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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

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    Hi folks, Have a HAO MK16 9.3" rail up for grabs. Comes with what I believe is the NGRS barrel nut, with an adapter for use on an MWS as well as a PTW barrel nut. See photos for signs of wear, overall in good condition. Looking for £75 including postage and PayPal fees. Please note that due to work commitments I'm generally only able to post out at weekends. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Greater Manchester - GB

  2. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

    • For sale
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    Hi folks, Have a stock Marui 10.3" outer barrel, from a CQBR if memory serves. Comes with the brass sleeve but outside of that it's entirely naked. Looking for £40 including postage and PayPal fees. Please note that due to work commitments I'm generally only able to post out at weekends. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Greater Manchester - GB

  3. BIggest issue I've found over the years is clone shite optics don't have enough adjustment to zero them properly when on some sort of 'skyscraper' mount, granted I'd wager 9/10 airsofters don't bother zero'ing optics... with a further 9/10 on top of that which only have them on a rif for looks 🤷‍♂️. Certainly felt weird having used a 2.26" or carry handle mounted optic years and going back down to an ACOG on the L119, but I don't have the heart to mess with the aEStheTIcs so I'll just have to accept that the piggybacked RMR is what'll be seeing most of the use 👀.
  4. Haha, I wish I had the patience/inclination to sell everything that winds up in the bits box on. As the man above says it’s the Unity FAST Riser. Bumps any lower 1/3rd co-witness height to a 2.26” centreline.
  5. Arisaka indexer for the shorter upper, the BCM KAG never felt like it was quite in the right place on it. Early impressions are that this is exactly the right fit for that length of rail (for me at least). As to be expected the quality is superb, toying with trying the handstop on the long upper but ultimately there isn’t a huge amount wrong with what’s on there… I just like new things.
  6. Aaaand a few from the games themselves, it might not be as comfy to fling around as a more modern front end but ohh boy does that L119 do things to me 😍.
  7. Quick one from today. Vidda Pro Ventilated paired with a Patagonia Adze, same load bearing as usual.
  8. With bolt actions it’s often a case of add it all up and half it (after not including mags in the adding up process, couldn’t tell you why they just seem to hold little to no value). Given this person is actively interested you could probably go for 60% of the total price and then just negotiate with the interested party from there. At the very least it’s a starting point, which for me is always the hardest part when friends and money are involved.
  9. On a psychological basis the whole Mr. No Brain back and forth is pretty fascinating, while also being entertaining to check back in on and all in all top quality internet nonsense.

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    2. Mr. No_Face

      Mr. No_Face

      @EvilMonkee Woah there! That absolute "cringe hot woman" phrase was from Tackle. Dunno why you're attributing that to me? My response was purely sarcasm to his "I have a hot woman to go fuck, n you don't 😋". You'll never in the history of mankind, catch me saying that kind of cringe inducing material I'm better than that.  When somebody needs to  express how sexually active they are, it's typically indicative that they aren't. 

    3. alxndrhll


      It’s all far too exaggerated and deliberately cliche for there to be much of a root in genuine issues for me. Just inflated bravado, but as I say, interesting nevertheless. Granted it’s also interesting how it all somehow shifted to a very personal narrative on both sides of the fence. Online interactions will never cease to amaze me.

    4. colinjallen


      @Mr. No_Face, for someone who does not want to be here, you are spending a lot of time here.

  10. The ‘legal limit’ in the UK on a bolt action is 2.5 joules, most sites in my experience operate a limit of 2.3 joules.
  11. I dare say it might make your life a bit easier to have just said 'any pistol' at this point 😂. If you're after something you're best off making a wanted thread in the correct place bud. Cheers, Alex
  12. You can't imagine my surprise at the fact this thread has ended up going in this direction, the shock is immeasurable.
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi folks, Opted to run with the Ferro back panels so this is surplus to requirements. Briefly mounted on my plate carrier but never left the house, comes with all the straps they come with as standard. Looking for £140 including postage and PayPal fees. Please note that due to work commitments I'm generally only able to post out at weekends. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Greater Manchester - GB

  14. Time Left: 2 days and 21 hours

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    Hi folks, Have the following up for grabs, prices are including postage and PayPal fees: Tokyo Marui MWS Lower Receiver - Mag catch and bolt release included, not sure if these are aftermarket steel or stock ones - £85 Tokyo Marui MWS 14.5" Front End - SOLD PTS Radian Raptor Charging Handle for MWS - Used- SOLD Tokyo Marui MWS Upper Receiver - Naked with incomplete forward assist (needs part MGG2-96 to complete) - SOLD Tokyo Marui MWS Upper Receiver - Naked with complete forward assist - SOLD Magpul B.A.D Lever - New in Packaging - SOLD Angry Gun Airborne Ambi Charging Handle for MWS - Used, light signs of wear - SOLD Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 250mm Inner Barrel w/ 60 degree Mr Hop - Bucking installed on barrel but never found its way into a RIF - SOLD Please note that due to work commitments I'm generally only able to post out at weekends. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Greater Manchester - GB

