springs are good for ~330-340fps with the right selection of parts (as has been the case with my P90s, MP5, M933, HK416, AKS74U). To achieve this I typically use the Guarder chromed cylinders, the pistons are either stock or polycarbonate pistons with Lees Precision aluminium piston heads (but with slightly smaller O-rings), air seal nozzles (the nozzle should be just long enough to press the feed lips on the hop rubber against the hop chamber & form a sea
  15. In my experience the cheap pot metal has a tendency to become brittle over time (and in some cases expand & cause lockups). I bought some Chinese guns pre-VCRA and while they were all fine to begin with they all suffered from this issue over time and needed replacement parts after a few years or so regardless of use. OTOH all of the Tokyo Marui guns I have from that time are still fine, with the oldest being close to 20 years old now.
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