  15. Aye, a Perr Mike is what I've got on mine. Trades are present and correct as well, and the barrel has had the 0.3" removed to make it the correct 10" (not that it's something I'd actively go out and do myself but I welcome them being there). All it's missing is a few bits of machining on the top rail and it's pretty much there... whether that's something I'll ever get around to doing is another question entirely.
  16. I’ve completely gone off the look of cans of late, with the L119 being an exception because it’s somewhat of a defining part of it. The muzzle devices on the short and long both accept the same SF qd cans though, so should the feeling take me I have the option. I’ve got the warden, RC2 mini and RC2 so all of the options open as/when the feeling takes me.
  17. The full NGRS line up, the L119 needs some firming up and a once over internally but externally happy. Super pleased with the longer modern upper, nice to have an AR setup where an LPVO doesn’t look out of place.
  18. I've never really sat and added it up, bits are from various places across the globe and gradually built up/swapping in and out over time. Prices have definitely gone up on a portion of the pieces since I got them., it's probably comfortably creeping toward the 4 figure mark... including the training plates which sit in I imagine it's already there.
  19. Generic jeans and checked shirt from CQB a couple of weekends ago, this was the last hurrah for the MWS. Running a long boi when half the field is HPA Hicapas with AR mag adapters was certainly an experience, was a big ‘I guess times are definitely changing’ moment for me.
  20. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi folks, Have an Angry Gun 8" BCM MCMR M-Lok Rail up for grabs. Complete opposite to the 10" one I have up for sale, this has been used extensively and the condition reflects it. External condition is pretty good, internally there are marks from M-Lok attachments. I've tried my best to get photos which reflect the condition. Looking £48 including postage and PayPal fees. Please note that due to work commitments I'm generally only able to post out at weekends. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Greater Manchester - GB

  21. I've got these on pretty much everything I want to protect (torches and optics), can't fault either the product or the service.
  22. I can certainly see reasoning either way, they're both superb. It's usually around this time of year that I find myself really excited to use the MWS with temperature picking up and being consistently in the double figures, but that comes hand in hand with battling against more foliage which more firepower is generally the answer to in my case (I'm too shit at the sneaking around stuff to simply get closer, self awareness is important etc etc). The 'recoil' is never something I've been overly arsed with when it comes to RIFs, but I can definitely appreciate the GBBR ASMR and bolt clunking forward after a reload is huge boon for many... it's just not quite enough to win out over a double/tripled mag capacity 🤷‍♂️. TLDR - Airsoft is sweet, and folks finding their own personal 'yum' will never not make me happy irrelevant of my thoughts toward it.
  23. Same but different I guess. I'm a 'player' ahead of anything else in the hobby, a fairly active/aggressive (i.e. like being in the mix, not that I'm wandering around jonesing for a scrap) one at that, and tend to head out at least twice a month and often more than that. I enjoy the gear side of things more than RIFs, so always keep the RIFs I have on deck to a minimum. It's been an NGRS plus one other 'primary' and the trusty TM Glock for a while and that's about as deep of the 'collection' ever goes, I just keep what I actually use. The MWS ended up getting used more because I felt I needed to justify keeping it than it was that I actively wanted to. I do always like to have a back up should whatever I want to use die on the day, and streamlining batteries and mags across the board feels like even more convenience on top of the NGRS just being the best all round option for what I'm looking for in a RIF that sees regular use. And none of that is to downplay how good the MWS is, purely my personal preferences and experiences from juggling the two different RIFs over the last 2 years or so.
  24. Ta very much, I was expecting it to be decent but very impressed with the quality (the blue leather used is much thicker than I'd expected). It is indeed, truthfully it came with the upper and I was expecting to replace it. But it seems solid so it'll probably stay. Only real negative is that there are only 2 mlok slots on the top diagonal sections (i guess they'd be the 1:30 and 10:30 positions on a clock 🤷‍♂️). Not really an issue as I've just used a ranger band, but that did mean I couldn't use the thing I'd usually slap on to keep my tape switch in check (Magpul tape switch cover thing) because there weren't enough mlok sections where I like to run my switches. The NGRS has been my 'daily driver' for as long as I can remember, I'd hoped to move over to the MWS filling that role like all the other cool folks... but GBBRs just aren't for me. I'm not too proud to admit I just like having (read as, have come to rely on) more mag capacity and just generally find the NGRS more convenient for how I play. So yeah, have sold up on MWS bits and have a second NGRS on the way (L119A1 flavour, very jazzy) so I'll have the short boi, long boi and old boi. Probably the most content I've been with my RIF line up since starting the hobby 15 or so years ago which is a nice spot to be in.
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